Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Malibu with Manhattan Cruisers, Mercado Sagrado y La Musica!

Photo by: Chris Hatounian Photography | Malibu Beach Cruisers
Malibu Beach Cruisers Models | Left to Right: Mickael, Me, Krista, Kyle

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, my lovelies! Thought I would share with you some of this weekend’s festivities! Saturday was a blast shooting catalogue for Manhattan Beach Cruisers on Zuma Beach. It was a bit windy, but we managed to make it through the shoot with flying colors on our Manhattan Cruisers!! :))) Many thanks to Chris Hatounian Photography, Taryn, Manhattan Beach Cruisers, and fellow models: Krista, Kyle, & Mickael for loads of laughs!!

Photo by: Manhattan Beach Cruisers
Photo by: Manhattan Beach Cruisers

After the shoot, it was about that time for la musica! I went straight to a children’s fundraiser where we listened to some tunes from Bush! Always fun to support a great cause and a great band!!

Bush Concert | Children's Fundraiser
Bush Concert | Children’s Fundraiser

Sunday was a relaxing day at the Mercado Sagrado festival! What an oasis! The music, art, and fashion festival was hosted at Private Oak Grove in Malibu Canyon.  This tranquil sanctuary was nestled right next to orchards and horse stables.  Honestly, it was the most zen festival ever! Many thanks to High Desert Fires for inviting me to hear their new magical tunes!! Love their new songs and cannot wait to hear more.  For those of you who have not heard them yet, you can find their music on on Facebook & Twitter! La musica!! Attached are just a few of the cool festival finds— from asymmetrical chairs with tadpole prints to larger than life dreamcatchers made with pantyhose! Inspiration was in every corner of the Mercado Sagrado fest! Wherever you choose to celebrate la dia, mis chihuahuas and I are wishing everyone Feliz Cinco de Mayo! xoxo ~Kelle


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