Doll Face Beauty Unboxing & Review! | Skincare

TGIF, my DOLL-ings!!! Spa nights should be every night with Doll Face Beauty‘s gorgeous skincare line!  Over the past three weeks or so I’ve been using the skincare products that Doll Face Beauty sent me.  I was excited to try them in hopes it would soothe my dry-as-a-bone skin 😉  I’ve learned to just roll with it. That is, roll around in hydrating products like these!! :)))

doll face products 4.jpg
Doll Face Beauty Unboxing & Review | Skincare | Kelley Whilden

My skin responded SO well to these bottled beauties of hydration in just the first two days.  I appreciate the powerful skincare and anti-aging ingredients in this line.  I shall begin by saying that glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid are two ingredients that I swear by, and are two ingredients found in many of the Doll Face products.  Glycolic helps to exfoliate gently and keeps my skin cells turning over, while the hyaluronic packs in all of the moisture (and keeps it there even while I sleep).  Over the last year I’ve only fancied cream or oil cleansers.  What is remarkable is that the Doll Face Invigorate Triple-Action Facial gel cleanser is the first gel to not dry out my skin (even when used twice daily!).  It leaves my skin feeling  SO hydrated and refreshed. dollface-cleanser-2Invigorate is equipped with AHA’s and citrus enzymes that my skin is lovvvvvvvvving.  It smells diving and invigorates my senses first thing in the a.m.  Just a tiny drop of this foaming gel goes a longgggg way and it removes my makeup effortlessly.

Invigorate Triple-Action Facial Cleanser | Doll Face Beauty

When used at night, the Clarify Balancing Tonic gives my skin a glow and helps to repair my skin while I sleep.  I’ve loved this tonic so much that I’ve even used it twice a day on some days!  Love that it locks in my daily and nightly moisturizers like a dream!

dollface 2.jpg
Clarify Balancing Tonic | Doll Face Beauty

The Doll Face Pretty Puff is an exfoliating sponge soaked in Konjac, rose, & other lovely skincare ingredients.  I’ve never used anything like this in my skincare regimen.  The sponge-y and squishy texture of this sponge is ever so gentle on my skin.  As the most dollface pretty puff 2.jpgrelaxing step in my weekly facial routine, I like to exfoliate with it in conjunction with the Invigorate cleanser once a week.  I’ve kept the Pretty Puff in its original packaging, so as to soak up every drop of the ingredients it came saturated in lol.

dollface puff 2.jpg
The Pretty Puff is soaked with Konjac, rose, & other amazing skincare ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

The Purify Pore Perfection Mineral Mask is a clay mask that gently tightens and firms.  When washed off, it feels as if I have just used a hydration mask.  Remarkable!  The hyaluronic hydration factor for this clay mask is next level!  I took this baby with me on my Stylus modeling trip and it was my saving grace for work and travel days! Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 5.24.49 PM.pngdollface mask 2.jpg

Last and certainly not least, is that packaging.  It was love at first sight!!! These products would also make gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone.  ❤    dollface blog pic 3.jpg

Something to be noted is that I think Doll Face Beauty is a gorgeous company that not only offers lovely skincare, but also an uplifting and empowering message to young women. Companies like this are deserving of LOTS MORE LOVE.  I am so proud to introduce them to my subscribers and followers.  Be sure to follow Doll Face Beauty on Instagram & Twitter because they do lots of amazing giveaways that you won’t want to miss… #THEPOWEROFPRETTY ! Hope you enjoy this line as much as I do.  Happy weekend, DOLL-ings!!! ❤ ❤ xoxo ~Kelledoll face products 4.jpgdollface invigorate 2.jpgdoll face products 5.jpgdoll face blogg.jpg


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