Sunday Skin Pampering! 

Happy Sunday, all!  I decided to take a break from work to do a diy facial.  After the facial, I am super relaxed and don’t want to finish work.  Go fig! This is one of my favorite masks to do, especially if I have an event to attend.  In which case, I do, so here is tonight’s Sunday skin pampering:

1. First I cleanse my skin twice with Olay’s Cleansing Milk.  It leaves my skin feeling soft & hydrated.

2. Then I apply a raw honey and egg mask.  I massage the honey (natural exfoliator) onto my face & décolletage.  I also gently massage my eyes with it (I know, I know, but it works 🙂 Then I add whipped egg on top of the honey. The egg is such a great skin brightener!  Then I sit back and relax until the mask begins to tighten.

3.  Next I rinse off the mask with luke warm water. 

4.  Then I tone with witch hazel.  This REALLY shrinks pores!

5.  I massage Kosé serum to my face, eyes, and neck.  I will be talking more about this wonder serum in an upcoming blog post.

6.  Moisturizing is key, and especially so after a deep exfoliation.  I massage my skin with Eucerin for 5 minutes or so (and also massage my eye area with it).  Currently, it is my holy grail hydrating moisturizer. I have used many, many, MANY posh & drugstore skin creams and this one is THE BEST for lasting hydration (and as both a day AND night cream).  Not sure if I can ever be without it!

7.  To lock in even more moisture, I mist my skin with Jurlique’s Lavender Hydrating Mist.  Helloooooo, heaven in a bottle! I will also talk more about it in an upcoming blog post.

Voila! My skin is now feeling amazing!!!!  I am a firm believer that by taking great care of my skin, the less makeup I have to wear (even though I do LOVE makeup 🙂  Please let me know if you have any questions at all! Have a great week everyone! XO ~Kelle

Waiting for my honey & egg mask to tighten! :)
Waiting for my honey & egg mask to tighten! 🙂

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