Classic Scarlet Makeup Look for Commercial Casting & Measurable Difference

Measurable Difference Pink Rose Baked Blush
Measurable Difference Baked Blush | Shade: Pink Rose
Measurable Difference Pink Face & Body Bronzer
Measurable Difference Baked Face & Body Bronzer (it’s really a highlighter) | Shade: Pink

For a commercial casting this week I decided on a monochromatic classic lip and cheek look in shades of scarlet! In my recent blog and YouTube skincare routine video, I discuss how I prep my skin before applying on-camera makeup—#facialfitness is an integral step in my pre-makeup routine.  My absolute favorite blush and highlighter right now are both from Measurable Difference! This brand is super affordable and can be found online or at your local Marshall’s for only $3.99 each!  I love the gold packaging on the baked highlighter, and each comes with enough product to last you for years.  Literally, years!  Still pinching myself over the price for the outstanding quality AND quantity of these products! The scarlet-coral colored Measurable Difference baked blush is in the shade “Pink Rose,” and creates the perfect natural flush!  Normally when I wear red lips I use a pink blush, but because I chose a monochromatic look I went with the rosy tones of this blush (to pair with the scarlet lips). I also used it on my temples to brighten my face and I have yet to try the blush on my eyes! Pink Rose is highly pigmented and one tap on your brush packs a punch! Loved pairing the rose blush with the light pink natural sheen of the baked highlighter in the shade “Pink” (Measurable Difference refers to it as a bronzer, but it is indeed, a highlighter).

Revlon Colorburst Fire Lipgloss
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss | Shade: Fire

To top off the look I used Revlon’s Colorburst Lipgloss in the shade, “Fire.”  Hot diggity does this lippie look like the red kool-aid I used to drink as a kid! I just love it!!!!!  This red is super glossy, and after it wears off it leaves a really pretty red lip stain behind that I love!  I set my Covergirl Invisible concealers with Wet N’ Wild’s Reserve Your Cabana and also contoured with Wet N’ Wild’s Ticket to Brazil bronzer. The Too Faced chocolate bar palette is so great for creating those natural classic eye looks! And I also used NYC’s 24 hour eye primer and eye pencil in Black Wine. I’ve been wearing the 24 hour eye primer a lot lately because of it’s priming power! This is a look I like to wear a lot for commercial castings because it showcases your features in a natural way and with a pop of color, without looking overly done up. Artistic expression comes in so many forms.  I treat makeup like I would sketching, designing, singing, etc.  I go with what or how I feel.  Some days might be bright yellow, while today is scarlet.  We are all touched by something and colors help to create and inspire the beautiful canvas called life.  How will you color your happy today, my lovelies?! xoxo ~Kelle

Skincare Routine | UCLA Health’s Skincare Tips

This week I had the pleasure of attending UCLA’ Health’s Healthy Living, Healthy Skin Seminar! I thought it would make a great educational addition to my skincare routine video! It was a great event hosted by UCLA dermatologist, Dr. Jenny Hu, and she presented a wealth of preventative health and skincare knowledge!

UCLA Health's UV Ray Reminder Bracelets
UCLA Health’s UV Ray Reminder Bracelets

Sunscreen was a hot topic at the seminar and I was given some cool UV ray bracelets to wear that can serve as reminders to wear sunscreen! They turn blue when exposed to harmful UV rays, and will come in handy on hikes and beach days! Here are some awesome eats Dr. Hu recommends for healthy skin:

The best advice I can give about personal skincare is to keep skincare simple and continue doing what works best for you and your skincare needs!  Nowadays we can easily get lured into the myriad of skincare products out there, when the best items are already in your kitchen! In my skincare routine video, I mention a few of my favorite daily, natural holy grails for my skin: water, vinegar (organic, raw, unfiltered, with the veil of the mother), honey (organic, raw), & green juice.  I explain why I love using honey to not only exfoliate, but also to oxygenate my skin.  The trick to skin oxygenation is to rub honey onto your skin in circular motions, and then rinse with water for your very own diy oxygenating facial!  I also limit steaming my skin to once a week, because excessive heat is not so great for the skin! diy, facial, steam VINEGAR as a natural holy grail productl!?!?  While it tastes pretty bad on it its own, vinegar can be diluted with water, and makes THE best healthy skin tonic! Organic, unfiltered vinegar with the “veil of the mother” is my favorite to use for many reasons:  it is a great skin detox, boosts your immune system, helps circulation, & improves ph balance. In addition to ingesting it daily, I occasionally use vinegar on blemishes with a cotton ball and it zaps them like a charm! Also a great facial toner when diluted with water.  First thing when I wake up I drink a tablespoon of vinegar and then have a glass of green juice on an empty stomach.  These are great and affordable ways to get glowing skin, get your health on, AND boost energy! Whoop, whoop!!  A shout out goes out to Blondie V for requesting my skincare routine video! Also a congratulations to Irina, in Russia, for winning the ELF eyeshadow set on her birthday! Happy birthday and thanks for your support, Irina!! And a giant thank you to Real Deal Management for my castings this week! My manager has worked so hard for me over the years and I feel so blessed!! Stay tuned for my get-ready-with-me makeup tutorial video for one of this week’s commercial castings. Please be sure to leave me any comments or questions you might have for me! Until my next post, have a gorgeous weekend, my lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks (Lip Stain) Swatches & Review

