Tabletop Tuesday & Fall Leaves Fashion Fever!

Maybe it’s the heat that has me purposefully trying to manifest Fall in L.A.!  I just love seeing all of the leaves falling, however, it is nearly October and funny to see them falling when it’s 90 degrees out!  Ha!  Today my neighbor gave me a really beautiful cast iron mosaic table.  How incredibly sweet!!!!!It had some of the mosaic pieces missing, so I decided to renovate it by filling in the missing mosaics with pearls.  I really love the fern leaf embedded on the tabletop.  When the sun hits table in just the right place, little rainbows appear in the white tiles.  The pearls also flicker when the sun hits them! So beautiful!  I’ll be headed to some antique stores this week for chairs to go with it.  Today I also de-potted my tree and re-potted it into a minimal white ceramic pot, and added white crystals (near base of the tree) to go with the renovated table.  ❤ this pairing!  Speaking of Fall leaves, I thought I would also include photos of my latest leaf & om symbol necklace design. It will look great with a tee, jeans, & boots!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!! XO ~Kelle


New Kelley Nicole Collection Tie Dye Now Available On Etsy!

Hi, loves! This bohemian hippie from Humboldt is excited to announce the launch of my new Kelley Nicole Collection tie dye clothing and accessories! Available now on Etsy! :)))) They are hand-dyed by me and I am also doing the photography. SO, as you can imagine it will take me a minute to get each design up and ready on my Etsy store.  I went ahead and made the first one available today! It is just perfect for Fall!  Super needless to say, I am OBSESSED with tie dye.

Kelley Nicole Collection Scarf | Tie Dye Processing
It will never go out of style!  The dying process is so much fun & individual for each piece, each design entirely one-of-a-kind!  More to come VERY soon :)))))))

Tie Dye Processing
Can’t wait to share them all with you! Thank you to my supporters for following my journey! It means so incredibly much to me and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Happy Sunday, everyone! XO ~Kelle


Current Daily/Nightly Skin Regimen & September Skin Faves! 

The good ole saying you are what you eat also holds sooooooo very true to your skin.  My skin is the first to let me know if I have had too much salt or sugar 🙂  So, in addition to eating lots of greens and fruits, I love using hydrating face products in my skin routine.  Here a few of my current September faves!  The first step is cleansing with Oil of Olay’s Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo skin.  I follow by toning with witch hazel every other day.

Oil of Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henrickson Lavender Body Oil
Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Dickinson’s Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henricksen Lavender Body Oil

Then, I moisturize with Eucerin.  I love Eucerin as my daily/nightly moisturizer because it is one of the most hydrating moisturizers I have ever used.  Pairing it with the conditioning milk in my routine leaves my skin the softest it has ever felt!  Also, when I use Eucerin at night, I wake up the next morning with my skin feeling uber-hydrated!  It can also be squeezed into a travel size container which is perfect for dehydrated jet setting skin! Also, I am really into aromatherapy. Essential oils de-stress & also help me get to sleep. My current favorite lavender body oil is by Ole Henricksen.  It smells like a dream and has sesame and almond oils in it.  This oil is my go to after a long day, and I like to put a few drops in the bathtub, too.  I am starting to feel like I will never be able to live without it 😉 When I travel, lavender oil is also stowed in a safe place in my cosmetic bag 🙂 Spraying lavender spray on my pillow at night also makes for the best sleep ever. That all said, I am getting sleepy :))  Feel free to comment with any questions you might have about my daily/nightly skin care routine!  Good night, my lovelies! XO ~Kelle

Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Dickinson’s Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henricksen Lavender Body Oil

Argan Oil Cream Blush | Jasmine La Belle

Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Creme Blush | Shades: Flush, Sun Kissed, Coral Sand, Wild Lilac

A few of my Frisco finds were also these Argan Oil Cheek Color Sticks by Jasmine La Belle!  I’m all about creme blush on the daily and thought I would give them a try.  I can’t say that I love just any one of the shades, because I love them all!

Shade: Flush | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush
Shade: Flush | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush

The two coral colors, Flush (bright pinky coral) & Coral Sand (a peachy coral), are beautiful!!  Wild Lilac (a berry shade) is great for the blushing cheek look, and the lightest shade, Sunkissed, makes a gorgeous champagne highlighter.

Shade: Sunkissed | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush | Awesome highlighter!
Shade: Sunkissed | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush | Awesome highlighter!

These can also be used as a lip color, however I don’t foresee myself using the lightest shade on my lips because I’m not a fan of frosty lips (but it is outstanding as a highlighter :).

