My New ‘Happy Hat’ Designs, PomPom Fever, & Fringe Binge!

PomPoms are inspiro for everything!
Happy Hat Beanie Designs | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection — Fringe Handbag | Candela NYC

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! But first, how about some Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection fashion rebellion!? There is nothing more vibrant than self expression. When thinking outside of the ball, why not put pompoms on everything!?  They are bright, fun, & add a pop of color to just about anything under the sun! Yesterday, I decided to design my Happy Hats using some plain black beanies.

Black was the chosen beanie color because it is adds a nice backdrop for color. In addition to pompoms, I added the vintage Home on the Range (has a rooster on it!) & British pins, and also sewed on jewelry pieces. I really love how the Happy Hats turned out and I cannot wait to wear them with skinnies or jean skirt, tank, my Candela NYC Fringe Bag, and peep toe Rocco P. Italian suede boots. Or why not wear them with happy feet sandals!? I think that it will be a cool & funky modern 60’s vibin’ daytime look. Fringe is super in right now, all though I think it’s always been a thing & even dates back to days of Wranglers & Levis! Still a fan, love my 501’s, & on the hunt for some vintage Wrangs.  Not sure if I will ever denounce being aboard the fringe binge train! All aboard!! Wishing everyone a bright and sunny Sunday! Love, Kelle xoxo                            


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