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick Swatches | Shades (left to right): Raisin the Roof, Pocketful of Roses, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It

Hello, my lovelies!!  Welcome to my blog review of Wet N’ Wild’s Megalast Lipsticks!  In my recent YouTube video, I swatched and reviewed the following shades: Raisin the Roof, Pocketful of Roses, Iris I Was Rich, & I Can Bare It.  Let me begin by shouting to the rooftops how much I love Wet N’ Wild products.  Yes, like any brand, there can be hits and misses.   However, I find that for drugstore makeup, it offers a ton of palettes and lippies that are just as good as many whole-in-the-pocket high-end makeup products.  So in my eyes, I see it as a drugstore frontrunner for quality, at unbeatable prices.  These Megalast lippies were $3 each (buy 1, get 1 half off).  Why buy ONE designer lipstick when you can buy 4 of them for one-third of the price!? These Megalast lip stains lasted all day without any touching up, and come in magnificent colors! When it comes to long days, sometimes a girl just does not want to have to always be concerned with checking for smudging or lipstick on the teeth. That’s why lip stains are so amazing! These shades are rich, pigmented and apply with a doe foot applicator.  What I loved about the sponge doe foot is that it is bendable, and allows for precision when applying the lip color. These Megalast lippies also dry matte.

Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipsticks | Colors (top to bottom): Raisin the Roof, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It, Pocketful of Roses
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks | Colors (top to bottom): Raisin the Roof, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It, Pocketful of Roses

Lip stains are generally very drying to the lips so I applied lip balm before application. I recommend first doing a light application, and then apply more product as needed.  Reason being that if there is too much, it will clump and be a bit messy.  Also, blotting off excess can be a bit fussy with lip stains, therefore using tissue is not advised. This will leave shreds of tissue on your freshly painted lips. Think of it like fast-drying paint.  It is best to let the paint air dry without letting your lips touch one another, to avoid a patchy mess. One thing I noticed about the Raisin the Roof color is that in the bottle it looks sparkly, and the shade appears dark reddish/maroon with sparkle.  Upon application and even throughout the course of the day, the color appeared to be more of a magenta/berry color & and looked even more berry colored towards the end of the day.  The sparkle gives more of a light sheen on the lips but ends up fading away and leaving behind a beautiful, mostly matte color. In photos, it sometimes photographed as red (shown below). Either way, it is a very unique shade that I am laaaaaaaving!  If you are a lip stain lover or not wanting to worry about lipstick touch-ups ever again, I highly recommend all of these colors! Also, a giant thank you to my new blog followers! Your support is so stellar!!! Have a great weekend, lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Raisin the Roof

On my road trip to Norcal this week, I tested out my other three Megalast Lippies! I am torn between all of the shades!!! Circa the 11th hour, the lighter colors had wore off a bit for that “your lips but better” look. If I had to make up my mind as to which one is my favorite, I honestly do not know because they are all SO great!!! What I love about I Can Bare It, Iris I Was Rich, and Pocketful of Roses, is that you can wear all of these shades on the daily! Woohoo!!

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: I Can Bare It
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: I Can Bare It
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Pocketful of Roses
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Iris I Was Rich | Necklace: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Here is the swatch and review of these lippies:

Happy Easter, Every Bunny! Don’t Stop the Pup-arazzi!!

The House of Paw-sh is wishing every bunny a very Happy Easter! In honor of Easter, we thought we would share my festive nails. They are Easter-egg-specked with Pop Arazzi’s polishes in the following three shades: The Hue is Blue (a beautiful sky blue), Yin Meets Yang (black & white specks), & Love All (a raincoat yellow color)! I picked up 10 new shades at CVS for only $1 each!

Thanks to the rich pigments and the awesome price, these are now my fave go-to polishes! In addition to the blue and yellow, I am loving the Yin Meets Yang specked polish! The specks applied perfectly and this polish also made for the perfect finishing clear coat. How cute are the polka-dotted polish bottles!?!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Easter Sunday filled with lots and lots of good company, Easter eggs, chocolate & chihuahuas! ;)))) xoxo ~Kelle

First Aid: Caring For Your Keurig | Loss of Water Flow & Clogged Keurig Arteries

No water flow. No coffee drip. Failed motor movement. Yes, the earth stops when your Keurig’s arteries get clogged & no water seems to flow through its heart valve. Questioning whether or not to recycle or return it after years of glorious, instantaneous fresh brewed coffee? Thinking of resorting back to kissing away moments of your life with the steeping process of the French press?

