New Fashion Vid & Latest Crushed Velvet Coat Design

Hi guys! I’ve spent most of this week designing and thought I would share with you my latest coat design, as featured in my recent OOTW fashion video. I took a vintage velvet and satin size 10 dress and designed it into a coat that is now sewn to size, fits perfectly and is more my style.  Here is the vintage dress before:

BEFORE: Vintage Velvet Dress, Size 10

First, I spent some time crushing the velvet.  Design Tip:  To crush velvet, use a flat-iron because it gives you more precision and designing capabilities than a large traditional iron.

Design Tip: Use a hair flat iron to crush velvet with precision.

Next, I took in a few inches of velvet in from the waist, and then cut & sewed slits down the front, back, and sides of the dress to shape the coat:

IMG_0864 (1).jpg
After: Crushed Velvet & Pinstripe Satin Coat 


Then I took some of the excess velvet I cut from the front, and added a triangular crushed velvet tail:





If you like this design, and want to learn more of my fashion, style, beauty, & designing tips, be sure to subscribe to my channel :))))))  I’m giving away the Kat Von D shade of red lipstick and black eyeliner that I wore in my fashion vid as well.  For details on how to enter the giveaway, click here.  Thank you to my latest subscribers!! WOWIE!!!!  Thank you, thank you for your support!!!!!  Wishing everyone a rockin weekend!!!!!  XO ~Kelle


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