Maybelline Color Moltens Review & Giveaway Winner Announcement!!


Congrats to Michele Cupp on winning the New Year’s Giveaway!!! Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway over the past week!! I absolutely loved reading and responding to your resolutions!!!  I appreciate everyone who took the time to share your beautiful thoughts on my channel!!  Please don’t worry, there will be another giveaway in the near future!!  Now, let’s talk more about makeup, shall we?!!!  Lately I have been loving my Maybelline Color Molten Cream Shadow Duos, so I thought I would review them for you guys.  I love the shades Endless Mocha, Stroke of Silver, Midnight Morph, & Nude Rush shadow duos.


The textures of these cushiony gel-powder cream shadows remind me a lot of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushes (coffee cake is my absolute fave bouncy blush!!)  When I apply the Color Molten as a shadow, I like to use my BH Cosmetics synthetic eye shadow brush.  They blend like an absolute dream.  What I also really love about these shadows is that they make incredible gel liners.  To apply as my liner, I like to use a small angled brush for precision placement & blend the line with the synthetic shadow brush.

Application of these shadows is easy with my BH Cosmetics synthetic shadow brush. Color Moltens also make amazing gel liners when applied with an angled brush | Maybelline Color Molten Duo Shade: Midnight Morph

Just 4 hours in these shadows, and I had myself a glossy-eyed crease look.  I personally love that look, if that’s the vibe I want to achieve.  But if the rockery gloss-eyed vibe is not what I am planning for on a particular day, then Houston, we have a problem.  So I tried them out with a primer, and they surprised me with longevity.  When used in conjunction with my Urban Decay primer potion, the Moltens stayed all day long!  I do have dry skin, so if you have oily lids, I wouldn’t recommend these: unless you also enjoy the glossy-eye look or unless you wanted to try them with an oil-absorbing primer.  These shadows do work great in combination with powder shadows as well.  Love that.


Again, I don’t mind creasing.  That is to say, when I am planning for it ;). It can give a great rock chic and/or editorial look to the eye that I love.

IMG_2196 2.jpg

The only downside with these shadows for me, is that the lightest shades are not very pigmented and don’t show up that well when used as inner eye highlights.  They do look great on the brow bone, however.  The darker shades are really pigmented and I loveeee them!!! img_1971-3

If you don’t want to shell out the dinero on the Bobbi Brown gel eye liners (that have been a holy grail of mine for yearrsssss!!!), then Color Moltens are a great alternative! I have experienced absolutely no shifting or fading when they are used as liners.  IMG_1895 2.jpg These shadows apply fast and easy, especially for days when you only have 5 minutes to do makeup.  Just prime, apply shadow, mascara (although I forgot to wear mascara the day of this review video lol), blush & lip gloss, & you are golden.  img_1987

Hope you enjoyed this review.  Also, a big thank you to my current and latest new followers on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram!! Your support means the world!!!  Cheers to a rockin New Year, my loves!!! Muahhhh!!!! XOXO ~Kelleimg_1854



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