Christmas Trip, Cups & Cozies! 

Good morning, loves! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!  It was a fun and blessed week of roadtripping through NorCal to visit near and dear family & friends for the holiday.  There is nothing like driving up the Cali coast and experiencing a redwoods white Christmas!

I am already missing home and my family sooooooo much!!

 To get over being homesick, I am currently caffeinating & blogging with the help of the watercolor hearts Starbucks ceramic mug from The Dot Collection. It is being chihuahua cozied up this morning with a Hooked By Angel cup cozy!

Cup Cozy by Hooked By Angel | The Dot Collection mug by Starbucks

You haveeeee to check out her designs! She is OMDiggityDoggggs talented!  As I write I am also enjoying a chocolate pastry by Cafe Brio Arcata & a Fendente chocolate spoon.  Yummmm!!

Pastry by Cafe Brio Arcata | Fendente chocolate spoon

My post-Christmas diet can start after Jan 1st, right!?  Hehe. Wishing everyone an exquisitely beautiful and abundant 2016!! Happy New Year & God bless!! XO ~Kelle




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