Mad Masquerade | Halloween 2016

Hi, guys! I hope everyone had a rockin Halloween! In this video, I take you along with me to my friends’ Mad Masquerade party! What to wear!?  I picked out a mask & then designed the chandelier earrings to wear with my glittery ensemble! What would Halloween be without costumes, music, & yummy food! Halloween never ceases to be one of my favorite holidays! I would so love it if you left me a comment mentioning what you dressed up as for Halloween! If you like this Mad Masquerade Halloween Video, please be sure to give it a like & subscribe for more future videos :))) Thanks for watching! Muahhhh!!!

Chandelier earrings: Kelley Nicole Collection
Wooden glitter peep toe heels By: Sebastian Milano
Gold dress: H&M
Fox ring: unfortunately, I am not sure who the designer is…apologies!!!




14925625_533914043471779_440194693830682444_n-214601083_533913730138477_2050446972764139677_n 2.jpgIMG_9430.jpg




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