Never fear, here is my CPR protocol for restoring tea and coffee flow to the greatest invention made to wo-man-kind:

1. First you will need an IV bottle of white vinegar, a needle or paperclip, paper towels, an empty cup or mug, & a small red coffee straw (the kind they give you with your coffee at Starbucks). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR KEURIG IS UNPLUGGED FROM THE WALL OUTLET 🙂

2. Fill the water reservoir 1/3 of the way with water.  Shake it for a few seconds.  Then let it sit for a few minutes.

3. Please make sure your Keurig is still UNPLUGGED 🙂 Inject the needle or paperclip (unwind the paperclip half way) into the Keurig’s needle openings on the top inside area (above where you would place your glorious K-cup). Debris tends to clog in this area so you just want to de-clog it with the needle or paperclip.

4. Keurig should still be UNPLUGGED 🙂 Take the red straw and place it inside the white water valve that is located behind and at the top of where the water reservoir would go. Cover the other valve with your finger and blow air into the Keurig. I had to do this for several minutes before the arteries began to unclog.  As you breathe into the straw at the top, water will come out of the bottom area of where the reservoir would sit. You want to soak this up with a paper towel.

5. Keurig should still be UNPLUGGED 🙂 Time to descale! Add water to the reservoir until it is filled halfway back up with water. Then fill the other half up with vinegar.  A 50/50 ratio of water to vinegar is required. Place back into the Keurig. Then place your cup or mug under the spout. Now, plug Keurig into the wall outlet. Brew with the water/vinegar mixture only.

6. If water flow still won’t restore, UNPLUG your Keurig & then remove the reservoir. Repeat steps 3 & 4.  Then try step 5 again. If water/vinegar still does not restore, repeat 3 & 4 again. Then try step 5.  If it still doesn’t restore water/vinegar flow, don’t give up CPR.  Just repeat 3, 4, & 5 until you hear your Keurig start breathing again.

7. When the Keurig starts breathing normally, water/vinegar should eventually start flowing. When it does you want to flow the water/vinegar mixture through your Keurig until the reservoir is empty. Refill the reservoir with the another 50/50 water/vinegar mixture and flow this through until the reservoir is empty again.  This should complete the descaling process.

For severe clogs: Total cpr, descaling, and surgery time is approximately 1 hour 🙂

First aid caring for your Keurig can also be done on a yearly, preventative care basis, simply by using the descaling method. I hope this helps to alleviate any concern and/or thoughts you might have of recycling or returning yours.  Have a beautiful weekend! xoxo ~Kelle

ELF Giveaway Winner & Customize Your Lipstick With Eyeshadow & Cashmere Dupe

Yesterday I announced the winner of my very first giveaway! Congrats goes out to my winner, Krupali, from “Girls Generation”! She won an ELF Cosmetics 7-piece eyeshadow gift set! There will be more giveaways to come, so please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel to stay in the loop! :))) I also filmed a tutorial on how to customize your lipstick with eyeshadow! Yep, customized eyeshadow lippies! I decided to create a dupe of the renown “Cashmere” lippie because I just LOVE that color! It really is a nude shade in a class of it’s own. To recreate it, I lined my lips using Jordana’s Rock N’ Rose lip liner (a $2 dupe for Mac’s Spice) and also used Jordana Modern Matte lipstick for my base, in the shade Matte Blush. It is the best $2 nude lipstick shade ever, compliments any skin tone, & smells like vanilla frosting!

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick, Shade: Matte Blush (Top) | Jordana Lip Liner, Shade: Rock N’ Rose; Great dupe for Mac’s Spice!

Essentially, the lipstick acts as a primer for the eyeshadow to adhere for color longevity. Then I used my Max Studio Eye Essentials palette to layer shadows onto the Matte Blush lip color.  I cannot seem to find this palette on the net, but I do know you can find it at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for only $5!  The shades in this palette are sooooo buttery & blend-able! To achieve a cashmere dupe, I first applied the mauve-y shade #6 and then purple-y plum shade #9 on top of the Jordana Matte Blush, using my Mac concealer brush.  It may apply patchy at first, so just blend it out with your brush.  If I would have spent more time mixing and matching eyeshadow shades to the matte lipstick, I bet I could have created the exact dupe (didn’t want my tutorial to be lengthy).  All in all, I do think the Cashmere dupe turned out great! One of the downfalls to being an avid eye palette collector, is that you eventually start feeling like there are not enough days in the week to possibly wear all of your shadows!  Thanks to this makeup trick, using shadows to create customized lip colors is a great way to use some of those palettes that might be collecting dust! 🙂

Max Studio Eye Essentials Palette

Now I’m really tempted to start creating some crazy colors. Do eye (shadow) spy a new wacky eyeshadow/lipstick tutorial!? :)) Another great thing about using palettes for customizing lip color, is that there are countless shades to choose from which helps to really get creative! Why not customize your very own lip colors and tailor them to go with any of your outfits, events, and ya-da-ya-da-ya-da 😉 I really don’t know what it is, but there is just something about the Cashmere shade that I just adore.  It is a mauve/grey nude color that honestly looks like unicorn magic! Hope you guys find this eyeshadow lip trick useful and I also hope it will give you a fresh new way to look at, and use, all of your eyeshadow palettes! Until next time, my lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle