Smashbox Double Exposure Palette: First Impressions, Swatches & Review!

Happy weekend, everyone!! In my Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review video, I share with you my first impressions and swatches, including both wet & dry shadow comparisons. If you are not familiar with this palette, Smashbox claims that these shadows cimg_8913an be used both wet & dry, and without the strange glaze appearing (that regular shadows can sometimes get when applied wet). I decided to review this palette because I had seen so many contrasting reviews on it, and wanted to debunk them myself. The palette comes with a red double-sided brush.  I love the soft shadow brush, but not privy to the slanted brush on the opposite end.

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette includes a double-sided brush & travel-sized Full Exposure mascara | Chihuahua cubby makeup brush holder by Hooked By Angel

The Full Exposure travel sized mascara that is included with this palette was not so great, but still capable of enhancing the lashes.  It did take me about 7+ coats to get the look of how one coat would look with a good mascara.  In the video, the swatches were very fussy.  A few of the swatches had a hard time showing up on camera even after double swatches, namely, the shades Peony, Quartz & Veiled. When applied wet, the shades are supposed to add sparkle, get deeper in color or turn metallic, according to the Smashbox insert that comes with the palette.  I didn’t really notice any of the textures change when applied wet, I just noticed them become better versions of themselves.

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Wet & Dry (top) Swatches

Drugstore palettes have swatched better than the dry swatches in this palette did.  That said, it would have been nice if the dry shades swatched on the first swatch the way the wet shades looked when swatched twice.  On the contrary, the shadows applied to my eyes nicely, and were easy to blend.  They are build-able both wet and dry (with a good primer & synthetic brushes). Sometimes wet shadows can get patchy when applied, and these did not.  They blended well as dry shadows and also when applied with a lightly dampened brush.  It was impressive to see a matte shade be applied wet and blend in evenly without leaving the streaky, patchy mess that some matte shadows can create when applied wet . As you saw in the video, the 6th hour check in was the moment of truth.  Was it worth the splurge?  Yes.  Impressively, the shadow did not falter!  Talk about staying power, no creasing, no patchiness, and no weird wet shadow glaze.  I love the shade selection of warm/cool colors and the array of satin/matte/shimmer textures.  The Double Exposure palette comes with 3 matte shades, 7 shimmer shades, & 4 satin shades. My favorite shade is Haze.  It is a purple-grey-taupe shimmer shade with a hint of duo chrome that I can’t put my finger on.  The shimmer is very subtle.  I loved it as the backdrop for the smoky eye.

Smoky eye look created with Haze, Fig, Peony, Copper, Blanc, Midnight, & Veil | Smashbox Double Exposure Palette | Kelley Whilden

Haze is also a great shade for a simple wash of shadow look.  Despite not-so-great wet & dry swatches, I am really loving this palette. As shown in the video, the application of these shadows was a far different experience than the swatching lol. Love that I can build up my desired vibrancy with this shades.  I prefer adding more shadow when needed over feeling like I need an eraser if I’ve added too much.  This is a great palette if you love shadow liner looks, because you can build your liner up by applying water to these shades, that lasts all day (especially when used as a topper to your waterliner pencils)!  If you are beginning with makeup, this palette would be great for you.  The shade selection is also fantasic for Fall looks.  I really hope this Smashbox Double Exposure Palette Review video helps your purchasing decisions in some way :)))))  If you liked this vid, please be sure to give it a thumb up & don’t forget to subscribe for more future beauty and fashion reviews.


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