Kelley Nicole Collection Design Mode: Sea, Sun, Spring Bohemian

Nothing beats the winter blues than a dose of color.  Anyone else eager for Spring?  Just two more months until then, so I thought I would get a start on some Spring designing.  Last weekend I made another jewelry organizer, this time with some bright color, sequins, & print. That silk dress I recycled to make this organizer won’t be seeing the light of day ever again lol.  Thus far I have made three jewelry storage houses with recycled materials.  Of the three, the Moroccan one is my favorite.  To see more about them, be sure to check out this week’s video.

Silk Jewelry Organizer | Designed with recycled materials | Kelley Nicole Collection
I also made some new semi-precious stone stackable rings.  These are just a few from this weekends two-day designing bender.  IMG_4636.jpg

This jade piece looks great alone or paired with stackables.  The jade stone tells a story from a trip I took out of the country last year.  Reminds me of the sea.

The sea is where I am most free.  | Jade semi-precious stone ring | Kelley Nicole Collection
Citrine reminds me of the sun.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  | Citrine semi-precious stone ring | Kelley Nicole Collection
Kelley Nicole Collection Handmade Semi-Precious Stone Rings
Sea, sand, & sun.  Three of my favorite things.  Hope you have a beautiful week filled with divinity and lots of white light, my loves!  xoxo ~Kelle

Jade stone ring (left) & Pyrite stone ring (right) | Handmade rings & silk jewelry organizer by Kelley Nicole Collection

Weekend Designing | Jewelry Organizers

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope everyone had a rockin weekend!  I spent mine designing some jewelry organizers.  I like this pocketed, sectional style because it allows you to see what you have, grab, & then go!  img_4190 My organizers were created with recycled materials.  I wanted a bohemian vibe for the first style, so I chose a silk dress with a broken zipper (figured I would never wear the dress again so might as well turn it into something I would use).  Then I went to work turning it into an boho chic silk jewelry organizer!screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-7-54-35-pm


For the next style I wanted a Moroccan vibe, so I cut up an embroidered top that just collected dust in my closet. It even had the tags.  It hurt to cut it up, but I am working on a minimalism mantra for 2017.

IMG_4120 2.jpg
Pink Pewter beaded bracelet (top), | ‘Kelley Fish’ by Muskoka Nord, | Beaded Peridot Cuff by Kelley Nicole Collection


Beaded/Striped Peridot Cuff (far left) & Aztec red stone choker (bottom) by Kelley Nicole Collection (far left), Black/blue beaded bracelet by Pink Pewter,

Version 2

I absolutely  love how they turned out!  My Muskoka Nord & Pink Pewter jewelry have their own sections now.  I recently featured a Pink Pewter headband in a recent blog.  For more on the Kelley Fish agate necklace click here.  Inside the white matchbox are my White Hat Howlite earrings.  They can be worn for special occasions or even casual with pretty top or tank.

Muskoka Nord ‘Kelly Fish’ Agate Necklace,

Prior to making these organizers, I was using a glass dish for bits and bobs, and pretty soon everything started getting all tangled up & difficult to find.  It feels sooooo good to get them organized. This was a fun project to go along with my minimalism mantra for 2017.


I really wanted organizers that had some flare.  So I gave them some texture with the bohemian silk & Moroccan embroidery for their own sense of style.  IMG_4084.jpg

Hope you guys like them!  Have a beautiful week, my loves!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ~KelleScreen Shot 2017-01-09 at 7.54.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 7.55.13 PM.png

Mad Masquerade | Halloween 2016

Hi, guys! I hope everyone had a rockin Halloween! In this video, I take you along with me to my friends’ Mad Masquerade party! What to wear!?  I picked out a mask & then designed the chandelier earrings to wear with my glittery ensemble! What would Halloween be without costumes, music, & yummy food! Halloween never ceases to be one of my favorite holidays! I would so love it if you left me a comment mentioning what you dressed up as for Halloween! If you like this Mad Masquerade Halloween Video, please be sure to give it a like & subscribe for more future videos :))) Thanks for watching! Muahhhh!!!

