Tired Of Your Baby Blues? Sewing: Recycled Silhouette Dog Clothes | Kelley Nicole Collection

Silhouettes | Kelley Nicole Collection | Silhouettes are currently being recycled into the line from upholstery sample fabric textiles.

Well of course you look smokin in those jeans, dahhhhhhling!!!  But before throwing out the old to find room in your closet for the new jeans, please remember to donate or recycle them. Throwing them out lends them to the filling up of our landfills. Landfills are not a closet!

Memes says: there are dogs just like me that get cold easy and need clothes, too.  Recycling is a PAWSOME way to create them! ❤

A staggering amount of fabric & clothing items contribute to landfill waste.  MILLIONS of TONS (the weight of just one ton is equivalent to 2000 pounds!! Millions of TONS is mind-blowing!!!) of clothing are thrown out every year, making their way to our landfills.  Did you know clothing waste is not biodegradable & releases methane gas, a harmful greenhouse gas, into the environment?  By donating and/or recycling your jeans and unwanted clothing, instead of throwing them away, you help sustain our precious environment. People and pets in need would love a pair of what you might be contemplating throwing out.  Here is my latest video, where I show you how to recycle your unused jeans into dog clothes.

Hopefully the video will help you conjure up some creative ways to upcycle your unwanted clothing items.

InStyle furniture upholstery fabric squares for my recycled fashion & accessory appliqués | Kelley Nicole Collection

A few stacks of InStyle upholstery samples in all sorts of fabrics & textures, are on their way to being recycled into the chihuahua silhouette appliqués for my fashion line’s t-shirts, tanks, pants, jeans, scarves, gloves, handbags, & other fashion accessories.

Stacked | InStyle Upholstery sample textiles | Kelley Nicole Collection

Learn more about the reasons why recycling fashion is SO important & also how I recycle leather skirts into handbags, in my past blog.  Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun fashion videos! :)))))))) Your support is amazing!!  Have a beautiful weekend, my loves!  ❤ ~Kelle


Silhouette Denim Coat | Recycled | Kelley Nicole Collection

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