My New ‘Happy Hat’ Designs, PomPom Fever, & Fringe Binge!

PomPoms are inspiro for everything!
Happy Hat Beanie Designs | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection — Fringe Handbag | Candela NYC

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! But first, how about some Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection fashion rebellion!? There is nothing more vibrant than self expression. When thinking outside of the ball, why not put pompoms on everything!?  They are bright, fun, & add a pop of color to just about anything under the sun! Yesterday, I decided to design my Happy Hats using some plain black beanies.

Black was the chosen beanie color because it is adds a nice backdrop for color. In addition to pompoms, I added the vintage Home on the Range (has a rooster on it!) & British pins, and also sewed on jewelry pieces. I really love how the Happy Hats turned out and I cannot wait to wear them with skinnies or jean skirt, tank, my Candela NYC Fringe Bag, and peep toe Rocco P. Italian suede boots. Or why not wear them with happy feet sandals!? I think that it will be a cool & funky modern 60’s vibin’ daytime look. Fringe is super in right now, all though I think it’s always been a thing & even dates back to days of Wranglers & Levis! Still a fan, love my 501’s, & on the hunt for some vintage Wrangs.  Not sure if I will ever denounce being aboard the fringe binge train! All aboard!! Wishing everyone a bright and sunny Sunday! Love, Kelle xoxo                            


Ready, Set, Style & Apex Photo Studios Shoot! 

My motto for all of life: a woman prepared is never defeated!
Apex Photo Studios | DTLA

It was an eventful day shooting at Apex Photo Studios yesterday! The studio loft is located in the heart of DTLA’s fashion district. It is a beautiful loft & flawless for shooting with its natural light, tall ceilings, windows for days, and awesome nooks and crannies for concept variation!  Thank you to Alejandro, Jessica, Lorenzo, & Rico for making me feel right at home!

Apex Photo Studios | DTLA | Dress: Stella & Jamie | Studded Boots By ASH
BDG Top | Helmut Lang Skinnies
Gold Sandals By Italian Leather Shoe Company | Vintage Leather Gucci Shoulder Bag
Fountain of Style | Duffle bag by J.L. Saldivar | Dillon Chase Leather Coat

Before the shoot, my first stop was Starbucks! Had to fill my recyclable cup with some joe for a full shoot day! Set life can be calorie burning, so I like to arrive in caffeine & comfort 😉 I wore my fave gold sandals by Italian Leather Shoe Company, vintage Gucci handbag, Helmut Lang skinnies, red/camel colored print shirt by BDG, & Dillon Chase leather coat.  Helmut Lang skinny jeans are my absolute fave. In all of jeans history, they are the most flattering for my shape and the most comfortable. Helmut Lang ANYTHING please! 🙂  My motto has always been: a woman prepared is never defeated! So I couldn’t leave home without my J.L. Saldivar duffle bag because it holds everything!

Makeup by Jessica

Jessica perfected a natural makeup look with neutral eyeshadows, wispy lashes, and glow factor with a soft nude highlighter from Mac. She gave me the best makeup tip ever: spray your fan brush with your makeup setting spray before dipping into your highlighter. Hellooooooo cheekbones!!!!! Thanks for your awesome tip, Jessica!

My approach to life is just have fun. Life is too short for fear, doubts, second guesses. Why not just be yourself?! Smile, laugh, be your very own crazy kind of cool. Thank you for a great day, Apex Photo Studios! Cheerios and much love! xoxo ~Kelle

Yogies, Dogies & Zen! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! My weekend was spent organizing my bathroom and closet, drawing, doing yoga/doga with my chi-s, and meditation.

"Think Outside the Ball"
“Think Outside the Ball” | Drawing by me

When I’m not Manhattan Beach cruising in Malibu, I like to do doga with my Chihuahuas! For doga and home yoga, I like to skip using a mat, for grounding and centering purposes.  There is nothing like working out with them.  Seriously, they can really get into it!   Dogs really do feel what you feel.  If I’m hyper, they are hyper. When I stretch and calm, they stretch and calm. It is just so remarkable how doga calms and relaxes them!  When it comes time to really get zen, I meditate. I love to be with nature outside on the porch. Many of the jobs I have ever booked are because of meditation.  It calms, clears the chakras, keeps you present, builds intention & intuition, inspires creativity, and so much more.  When I first started modeling and acting, I was really into kundalini yoga.  Would you believe that I spent an entire day (8 hours with two breaks), meditating with the gurus!? Yep, I’m a hippie from Humboldt 🙂 All in all, meditation really is the secret, and love is the answer.  Because I sing so much, I find that singing is my kundalini.  Now if only I could teach my dogs chihua-weee kundalini! Wishing everyone lots and lots of light this week! Namaste. xoxo ~Kelle   

Train Cases & Makeup-mobiles!