Chandelier earrings: Kelley Nicole Collection
Wooden glitter peep toe heels By: Sebastian Milano
Gold dress: H&M
Fox ring: unfortunately, I am not sure who the designer is…apologies!!!




14925625_533914043471779_440194693830682444_n-214601083_533913730138477_2050446972764139677_n 2.jpgIMG_9430.jpg




How To Personalize Your Makeup Z Palettes! | DIY Tutorial

Greetings, my loves! In my latest How To Personalize Your Makeup Z Palettes DIY Tutorial video, I show you a cool diy way to organize your eyeshadows; in a way that is reflective of your rockin personalities!

Top: I went with Maple leaves because my chihuahua’s name is Maple, & Madonna for the cover. Bottom:  David Bowie’s letter to his fan for the cover, & a lense for the back.

I decided to do this diy tutorial because I have been wanting to do away with the packaging on my small palettes & single eye shadows. Minimalism! :))))) So I came up with a cool way to personalize my Z palettes using recycled magazines and empty dvd cases! Life hacks! Rather than just a basic dvd case sitting on my vanity, I customized them by cutting out images from old magazines.  I selected my images based on the shades I selected for each of the palettes (photo below).  My favorite of the bunch, is my highlighting face palette. I love the beachy vintage look with orange parachute.

Highlighting Face Palette | DIY Personalized Makeup Z Palette | Design yours easily with recycled magazines & dvd cases!

I did depot my shadows before designing the palettes. My apologies for completely forgetting to elaborate on how I secured the depotted shadows to the insides of the

Create makeup z palettes with recycled magazines & dvd cases | Simply trim images to fit inside the dvd sleeves & glue your depotted shadows to the inside of the dvd case. Easy peasey!

palettes in the video! I used a hot glue gun to secure them to the inside of the cases. Super glue works great too. Sorry for not going into more detail on that! To stylize the front and back of your makeup z palettes:

  1. First make sure your dvd cases have front and back plastic sleeves (if you wish for it to be personalized on both sides of the palette). And if you would rather use real photos to personalize your palettes, that works just as great, too!
  2. Simply select your favorite images, and trim the images to fit the front and backs of the palettes. If you have a good eye, you can get a feel for if the image you cut will fit the inside of the dvd sleeve. Measuring the dvd case and image is best for precision accuracy. If no measuring tape is on hand, an image that is larger than the case is best, because you can always trim it around the edges to fit perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial video and hope you have as much fun designing your palettes as I did mine! Please be sure to give it a like & subscribe for more future videos :))) Thanks for watching! Muahhhh!!! xoxoxoox



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Top left: Wet N Wild shades | Top right: Elf highlighters | Bottom left: Wet N Wild Single Shadows | Bottom Right: LA Colors Shadows | DIY Makeup Z Palettes made with recycled dvd cases
Personalized DIY Makeup Z palettes | Made with recycled magazines & dvd cases | Tutorial
Personalized DIY Makeup Z Palettes | Made with recycled magazines & dvd cases | Tutorial
Highlighting Face Palette | Made with recycled magazines & dvd cases | DIY Tutorial

Recycled Blanket OOTW

Hi guys! Here is this week’s RECYCLED OOTW! I designed the Posh sweater, pants, & vest by recycling a wool blanket & leather coat. Also featured in this video is a new Kelley Nicole Collection handbag design, recycled from a leather skirt.  Here are before photos of the wool blanket (in cut up pieces) and long skirt:


Here is the after photo of the handbag recycled from the leather skirt:

Handbag recycled from a leather skirt. | Kelley Nicole Collection

The skirt was enough leather to make 2 huge handbags!  Lastly, a few shots of the recycled plaid outfit I made from the wool blanket, featured in the video:


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.23.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.17.40 PM.pngFor more on the handbag in the video with the green recycled belt shoulder strap click here.  Hope you guys enjoyed the vid!  Hope you guys have a great week!!!  Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube  channel for more fashion videos!  Muahhhhh!!  XO ~Kelle

