Lorac Skinny Black And Love, Lust, & Lace Palettes!

In my latest review video, I cracked open my Lorac Skinny Black palette and Love, Lust, & Lace palettes!  They had been collecting dust for a long while on my review-to-do shelf.  In the video, I give you my first impressions/review (with live swatches) of both of these beautiful palettes.  The lace packaging.  So beautiful, chic, and winter-y looking.

Winter calls for a winter-y looking palette like Lorac’s Love, Lust & Lace!

The Skinny black palette is very sleek as well, with a beautiful combo of 7 matte and satin shades.  The faux croc packaging is elegance.

Skinny Black by Lorac is wear it’s at.



I am not the best swatcher when it comes to left-handed swatching lol.  The Love, Lust, & Lace palette also comes with a beautiful combo of matte and satin shades.  All very wearable with great inner eye/brow bone highlight and transition shades.  Gorgeous neutrals palette with a blue pop of color.

Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace palette Swatches

The Skinny Black palette is everything you would need for traveling.  Very light, skinny, & compact for throwing into your makeup case. I especially love the two taupe shades.  The black is soooo pigmented and amazing for smokey liner.  Love the combo of warm and cool shades.  Perfection.

Lorac Skinny Black Palette Swatches
Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace palette (left) and Lorac Skinny Black palette (right).
❤ the lace & faux croc packaging on the Lorac’s Love, Lust & Lace (left) and Lorac Skinny Black palette (right)
4 of the 7 buttery shades in the Lorac Skinny Black palette
3 of the 7 shades in Lorac’s Skinny Black palette

The formula in the Skinny Black is very smooth, silky, & buttery.  I have a feeling I will be using this palette on the daily!

The Lorac formula. Obsessed.  Also impressed with the combo of warm & cool shades.


Lorac Love, Lust & Lace palette

In the Lorac vid I also mentioned L.A. Colors’ NEW I ❤ Makeup Eyes [MATTE]R palette.  It has 25 all matte shades for only $4.99! For more info on that palette check out my last blog. Muahhhh!! Xoxo ~Kelle

Lorac Love, Lust & Lace (left) and Skinny Black palette (right) | Model: Kelley Whilden


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