Clarisonic Nightmare or Clarisonic Cashmere!?

Clarisonic Cashmere Bristles
Clarisonic Cashmere Bristles

I used to have a fondness for my Clarisonic.  It was a daily (I’m talking 7 days a week) staple in my skin care regimen for a year or so.  But then I started to notice that it was actually exfoliating my skin too much; leaving it looking dull, thin, & lifeless.  I also had a fear of bacteria collecting on the brush after each use, as it would air dry in the shower, a bacteria feeding ground.  So I did away with it for a year, and only exfoliated my face with raw honey, every few days or so.  Doing so gave my skin a much more supple, healthy glow, rather than a thin-skinned look and dull look.  It was this Clarisonic dilemma that I discussed with Planet Beauty a few weeks ago.  They assured me that I would love returning to my Clarisonic again because of it’s new CASHMERE bristles.  I was still very skeptical, but they assured me that I would change my very made up mind :)))  That I would fall madly for the softness of the new & improved bristle style.  I’ve worked in skin care, so again, I was still very skeptical.  So skeptical, in fact, that they gave me the new brush to try.  It was my first time in the store.  I couldn’t believe their generosity and so I said I would give it a go!  I went home and cleaned the dust from my hidden away Clarisonic.  The Cashmere bristles have been working great on my skin for the past few weeks now.  I only use it for exfoliation/cleansing when my skin is already makeup-free, and in intervals of every 2-3 days.  I’ve also been pairing it with my Olay cleansing milk.  I must say I am unexpectedly LOVING it.  It is much, much softer than my old bristles, & exfoliates in a very gentle way, rather than in an abrasive way.  It glides over skin with super soft bend-able bristles, rather than stiff toothbrush style bristles.  It is even gentle enough for my eye area.  Thank you so much Planet Beauty!!! I clean the bristles attachment by letting it soak in vinegar for a few minutes.  Vinegar is amazing for your skin and a fantastic disinfectant.  Then I pat the bristles dry with a paper towel and put the cap back on the bristles.  You can also use a hair dryer to dry it quickly.  That way mold/bacteria can’t grow inside the bristles. The last thing you want is to be “cleaning” your skin and pores with a bacteria magnet.  Just saying 😉  I give the cashmere bristles a big thumbs up, and hope my Clarisonic change of heart helps alleviate any concerns you may have had about using and/or purchasing a Clarisonic brush.  What are your thoughts on Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes?  XO ~Kelle


2 thoughts on “Clarisonic Nightmare or Clarisonic Cashmere!?

  1. I love my clarisonic!! I have been using it for years, but I clean the head and replace it often. I also don’t use my brush daily, so with proper care for your skin and clarisonic it’s fab!

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