Yogies, Dogies & Zen! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! My weekend was spent organizing my bathroom and closet, drawing, doing yoga/doga with my chi-s, and meditation.

"Think Outside the Ball"
“Think Outside the Ball” | Drawing by me

When I’m not Manhattan Beach cruising in Malibu, I like to do doga with my Chihuahuas! For doga and home yoga, I like to skip using a mat, for grounding and centering purposes.  There is nothing like working out with them.  Seriously, they can really get into it!   Dogs really do feel what you feel.  If I’m hyper, they are hyper. When I stretch and calm, they stretch and calm. It is just so remarkable how doga calms and relaxes them!  When it comes time to really get zen, I meditate. I love to be with nature outside on the porch. Many of the jobs I have ever booked are because of meditation.  It calms, clears the chakras, keeps you present, builds intention & intuition, inspires creativity, and so much more.  When I first started modeling and acting, I was really into kundalini yoga.  Would you believe that I spent an entire day (8 hours with two breaks), meditating with the gurus!? Yep, I’m a hippie from Humboldt 🙂 All in all, meditation really is the secret, and love is the answer.  Because I sing so much, I find that singing is my kundalini.  Now if only I could teach my dogs chihua-weee kundalini! Wishing everyone lots and lots of light this week! Namaste. xoxo ~Kelle   

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