Spa Night!

IMG_5992Tonight I am all about relaxation. So I decided to put on a clay mineral mask because my skin is being a bit fussy. Clay masks help to purify, detoxify, & de-stress my pores.  This week I picked up a new clay mask in NorCal & decided to try it this evening.  The brand is by SpaPharma & it can also be used as a body mask.  IMG_6001Sea minerals are soooo amazing for your skin!  This mask applied with a very smooth texture, & the finely milled clay particles also helped to exfoliate my skin nicely.  It can be warmed in the microwave, but tonight I applied it cool, which felt really refreshing!  It dried very fast, so I only had to leave it on for about 10 minutes or so. IMG_6027.JPG There was no face tingling with this mask, just calming and soothing.  Clay based masks can be very drying to my skin, so I tend to use them once a month or so.  I also like to follow up the mask with a super hydrating serum & moisturizer combo.  Stay tuned for my future post on  a wonder serum in which I can’t get enough!  :)))))) XO ~Kelle

SpaPharma Clay Mineral Mask




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