Tintri | VM World 2015

Talking tech and passing out pins for chances to win our random giveaways!

It was a fun and exciting week working for Tintri at Moscone Center for VM World 2015 in San Francisco! Tintri is a data management company that provides software & hardware solutions for virtualization and cloud management. I spoke with over 2,000 professionals from all over the world that stopped by our booth.  We gave away Apple watches all week in our daily and hourly demo giveaways!  Swag and pins were also handed out.  Anyone who received a pin and sported it on their badge got the chance to be randomly selected by Prize Control to win a cool prize!  Winners were surprised with gift cards, GoPro’s, PS4’s, Raspberry Pi’s (not the kind you eat ;), they are credit card computers that plug in to computers), and tons of other cool swag! Three of my winners even came back to thank me that the pins I had given them had won!  What a feeling!! It was amazing to see their faces all lit up!!!!! From individuals, to businesses small and large, Tintri has you covered to ensure your data is stored, backed up and secure.

No Tintri, No Virtual!
No Tintri, No Virtual! 🙂

Be sure to check out www.tintri.com for your data storage management, virtual machines, and cloud questions 🙂  Many thanks to Tintri and Lead Detectors’ Andrea & Kristina for selecting me as a spokesmodel for VM World 2015!  It was a blessed and memorable experience!  Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday!! XO ~Kelle

Pleasure working with beautiful model, Lana Gromov!
Tintris can be played on your iPhone via downloading from Apple App Store or Google Play 🙂

Thank you Tintri & Lead Detectors for a fabulous VM World experience!

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