Wet N Wild GIVEAWAY & E.L.F. Lip Set Review!!

Included in this Youtube giveaway are Wet N Wild’s matte lipstick in shades Cherry Picking & Sugar Plum Fairy | Handbag staples 🙂

Hi, guys!  It’s about that time for another giveaway!  For this giveaway someone will win a few of my drugstore makeup faves!  I’m including a Wet N Wild gift set that includes two palettes (Walking On Eggshells & Don’t Steal My Thunder)

Win a Wet N Wild gift set & two of my favorite Wet N Wild matte lipsticks by subscribing to my Youtube channel! xo

& two eye/brow pencils; plus two matte Wet N Wild lipsticks in the shades Cherry Picking & Sugar Plum Fairy.

These matte lipstick beauties are in my handbag at all times & look great in every season!  I also have a few more giveaways lined up as well.  I’ll be doing an “edgy” giveaway in a few weeks and will be giving away some Kat Von D makeup etc. so be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop!  In my giveaway video, I also tried on the lipsticks & glosses in E.L.F.’s lip set. 

Unfortunately the lip set doesn’t appear to be on E.L.F.’s site.  It was there a few weeks ago when I  originally checked, so hopefully it is just out of stock & returning soon.  Even so, the individual lip shades/glosses are sold individually for $1 each!! That’s right, a buck each!!  Thee shades in my set are not named, so I tried to get the best possible photo swatches of the shades for you guys.

The glosses are great dupes for Lancome’s Juicy Tubes!  They are great quality & look amazing alone, as lipstick toppers, and/or dabbed on the eyes for a sleek look.  The lipsticks are great as well: texture is between matte and sheer & are very moisturizing.  The only drawback is the packaging.  The lipstick doesn’t twist up very smoothly, mere chickens compared to the bang for buck you get with the quality of the lipstick. To enter the Wet N Wild giveaway be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, follow my socials & comment that you are interested in the giveaway :)))  I can’t wait to select a winner in a week or so!  Good luck & have a rockin weekend!! XO ~Kelle

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2 thoughts on “Wet N Wild GIVEAWAY & E.L.F. Lip Set Review!!

  1. I follow you on facebook, twitter and instagram and I subscribe to your you tube channel, my name on facebook and you tube is Kara Kudro and my twitter name is @kkudro. would love to win, thanks for offering the chance!!

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    1. Hi, Kara! Thanks so much for your support, hon! I’ll be using a drawing service to randomly select a winner in a wk or so. Good luck to you!! If you are into cooking/blending, DailyVitamin.com is also giving away a high-end blender! 😀😀😀Happy weekend, Kara!!


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