Happy New Year & Norcal Christmas Roadtrip Vlog!

Wishing everyone the most bright, happy, healthy and abundant 2017!  I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas as well!!  I went on a road trip to NorCal for the holidays and decided to take you along with me in my NorCal Christmas Roadtrip Vlog!

It’s so hard to believe that Christmas arrived and passed SO fast!!!  There was lots of eating, relaxing, & gathering with friends and family.  15726987_1319505754738435_2885290260239971821_n.jpg15747334_1319483971407280_2917316515397928235_n-1.jpgThis year will be coming to a close in less than a 24 hours!  2016 definitely was definitely a rollercoaster that kept me on my 15698075_1319328261422851_1410712266986458349_n.jpgtoes!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me this year.  I feel ever so blessed. Thank you to all of you who inspire me daily, if not by the second!  Thank you 15665629_1319584848063859_3488464950701648263_n.jpg for supporting my blog, YouTube channel, & social medias.  You make me smile from ear to ear every single day!!!!!  Thank you to my reps for all that you do to make my dreams possible.  I am in awe of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  May 2017 be one to remember, my dears! Much love! Happy New Year!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ~Kelle xoxoxoo

xmas2 2.jpg
Tie Dye Dress: 599Fashion | Model: Kelley Whilden





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