NEW WET N WILD Limited Edition Palettes, Etc.: First Impressions, Swatches, & Review!

Happy weekend, everyone!! In this video I share with you my first impressions, swatches, & review of some of Wet N Wild’s latest makeup products!  If you love the duo chrome shade in their Comfort Zone palette, then you will surely love the new duo chrome shade in their new Plaid To The Bone palette!  I am obsesssssed with it!! I picked up the Plaid to the Bone

Wet N Wild’s limited edition palette for Autumn ’16: Plaid To The Bone palette (left), Velour Vixen (right) | “Unchained” single shade from regular line (top) | Color Icon Green As Thistle mascara | Madonna DIY palette

& Velour Vixen palettes recently.  Both are limited edition Wet N Wild palettes for Autumn 2016.  I also picked up their ‘Unchained’ shade in their regular single shade line, and the new Color Icon ‘Green As Thistle’ mascara.  Let’s talk about the shadows.  They are fantastic, pigmented, buttery smooth textures (per usual, for Wet N Wild shadows).  However, I do wish that the maroon shade would apply a bit more pigmented (see below for swatch).


BUT it is nothing that a few more layers, or a spritz of face mist on your brush can’t fix!  The cream shade in the Velour Vixen palette is buttery, however, doesn’t swatch well, but does blend like a dream.


The navy shade in the Plaid To The Bone palette, wierd-ly, does not swatch navy at all.  It ends up swatching into a beautiful satin teal shade (3rd swatch from right as shown below).  All shades are build-able.  Love that.

Swatches | Velour Vixen palette (first three shades far left), Plaid To The Bone palette (next three shades), ‘Unchained’ single shadow (farthest to RT) | Wet N Wild

The duo chrome shade is my favorite of the bunch, surprise, surprise!  It swatches VERY similar in shade to the one in their Comfort Zone palette.  But I don’t think it looks identical to the Comfort Zone duo chrome shade when applied on the eyes.  I can’t put a finger on this shade when I wear it.

One minute it looks like a haze of grey smoke, the next minute it looks like taupe, teal, or purple.  I love it as an all over wash of color, and have been wearing every day since the video!  The ‘Unchained’ shade is a light grey, silvery color.  In the pan it gives off some flecks of sparkle, but when swatched, doesn’t show much sparkle.

‘Unchained’ single shade | Wet N Wild

It is a very rich shadow with a lot of pigmentation, and applies ever so smooth!  The swatch sometimes appeared matte, yet the pan photographs very sparkly.  The green mascara was my least favorite of the products, unfortunately.  Green is my favorite color, so I had very high hopes for this mascara.  It’s not that the color isn’t there.  It is.  Just a bit to light, for what I had wanted.  I bought it thinking it was going to be a bright emerald color like that on the packaging.  It turned out to be a very light olive-y color on the lashes.  I applied it on top of black mascara, in hopes that it would make it more vibrant.  No such luck.  It was almost impossible to get it to show up in a photo, also.

Close up of Wet N Wild’s Green As Thistle mascara.  After several attempts of adjusting camera lighting, I was only able to get the green to show up on only one eye in the photo.

I think it could be a nice mascara to wear everyday, but definitely not for a statement look.  The one photo where it did show up, it would only show through in the photo on one eye. There are other shades in the Color Icon Colored Mascara line, so maybe they will work out?  Have you guys tried them?  I would love to hear your thoughts on them. I absolutely love the palettes and the single shade!  For around $3 for the palette, and $1 for the single shadow, you get high-end quality at drugstore price. Loveeee that.  I did look on the site and can’t seem to find the new limited edition palettes, so hopefully you can find them in your local drugstores.  I plan to depot the shades & add them to my Madonna palette (with my other Wet N Wild shades) or create a new diy palette for them (click link for how to make your own personalized diy palettes).  Please be sure to give my video a thumb up & subscribe for more future videos and giveaways :))) Thanks for watching! Muahhhh!!! XO ~Kelle

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Wet N Wild’s latest duo chrome shadow, from the Plaid To The Bone palette | Lower lash liner is the maroon shadow from the Velour Vixen palette

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