Fashion Revamp Weekend & #OOTD

Bohemian Bracelet | Vintage & Handpainted | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend! It was a Holly Hobbie kinda weekend for me.  Found a few pairs of jeans I wanted to give a “livid in look,” revamped my suede Donna Karan suede hippie hobo bag, & designed new pieces for Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection (KNJC)!  I’ve been on a suede kick lately because there’s just something so hippie boho haute about it!  If you have never distressed jeans before, it really is super easy and you can style them any way you wish! My Radcliffe London skinnies haven’t been worn in years.

After Revamp
After Revamp of Radcliffe London Jeans | Boots: Luxury Rebel

So I cut the knees out using super sharp eyebrow scissors and used the same pair of scissors to pull threading out where I wanted. Then I took a razor along the outlines of the new cutouts.  Literally took me about 15 minutes to do!

I added a “Wake Up” vintage pin and now they are just my style!  What I love about Radcliffe London jeans is they have cuff links and elastic draw strings on the inside of the ankles, so you can adjust them to fit your boots or flats.  I’m all about versatility!

OOTD: Madres beaded hoop earrings | Bracelet/Belt/Shawl, KNJC | Revamped Joes & Revamped Donna Karan Bag

I also revamped my wide legged Joes jeans and turned them into new cutoff shorts and distressed them in the same fashion, just in time for spring and summer!

After Revamp
After Revamp

To revamp my hobo bag I designed a red and turquoise tassel to add to it, and added some feathers.  The new KNJC bohemian bracelet (above) is handcrafted with a vintage bead and hand painted in my favorite color: lime green.  KNJC shawl is crochet and adorned with beads, rock, & sterling silver.  For the #ootd I paired the KNJC shawl with newly distressed Joes, revamped hobo, Madres beaded hoop earrings, & KNJC vintage belt (can also be worn as a choker) & bracelet.  Meet the Madres! They donate proceeds to women’s charities and do so much in helping women thrive.  I hope you like this fresh Spring look! Wishing everyone a rainbow-filled day! xoxo ~Kelley       

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