Recent Interview On Beauty & Media

Lip shade: NYC’s Coralista | Stackable Diamond Necklaces: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Thankfully, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Can you imagine living in a world where everyone had identical thoughts and perceptions on everything?  Without differences of opinion, beauty (and all other things) would be boring. That’s just my opinion. 🙂 To me, everyone is uniquely blessed with natural beauty!  So here is the video interview in which I was asked a series of questions on what beauty means to me.  Hope you guys like it!  I’ve always believed that less is much more, but I also view makeup as an art form for self expression.  So just in case you are wondering about my lip shade, it is NYC’s Coralista! It has been my summer go-to shade and it looks beautiful on every skin tone!  Also, it can be dressed up with smokey eyes and/or dressed down for a nice lip flush sans shadow.  Shine ommmmm, my lovelies!! XO ~Kelle

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