RIMS Conference 2016 With David Corporation & San Diego Finds!

This week was such a fun experience at the RIMS Conference in San Diego, CA!  It was an absolute pleasure working for David Corporation!  Thank you to Mark, Jeff, Mike, & Bobby for teaching me so much about the field of Risk Management, Insurance, & RMIS Technologies!!

David Corporation’s Mark, Mike, Me, Jeff, & Bobby | RIMS Conference 2016

This was the very first time I have ever

RIMS Conference 2016 | David Corporation

dressed as a jockey!  Our jockey coats were handmade by an L.A. designer and were so comfy!  Thank you for styling me in my favorite color: lime green!!  Andddddd we were off to the races when the conference bell struck 10am!  There were so many booths, and people came from all over the world to attend Risk Insurance Management Society’s (RIMS) Annual Conference.

RIMS Conference 2016 | David Corporation

If you are in the field of claims and risk management, David Corporation’s Navrisk Vision is a cloud software system that automates claims & risk management tasks and processes.  Navrisk’s user-friendly program organizes and strategizes data to help your company lower its total cost of risk. Also, David Corporation provides a FREE RMIS Insights software program at RMISInsights.com and is completely free up to 5,000 claims! Thanks so much to Lead Detectors for the great opportunity to work with an outstanding company and with such lovely people! On a complete tangent, I couldn’t leave San Diego without stopping by Mission Bay and Pacific Beach shops. I mentioned a few of my San Diego finds in my latest video!  

Any time I travel I like to pick up a jewelry item and makeup item (or a few makeup items hehe) to remind me of my journeys and of the amazing people I was blessed to meet.  The bracelet wrap is made by a company called Good Works.

Wrap Bracelet By Good Works | GoodWorksMakeADifference.com

The sayings on their bracelets are just amazing!  I also picked up two Revlon creme shadow palettes, the E.L.F. Mad For Matte palette, & Physician’s Formula shimmer shadows palette.  All the shades in each of the palettes will compliment one another nicely, for an array of day and night, warm and cool looks.  The Physician’s Formula palette is gorgeous for that center of the eye, eye-opening shine.  Can’t get enough of the ELF palette.  It is SO good!!!  Wishing everyone a very relaxing Sunday!  Have a great week! XO ~Kelle







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