Train Cases & Makeup-mobiles!

Happy Memorial Weekend, my lovelies!  The past few weeks have flown by soooo fast!  I have found that when life gets going, organization makes all the difference in the world.  A weekend of downtime & spring cleaning, my love surprised me with a Marilyn Monroe train case!  I decided to organize my highlighters and makeup odds/ends with it.  She looks so dreamy on her shelf in my bathroom, and it’s colors go perfectly next to Urban Decay’s Vice palette! Schedule crunch time calls for organization! My Bino makeup organizing tray is stellar for giving placeholders to my brushes and makeup that I use on the daily.  It came with a drawer that I pulled and stored my foundations, and the mirror is also a picture frame!  The ultimate multi-tasking tray! Another space saver I use is my limited edition Bobbi Brown train case. It is baby pink and faux crocodile-embossed, with silver hardware. Because it is heavy as a truck when full of makeup, I typically only use it when sitting at the table to do my makeup.  The best part about the case is all the space it offers for large palettes, brushes, and things not kept in my day-to-day tray organizer. I have a few ways I store my nail polishes: in a simple glass vase and a chocolate colored train case.  Lipstick & gloss collections can get a little overwhelming, so I decided to organize them in a chocolate colored and velvet-lined, sectional jewelry case box. Isn’t it nice knowing where everything is when you need it!?  For me, organizing is a great way to practice gratitude, de-clutter, and meditate on days ahead.  “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Unknown

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday weekend! xoxo ~Kelle


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