Other fashion items featured in this video:
Chunky Patent Ankle Boots: Moschino
Blue Velvet Messenger Bag: Commes des Garcons
Black Gladiator Sandals: Modern Vintage
Sunglasses: Carrera

Instagram: @lilmisslion | @kelleynicolecollection

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. 🙂


3 Non-Hair Flat Iron Tips | Designing

Hi guys,  I designed this pink lace top a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post its correlating diy video, that features a few of my quick designing tips.  So hereeeeee are 3 of my favorite non-hair uses for a hair flat iron 🙂

Quick Tip #1:  Flat irons are a great tool for ironing out your hems & seams after sewing.  A flat iron with customized temperatures allows you to lower the temperature for ironing more delicate fabrics.

Quick Tip #2:  When traveling, hair flat irons make great clothing irons .  How many times have we opened our suitcases to find our pressed clothes wrinkled again!?  Flat irons are compact, and get the clothing wrinkles out STAT style.

Quick Tip #3:  Crush velvet with a flat iron by accordion folding the area of fabric you want crushed, and then iron the accordion folds with your flat iron.  Voila, crushed velvet!

When it comes to designing, traveling (& my hair), I cannot go without a flat iron! For you home & lifestyle lovers out there here is another DIY tip!  The wicker chair in the photo below had seen better days.  It was severely peeled and frayed on every foot of the chair.  I like the look of frayed wood, however, this was the pokey kind of fraying and I have little dogs.  To better conceal the fraying wood, I recycled khaki jeans and cut off four strips of the khaki, & then tied each strip as a bow on the chair’s bottom legs.  She’s as good as new now!  I absolutely love filming my YouTube videos from that chair!  Hope you guys find my designing tips useful, my loves!  Have a great rest of the week!  XO ~Kelle


Pink Lace Top | Kelley Nicole Collection
Hems of this delicate lace top design were easily ironed out with a hair flat iron. XO

Tired Of Your Baby Blues? Sewing: Recycled Silhouette Dog Clothes | Kelley Nicole Collection

Silhouettes | Kelley Nicole Collection | Silhouettes are currently being recycled into the line from upholstery sample fabric textiles.

Well of course you look smokin in those jeans, dahhhhhhling!!!  But before throwing out the old to find room in your closet for the new jeans, please remember to donate or recycle them. Throwing them out lends them to the filling up of our landfills. Landfills are not a closet!

Memes says: there are dogs just like me that get cold easy and need clothes, too.  Recycling is a PAWSOME way to create them! ❤

A staggering amount of fabric & clothing items contribute to landfill waste.  MILLIONS of TONS (the weight of just one ton is equivalent to 2000 pounds!! Millions of TONS is mind-blowing!!!) of clothing are thrown out every year, making their way to our landfills.  Did you know clothing waste is not biodegradable & releases methane gas, a harmful greenhouse gas, into the environment?  By donating and/or recycling your jeans and unwanted clothing, instead of throwing them away, you help sustain our precious environment. People and pets in need would love a pair of what you might be contemplating throwing out.  Here is my latest video, where I show you how to recycle your unused jeans into dog clothes.

Hopefully the video will help you conjure up some creative ways to upcycle your unwanted clothing items.

InStyle furniture upholstery fabric squares for my recycled fashion & accessory appliqués | Kelley Nicole Collection

A few stacks of InStyle upholstery samples in all sorts of fabrics & textures, are on their way to being recycled into the chihuahua silhouette appliqués for my fashion line’s t-shirts, tanks, pants, jeans, scarves, gloves, handbags, & other fashion accessories.

Stacked | InStyle Upholstery sample textiles | Kelley Nicole Collection

Learn more about the reasons why recycling fashion is SO important & also how I recycle leather skirts into handbags, in my past blog.  Please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun fashion videos! :)))))))) Your support is amazing!!  Have a beautiful weekend, my loves!  ❤ ~Kelle


Silhouette Denim Coat | Recycled | Kelley Nicole Collection