Motivational Monday! Workout Mission: SKIPPING!

Workouts can get redundant, right!?  That’s when I have to just switch it up a bit.  Lately I’ve been skipping. Nopers, not skipping my workouts 🙂 I mean the hop, skip, & JUMP kind of skipping. Not only is it a great workout, low abs & calves toner, it’s also a way to not take yourself so seriously.  Why not throw in a smile or two while your doing it :)))  The trick to the best skipping workout ever is to just start skipping. Then see if you can raise your knee as high as you can get it (low ab toner) while strongly pushing from the opposite leg (calf toner), while reaching for the sky with arms (great arm toner). Then just alternate legs/arms. For me, this exercise works better as an ab-burner than basic running!  I have more fun skipping too.  I did 30 min of skipping and 30 min of jogging the day before my shoot with Patrick Massou!  Skip to my lou, my darlings! XO Kelle



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