Happy Memorial Weekend, my lovelies!  The past few weeks have flown by soooo fast!  I have found that when life gets going, organization makes all the difference in the world.  A weekend of downtime & spring cleaning, my love surprised me with a Marilyn Monroe train case!  I decided to organize my highlighters and makeup odds/ends with it.  She looks so dreamy on her shelf in my bathroom, and it’s colors go perfectly next to Urban Decay’s Vice palette! Schedule crunch time calls for organization! My Bino makeup organizing tray is stellar for giving placeholders to my brushes and makeup that I use on the daily.  It came with a drawer that I pulled and stored my foundations, and the mirror is also a picture frame!  The ultimate multi-tasking tray! Another space saver I use is my limited edition Bobbi Brown train case. It is baby pink and faux crocodile-embossed, with silver hardware. Because it is heavy as a truck when full of makeup, I typically only use it when sitting at the table to do my makeup.  The best part about the case is all the space it offers for large palettes, brushes, and things not kept in my day-to-day tray organizer. I have a few ways I store my nail polishes: in a simple glass vase and a chocolate colored train case.  Lipstick & gloss collections can get a little overwhelming, so I decided to organize them in a chocolate colored and velvet-lined, sectional jewelry case box. Isn’t it nice knowing where everything is when you need it!?  For me, organizing is a great way to practice gratitude, de-clutter, and meditate on days ahead.  “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Unknown

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday weekend! xoxo ~Kelle

Girly Girl’s Meeting Outfit! #FashionFriday

Fashion District | DTLA
Dolce & Gabbana Wooden Platforms | Mavi Jean Jacket

TGIF, my lovelies! Thought I would share the spring number I wore to my meeting  yesterday to my home away from home: DTLA’s Fashion District! For this spring look I went with: jean coat by Mavi, super long sheer floral tank from Urban Outfitters, large gold hoop earrings, wooden Dolce & Gabanna platforms (with gold hardware), and Rock ‘N Republic skinny jeans.  #FashionFriday! The shoes are funky kewl, so I wanted to keep the funk by turning up the cuffs on the jeans.  This look is super versatile with or without the coat, and super cute with short shorts or jean skirt as well.  Might as well throw on your fave pair of aviators to top off all the ways you can wear this outfit! Perfect for spring and summer, the floral print is oh so girly; just loved mixing it with cheetah print Dolce’s! Shoe candy is a must! MEOW!

Peach Bellini | Sugarfina Beverly HIlls

While on the topic of candy, I think it’s important to indulge every once and a while! :)))) So why not splurge on Peach Bellini’s from Sugarfina in Beverly Hills!?

Urban Outfitters Sheer Floral Tank Top | Gold Hoop Earrings
Urban Outfitters Sheer Floral Tank Top | Gold Hoop Earrings

They taste just as good as the packaging looks! :)))) Wishing everyone a gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend! xoxo ~Kelle

Dubs Styled Audio Technica Headphones!

After| Headphones styled by me
Before | Audio Technica Headphones
Before | Audio Technica Headphones

Happy day, my lovelies! Over the weekend I decided I should finally put to good use my new Audio Technica headphones. They are the noise cancellation kind and are perfect for flights, casting waiting rooms, etc. While they did look nice in their original state, now they are even more my style! I added baby blue and black & white speckled nail polish from Pop-arazzi. I also threw on some mustard yellow and gold-specked thunderbolts on each side, that catch the light nicely.

I am still considering adding a red heart on the right side and some birds on the left, yet still on the hunt for the right shade of red paint for the heart!  The light-catching gold glitter paint is an O.P.I. top coat for Sephora in the shade “Only Gold For Me” and also makes for a great nail top coat 😉 On one side of the headphone case is a metal ring where I can attach a shoulder strap for handy-dandy cross body wear.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for a studded strap and also some funky pins, to add to the case. Until I find the fashion flare for the dubs case that suits my fancy, it’s time to turn up the volume! xoxo ~Kelle 🎼☁️🌀🎼⚡️☁️🌀⚡️🎼

Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Malibu with Manhattan Cruisers, Mercado Sagrado y La Musica!

Photo by: Chris Hatounian Photography | Malibu Beach Cruisers
Malibu Beach Cruisers Models | Left to Right: Mickael, Me, Krista, Kyle

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, my lovelies! Thought I would share with you some of this weekend’s festivities! Saturday was a blast shooting catalogue for Manhattan Beach Cruisers on Zuma Beach. It was a bit windy, but we managed to make it through the shoot with flying colors on our Manhattan Cruisers!! :))) Many thanks to Chris Hatounian Photography, Taryn, Manhattan Beach Cruisers, and fellow models: Krista, Kyle, & Mickael for loads of laughs!!

Photo by: Manhattan Beach Cruisers
Photo by: Manhattan Beach Cruisers

After the shoot, it was about that time for la musica! I went straight to a children’s fundraiser where we listened to some tunes from Bush! Always fun to support a great cause and a great band!!

Bush Concert | Children's Fundraiser
Bush Concert | Children’s Fundraiser

Sunday was a relaxing day at the Mercado Sagrado festival! What an oasis! The music, art, and fashion festival was hosted at Private Oak Grove in Malibu Canyon.  This tranquil sanctuary was nestled right next to orchards and horse stables.  Honestly, it was the most zen festival ever! Many thanks to High Desert Fires for inviting me to hear their new magical tunes!! Love their new songs and cannot wait to hear more.  For those of you who have not heard them yet, you can find their music on on Facebook & Twitter! La musica!! Attached are just a few of the cool festival finds— from asymmetrical chairs with tadpole prints to larger than life dreamcatchers made with pantyhose! Inspiration was in every corner of the Mercado Sagrado fest! Wherever you choose to celebrate la dia, mis chihuahuas and I are wishing everyone Feliz Cinco de Mayo! xoxo ~Kelle