October Favorites & Motivational Talk!

Hello, beautiful people!! Alas, my October faves vid is here!  I decided to feature two micellar waters that I am totes crazy about.  They are remarkably different in quality, quantity, price, & scent.  It all started with my Simple micellar obsession.  Once my first bottle ran out I ran out to pick up another.  It is my traveler micellar and goes with me everywhere.  But then, I found the Taaj Paris brand!  The bottle is twice that of Simple so I use it as my makeup remover for home, and has a delicious chamomile, rosemary, & green tea scent.  It’s a light, sweet & soothing smell that I LOVE.   Although this Himalayan micellar water is on the pricier side, I do think it is worth it because it does remove waterproof makeup better than Simple.  My fave aromatherapy oils are by Tisserand.

❤ Tisserand’s rollerball oils!!!

I love the energy, de-stressing, & head clearing oils!  They are rollerball style, which makes traveling with them so great.  In the Fall, it’s also all about oils for me to keep skin from getting dry.  So I’m currently loving Dr. Jacobs Naturals castile soap, in the rose scent.  This gentle oil based natural soap can be used as a face wash, body wash, laundry detergent, etc.  It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean & moisturized.  Next, I’ve loved wearing Urban Decay’s F Bomb lipstick, a gorgeous red & makes teeth oh so sparkling’ white.  The three Elf products I’ve been using a lot are the mascara primer, lip scrub, & salicylic acne fighting gel.  The mascara primer gives me lash volume, the scrub tastes like brown sugar, & the gel is great for that occasional pesky blemish!  I’ve also found my most favorite cream bronze contour in the form of a foundation!  It is Revlon’s 24 Hour Whipped Colorstay Foundation in the shade: Caramel.

Elf lip scrub | Elf salicylic acid acne spot treatment gel
Elf lip scrub | Elf salicylic acid acne spot treatment gel
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation | I use it as my bronzer/contour | shade: Caramel

The formula applies creamy & dries to a powder like finish.  It is the best contour shade ever & lasts all day/night!  Reminds me of Chanel Soleil, just a bit more creamy, and a little goes a very long way.  Dupe alert!  Another foundation I cannot stop raving about is Maybelline’s The Lifter!  It is the most bizarre foundation I have ever used, yet the best foundation I have ever used!  It appears super thick, like it would apply super heavy & cake-y, but doesn’t.  It is a mousse-like texture that blends like a dream.  Skin perfection in a bottle!  Have you guys used this foundation?  Please let me know what you think of it.  I am OBSESSED with it.  This month my go to nail shades have been by Wet N’ Wild’s Megalasts in the shades Wet Cement & Haze of Love.

Wet N' Wild Nail Polish | Shades: Wet Cement (left) Haze of Love (right)
Wet N’ Wild Nail Polish | Shades: Wet Cement (left) Haze of Love (right)
October craves!

Wet N’ Wild’s Camouflage Couture palette has also been my go to for eye and center of the lip shine poppers!  The sparkly gold and silver shades are amazing.  Also completely obsessed with Nakamol Chicago handmade jewelry.  Ever since my pearl necklace broke (used it to repair my mosaic table 😉  I’ve missed wearing pearls in the Fall with red lipstick! So I have been adoring my new Nakamol Chicago pearl wrap.  It can be worn a number of ways!  Let me know your thoughts on any of the products I’ve mentioned.  Today’s motivation: Whether you feel like you can or you can’t, you are absolutely right!!!  Thoughts are SO powerful.  You are capable.  You ARE exquisitely talented.  YOU ARE possible.  If you are feeling like the odds are not in your favor today, I encourage you to get out there & actualize your DREAMS.  If people seem to fail you, your dreams never will!!!!  Be BRAVE, BE YOU, and RISE to your fullest potential!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!  Have a beautiful & blessed week, my dears!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! XO ~Kelley

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