Let’s Talk About Tieks by Gavrieli!

Last week I was incredibly blessed to model for Tieks by Gavrieli!  It was a gorgeous beach front shoot at Hotel Casa Del Mar! The exquisite hotel’s poolside courtyard and surrounding areas made for a beautiful shoot. Photos coming soon! If you don’t have a pair of Tieks yet, I can’t recommend them enough.  Talk about feet heaven! Wearing them for the shoot was the most comfort I’ve ever been in on set, because I am normally in heels.  Tieks conform to my foot like a mold, while most flats hurt my feet and slip off my heel when I walk. They also bounce when I step because of their super high-tech cushioning!  I love that they can fold up and go into my purse.  The array of colors & Italian leathers they come in can be paired with any outfit!  Some are even hand painted and one-of-a-kind.  Let’s talk about my absolute favorite pair: the leopards!  This frisky feline style is from The Wild Collection & fit my feet to a Tieks! 🙂 Meow!

Girls, they go with everything!  I also love the signature Tieks turquoise stripes and sole bottoms!  Such a great contrast with my leopards!

The packaging, simply put, is eye candy!  As a child, I loved ballet and was also a gymnast.  These remind me so much of my toe shoes and even come in the same exact shade of pale ballerina pink!  The most absolute amazing thing about Tieks by Gavrieli? All their donations to women’s empowerment.  To date, The Gavrieli Foundation has contributed over $3 million to female entrepreneurs across the world!  Thank you, Tieks, for all you do in support of women and their dreams!  I feel so blessed to be a Tieks girl and be given the opportunity to model for such an outstanding company. Styling my leopard flats with skinnies, shorts, & tanks is so nostalgic!  I just had to try them this weekend with my favorite coral lipstick!

For more info on their Boutiek: www.Tieks.com.  Wishing everyone a great week in happy feet! XO Love, Kelle


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