The Class & Elegance Of Muskoka Nord!

Howlite Teepee Stud Earrings By Muskoka Nord

Some outfits just need that special touch with a sleek pair of earrings!  My favorite pair right now are by Muskoka Nord!  These sleek teepee-shaped white and gold howlite studs go with everything!  They are perfect for striking your white light under the moon with their beautiful matchbox packaging!  I especially love wearing these marbled beauties with white! Also envisioning them paired with tribal and/or Grecian inspired looks, and with black silk tops.  They just give that touch of sophistication to any outfit.  What I really love is their teepee shape and how they extend my jaw line in photos!
They are classy and elegant just like the line’s designer, Seyoon Kim!  She has recently introduced howlite teepee necklaces to the line that look amazing doubled up! For more info on her line be sure to follow her on Instagram & Twitter & and visit!  XO ~Kelle


Summer Faves: Tangerine, Birks, & Jimmy Choos!

Sinful Colors Nail Polish, Shade: Feel the Vibe | Jimmy Choo Sunglasses
Sinful Colors Nail Polish, Shade: Feel the Vibe | Jimmy Choo Snake Print Sunglasses
Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year!  Before it ends I wanted to share my current favorite summer sandals, shades, & nail color.  The past few months I’ve been all about Tangerine.  I love the color, and especially love the fruit.  The tangy shade featured in this post is by Sinful Colors in the shade 1214 “Feel The Vibe.”  It can be found at your local Walgreen’s.  This flattering shade applies brilliantly and lasts 8 days before it even begins to chip with my Out The Door Top Coat! Amazing!! Also, it is fabulous when paired with N.Y.C.’s Coralista lipstick.  The combo has been my favorite go-to summer look.  I’ve been wearing my black/gold snake print Jimmy Choo shades a ton as well.  Love them with my slate Birks. This chic and comfortable daytime look is not one I will be able to stop sporting even after Summer! 😃  Have a blessed week! xoxo ~Kelle

Birkenstocks | Jimmy Choo Sunglasses | Tangerine Toes
Birkenstocks | Jimmy Choo Sunglasses | Tangerine Toes

My Mango, Hot Sauce, & Himalayan Sea Salt Salt Recipe!

One of my favorite fruits is mango with hot sauce and Himalayan sea salt.  If I need to trim down quickly, it is my go to dessert!  Not only does mango taste uber delish, but it also helps to alkalize the bod, is good for skin, and boosts the immune system (plus many, many, more reasons :)).  The hot sauce also boosts metabolism
and the sea salt provides minerals to the bodayyyy!  🙂  Cayenne pepper is also a great substitute for the hot sauce. Growing up we always put salt on our fruit so it’s just something that has stuck with me 🙂  Enjoy!!  Wishing everyone a blessed weekend!! XO ~Kelle

Mango, hot sauce, Himalayan sea salt

Recent Interview On Beauty & Media

Lip shade: NYC’s Coralista | Stackable Diamond Necklaces: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Thankfully, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Can you imagine living in a world where everyone had identical thoughts and perceptions on everything?  Without differences of opinion, beauty (and all other things) would be boring. That’s just my opinion. 🙂 To me, everyone is uniquely blessed with natural beauty!  So here is the video interview in which I was asked a series of questions on what beauty means to me.  Hope you guys like it!  I’ve always believed that less is much more, but I also view makeup as an art form for self expression.  So just in case you are wondering about my lip shade, it is NYC’s Coralista! It has been my summer go-to shade and it looks beautiful on every skin tone!  Also, it can be dressed up with smokey eyes and/or dressed down for a nice lip flush sans shadow.  Shine ommmmm, my lovelies!! XO ~Kelle

End Of Summer Chic Look By Kelley Nicole Collection

Good day, LA!  I’ve been meaning to share this number when I made it, but summer happened!  It is my hand-painted silver/white holey jeans & hand-stitched/hand-painted sweater by Kelley Nicole Collection.  The jeans were just plain white. So I recycled them into something more my style.

Sweater & Jean Designs by Kelley Whilden | Kelley Nicole Collection
Stitching on my hand-painted canvas | Sweater: Kelley Nicole Collection

First I cut out holes in the knees, frayed them, and then hand painted the belt loops with silver paint.

I stitched to the sweater a touch of canvas patches & my silver paint.  While our 100+ degree LA heat might prove this a difficult number to wear, I think it’s a great end of summer look 🙂  It looks rad with a tan and looks also looks cool when paired with white shorts. Anyone else planning to rock white well into December????  I totally will be for I think faux pas = no paws now a days! 😉  Meow! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! XO ~Kelle


End of Summer Chic Look By Kelley Nicole Collection
End of Summer Chic Look By Kelley Nicole Collection


Get Glowing Skin By Soaking Raw Almonds!

One of my favorite ways to boost my skin is by soaking raw almonds.  Soaking raw almonds removes the tannins from the shell, which allows the nutrients to absorb better in your body.  It takes only minutes to do and soaking them makes enough to last as a daily snack for a few days.

What you will need: a handful of raw almonds, filtered water, & a bowl with securable lid
What you will need: a handful of raw almonds, filtered water, and a bowl with securable lid.

First, place a handful or two of raw almonds in a bowl.
Next add 1/2 cup filtered water to a handful of raw almonds. If using more than a handful simply adjust the amount of water, ensuring that all almonds are submersed.
First, place handful of almonds in bowl.  Then add 1/2 cup of filtered water.  If using more than a handful of almonds, simply adjust the amount of water, ensuring that all almonds are submersed in the water.  Secure the lid to your bowl.

Then let the almonds sit for 8+ hours.  Once they have soaked, it’s time to peel them.  Simply peel off the brown peel and then eat.  I like to prepare mine at night so that they are ready to peel and eat when I wake up.  I love adding them to my oatmeal!

Let the almonds soak for 8+ hours.
Soaked almonds are an awesome way to get your protein, fiber, & omega nutrients while also giving you glowing skin while on the go.  Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend! XOXO ~Kelle

Photographer: Patrick Massou | Bikini: Jean Paul Gaultier | Silk & Vintage Lovebirds Choker by Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Post-Workout Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast!

Motivational Monday, continued!  🙂  I am a firm believer that your body needs carbs after a long cardio session.  One of my favorite post-workout snacks is my Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast!  It is a yummy and quick snack to power up after a run.

Himalayan sea salt, ground black pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil
Himalayan sea salt, ground black pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil

What you will need: an avocado (sliced), oregano leaves, lemon juice, basil oil (olive or avocado oil works great too), mixed greens (I like to use mixed greens with arugula to give it a spicy taste), sea salt, fresh ground pepper, 2 slices of honey wheat bread, & balsamic glaze (can be found at your local grocery store).  First, I toast the bread (butter is optional), add the greens, avocado slices, spices, lemon juice & oil (all in this order, respectively).

Ingredients: mixed greens, lemon juice, avocado, honey wheat bread, sea salt, ground pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil

And, voila! The sweet flavor of the balsamic glaze & honey bread tastes amazing with the savory flavors from the spices.  Not only is it delish, but it is super filling and healthy.  Greens and avocados are great for glowing skin.  Sea salt helps with mineral & electrolyte replenishment that may have been lost during your cardio sesh.  Double YAY!  There is no right or wrong way to make a delicious avocado toast dish.  I like to get creative with it by mixing up the spices and toppings! Enjoy! XO ~Kelle

Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast