Summer Vacation in Solvang!

Why does summer vacation always feel like it flew by entirely too fast!?  Last week was a blessed R&R week spent at Alisal Ranch in Solvang, CA. Alisal is not just any ranch, it is a ranch resort!  City life was long forgotten amongst the horses, cows, goats, chickens, lizards, birds, & crickets 🙂

The first day was a BBQ with live band and dancing. Yee-haw!  I am already missing horseback riding with Jesse the horse! It was a serene day of horse trails along Solvang’s rolling hills.  Our wrangler led the way!

The best part was riding our horses to Adobe Camp for western breakfast, where we were served flap jacks with all the fixings & listened to live music. Home on the range, Clementine! :)))

Our wrangler watching over the horses!
Our wrangler watching over the horses!

I especially loved the antiques inside the Adobe!

After a day in the beautiful countryside what could be more relaxing than being Alisal poolside!?

I also caught up on some fun summer reading with Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue.  I brought a few bios to read as well, but we just didn’t get the time in for them. Loving my new bookmark that one young and talented fashionista made me in her Alisal arts & crafts night! If that is not the sweetest thing ever, I do not know what is!!! Poolside snacks consisted of Alisal’s yummy Mediterranean salad with fresh grilled salmon!   Alisal in Spanish means “Grove of Sycamores,” and dinners in The Sycamore Room were so delish!

The Sycamore Room | Alisal Ranch
The Sycamore Room | Alisal Ranch
Alisal Oatmeal Pie!

I made sure to workout in the resort gym to prepare for our 3 course meals. Haha! Oatmeal pie is Alisal’s creme de la creme dessert!  Made with coconut as well, this pie is definitely palate (plate) cleansing 🙂  They serve oatmeal pie travel size versions for resort guests to take home as well. Yum!!! It was a such a fun trip with everyone!!!  Thank you for everything!!  Wishing all a blessed week! Xoxo ~Kelle


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