Ships Have Sailed Concert!

Ships Have Sailed | Bardot | Hollywood | Nov 18th, 2015

I’ve always believed in the power of music.  It has the ability to transform and heal suffering on many levels.  The recent attacks on humanity are understatedly devastating.  It has been a week of grief and mourning, and I pray for loved ones lost, for the survivors, and for those whom lost loved ones.  I also pray that all human suffering ceases.  Music is the one thing I know that helps heal and unite humanity.  So last night I decided to rejoice life with Ships Have Sailed, live in concert at Bardot.  They are an awesome pop-rock band from Los Angeles and I love their music!  It was their last Los Angeles show for 2015, so I couldn’t miss it!  Be sure to check them out at  I especially dig their cover mix of Lorde’s Team & Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall!  Such a great combo!  Ships Have Sailed’s new album Moodswings can be found on iTunes!  My thoughts and prayers are with you all, and I am sending everyone lots and lots of love and white light! XO ~Kelle

Will, me, Dan, & Art | Ships Have Sailed | Bardot | Hollywood


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