Shade: Coral Sand | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush
Shade: Coral Sand | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush
Shade: Wild Lilac | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush
Shade: Wild Lilac | Jasmine La Belle Argan Oil Cheek Blush

The argan oil gives a gorgeous sheen when applied, which I LOVE for a dewy look.  They are rich in color and blending them out is easy peasey pumpkin pie.  Is it Halloween yet!?  I cannot wait!! 🙂  All in all, these are perfect for days when I don’t want to wear much makeup.  I can just throw one on and add a bright lip for a no makeup, but slight-makeup-look 🙂  Happy Monday! XO ~Kelle

Jasmine La Belle Blush Set | Amrita Singh Hoop Earrings (featured in last week’s blog 🙂

Frisco Finds & Styling Tips!

On my recent NorCal work trip, I ventured Union Square & Market Street during down time.  I needed a new pair of professional black flats & went with pointy-toed croc print loafers.  My next Frisco finds were a few scarves.  Meanwhile, LA is in a hundred degree heat wave. Ha!  The white one looked so cheeky next to my Sonya Dakar makeup bag. The no makeup-makeup look with bright lip is one I’ve been wearing a lot. So I also picked up a set of creme cheek blushes that I’ll cover in future blog 🙂  I’m a big fan of designer, Anita Singh, and could not be without her chunky hoop earrings.  They have a vintage quality.  Also found a few gold chokers, geometric statement piece, a cool ring, light-catching pink drop earrings, bangles, & popsicle orange belt.

Couldn’t resist the 2-for-1 pre-Labor Day sales!  I’ve been dying for a two-toned choker, & finally got my hands on one. No pun intended 😉 The other gold choker is curved & drapes around the natural curves of your neck for an elegant, yet VERY subtle, Cleopatra look 😉  When I style shop I look for pieces that can be worn a number of ways. Depending on what the day brings, I style in three’s! I generally go with 3 of the following for each outfit:  1) a choker (or earrings/scarf/handbag/accessory etc), 2) belt, and 3) shoes. I think style for: a) top b) middle c) bottom.  One could have on a plain t-shirt/jeans and the outfit be turned up a few notches simply by adding those three bits and bobbles 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone! XO ~Kelle

Moschi Rice Candy & San Francisco Treats!

This Powell/Market trolley wasn’t going anywhere soon, as it was stuck in its tracks!

Missing San Francisco so much already! I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite photos from my trip :)))  I spent most of my free days walking around, as there is always so much culture and charm to be absorbed in SF!  I began each trek with coffee, my fave green Chucks, Canon Rebel, and off I went!

I began each trek day in my fave green high top Chucks!
I began each trek day with coffee, my fave green high top Chucks, Canon Rebel, and off I went!

From the galleries, to the trolleys & trains, to the music venues, Indonesian Film Festival 2015, Union Square shopping destinations, and VM World at Moscone Convention Center, I was in my element last week! One of my favorite times of year to visit Union Square is around Christmas.  Hopefully I will return there in December! XO ~Kelle

Moschi Rice Candy!
Moschi Rice Candy! I love Moschi ice cream, too!

D I F F U S E D | By: Dan Quintana
D I F F U S E D | By: Dan Quintana
D I F F U S E D | By: Dan Quintana
D I F F U S E D | By: Dan Quintana
Indonesia Day 2015 | Union Square, San Francisco

Tintri | VM World 2015

Talking tech and passing out pins for chances to win our random giveaways!

It was a fun and exciting week working for Tintri at Moscone Center for VM World 2015 in San Francisco! Tintri is a data management company that provides software & hardware solutions for virtualization and cloud management. I spoke with over 2,000 professionals from all over the world that stopped by our booth.  We gave away Apple watches all week in our daily and hourly demo giveaways!  Swag and pins were also handed out.  Anyone who received a pin and sported it on their badge got the chance to be randomly selected by Prize Control to win a cool prize!  Winners were surprised with gift cards, GoPro’s, PS4’s, Raspberry Pi’s (not the kind you eat ;), they are credit card computers that plug in to computers), and tons of other cool swag! Three of my winners even came back to thank me that the pins I had given them had won!  What a feeling!! It was amazing to see their faces all lit up!!!!! From individuals, to businesses small and large, Tintri has you covered to ensure your data is stored, backed up and secure.

No Tintri, No Virtual!
No Tintri, No Virtual! 🙂

Be sure to check out for your data storage management, virtual machines, and cloud questions 🙂  Many thanks to Tintri and Lead Detectors’ Andrea & Kristina for selecting me as a spokesmodel for VM World 2015!  It was a blessed and memorable experience!  Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday!! XO ~Kelle

Pleasure working with beautiful model, Lana Gromov!
Tintris can be played on your iPhone via downloading from Apple App Store or Google Play 🙂

Thank you Tintri & Lead Detectors for a fabulous VM World experience!