Tower Records | All Things Must Pass Premiere Party

It was a beautiful night for music under the stars. New tunes from Eagles of Death Metal graced the newly painted Tower Records lot for a rock n’ roll night to be remembered, as part of the world premiere of All Things Must Pass documentary on the record chain.

Photo Credit: Mathew Tucciarone | LA Weekly
Seyoon Kim/Muskoka Nord | Jesse Hughes/Eagles of Death Metal Lead Singer | me

For one night only we were able to reminisce in the glory of what Tower Records once was. It was so fun meeting familiar faces and catching up with old friends!  Meeting Russ Solomon was one word: EPIC.

Russ Solomon/Founder of Tower Records

I asked him to please bring Tower back; that it would be a breeding ground for artists to find inspiration. He said he thought I was right. I am never right. Nor do I try to be. If a sock matches the other sock, I won’t wear them. And that’s what music is missing. Music is missing mismatched socks. It has become rhyme-timey, redundant, trite, & lacking of original lustre. Tower gave artists variety & original music mediums to ponder.  An outlet for musicians to get inspired and change the world. We don’t need any more politicians. We need more poets, artists, and MUSIC. All in
support of bringing Tower back, say YAY!  Colin Hanks did an outstanding job in the creation of the All Things Must Pass documentary!  If you love music history, this is definitely the film for you!!  I cannot wait to see it again tomorrow night.  Am I music obsessed? Slightly.

me | Seyoon Kim | Colin Hanks
me | Seyoon | Colin Hanks

I recorded a track on a 7″ vinyl last night!  Sooooo rad.

Recorded a track on vinyl!
Recorded a track on vinyl!

For more photos from the Tower Records event check out Mathew Tucciarone’s photos on LA Weekly!  XO ~Kelle

Weird Al rules.


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