Dubs Styled Audio Technica Headphones!

After| Headphones styled by me
Before | Audio Technica Headphones
Before | Audio Technica Headphones

Happy day, my lovelies! Over the weekend I decided I should finally put to good use my new Audio Technica headphones. They are the noise cancellation kind and are perfect for flights, casting waiting rooms, etc. While they did look nice in their original state, now they are even more my style! I added baby blue and black & white speckled nail polish from Pop-arazzi. I also threw on some mustard yellow and gold-specked thunderbolts on each side, that catch the light nicely.

I am still considering adding a red heart on the right side and some birds on the left, yet still on the hunt for the right shade of red paint for the heart!  The light-catching gold glitter paint is an O.P.I. top coat for Sephora in the shade “Only Gold For Me” and also makes for a great nail top coat 😉 On one side of the headphone case is a metal ring where I can attach a shoulder strap for handy-dandy cross body wear.  I am keeping my eyes peeled for a studded strap and also some funky pins, to add to the case. Until I find the fashion flare for the dubs case that suits my fancy, it’s time to turn up the volume! xoxo ~Kelle 🎼☁️🌀🎼⚡️☁️🌀⚡️🎼

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