Christmas Trip, Cups & Cozies! 

Good morning, loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  It was a fun and blessed week of roadtripping through NorCal to visit near and dear family & friends for the holiday.  There is nothing like driving up the Cali coast and experiencing a redwoods white Christmas!

I am already missing home and my family sooooooo much!!

 To get over being homesick, I am currently caffeinating & blogging with the help of the watercolor hearts Starbucks ceramic mug from The Dot Collection. It is being chihuahua cozied up this morning with a Hooked By Angel cup cozy!

Cup Cozy by Hooked By Angel | The Dot Collection mug by Starbucks

You haveeeee to check out her designs! She is OMDiggityDoggggs talented!  As I write I am also enjoying a chocolate pastry by Cafe Brio Arcata & a Fendente chocolate spoon.  Yummmm!!

Pastry by Cafe Brio Arcata | Fendente chocolate spoon

My post-Christmas diet can start after Jan 1st, right!?  Hehe. Wishing everyone an exquisitely beautiful and abundant 2016!! Happy New Year & God bless!! XO ~Kelle




Coming January 2016: The Daily Vitamin!

It has been a fun few weeks filming down in Joshua Tree, CA!  I am very excited to announce that I am a co-host at The Daily Vitamin!  Thus far, we have filmed around 20 new videos including: unboxings, reviews, blend- offs, & yummy recipes!  Our videos will be coming to you in January 2016!  We are looking super forward to showing you quick, fun, and simple ways to become a healthier & happier YOU!  Also, there are lots of awesome GIVEAWAYS coming very soon!  To stay updated and be in the loop on our upcoming giveaways, please be sure to follow The Daily Vitamin on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook!  Thanks SO much for your support!!  Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead!!  XO ~Kelle

The Daily Vitamin coming to you January 2016! | Kelley Whilden, Frank Musa | Photo credit: The Daily Vitamin


The Daily Vitamin | Co-host, Kelley Whilden | Photo credit: Frank Musa/The Daily Vitamin


Holy Grail Wonder Serum!

Finally, I have found my holy grail wonder serum!  I mentioned this wonder serum in a recent blog and promised I would tell you all about it 🙂 A few weeks ago I picked up Kosé’s Clear Turn Eau de Claire Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum.  IMG_6247Kosé is a Japanese cosmetic brand that purchased Tarte Cosmetics in March of last year.  They offer a selection of four different Eau de Claire serums based on your skin’s needs: hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin c, & astaxanthin.  I went with the hyaluronic because it is winter time and it is supposed to help lock in and boost your skin’s moisture.  It is a thin, clear gel type serum without any greasiness what-so-ever.  I apply it after cleansing, and then apply my moisturizer.  I’ve been loving the combo together at night for the past few weeks.  IMG_6244My skin is feeling super quenched! Honestly, my skin has never felt more moisturized!  It is SO crazy waking up feeling like my skin doesn’t need any moisturizer!  I have a feeling this serum would make an awesome makeup primer as well.  The serum looks super dewy on the skin in a radiant & healthy way, not in a saturated-with-product kind of way.  Similar to the way aloe vera gel looks on the skin.  Also, this bottle of magic will last forever, as it is a 6.76 ounce bottle! I’m also really loving how the pretty Kosé bottle looks in the bathroom. Looking forward to trying more of their products!  Wishing everyone a beautiful week! XO ~Kelle

Kosé Clear Turn Eau de Claire Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Holy grail