Tabletop Tuesday & Fall Leaves Fashion Fever!

Maybe it’s the heat that has me purposefully trying to manifest Fall in L.A.!  I just love seeing all of the leaves falling, however, it is nearly October and funny to see them falling when it’s 90 degrees out!  Ha!  Today my neighbor gave me a really beautiful cast iron mosaic table.  How incredibly sweet!!!!!It had some of the mosaic pieces missing, so I decided to renovate it by filling in the missing mosaics with pearls.  I really love the fern leaf embedded on the tabletop.  When the sun hits table in just the right place, little rainbows appear in the white tiles.  The pearls also flicker when the sun hits them! So beautiful!  I’ll be headed to some antique stores this week for chairs to go with it.  Today I also de-potted my tree and re-potted it into a minimal white ceramic pot, and added white crystals (near base of the tree) to go with the renovated table.  ❤ this pairing!  Speaking of Fall leaves, I thought I would also include photos of my latest leaf & om symbol necklace design. It will look great with a tee, jeans, & boots!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!! XO ~Kelle


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