15-Minute Time Crunch Circuit Workout

img_3114Happy weekend, everyone!  Here is my 15-Minute Time Crunch Circuit Workout! It’s all the time you need for a rockin toning sesh! Using a fitness ball and/or weight is completely up to you.  Enjoy! 💪🏻👟☀️

Isometric Hold Pushups-5min:

For 5 minutes, do tricep & chest pushups, alternating the type of pushup as often as you like. Incorporate isometric holds at the bottom of the pushups for power-toning bursts.

Squats & Lunges With Weight-5min:


30 reps of lunges with bicep curls, alternating legs and arms. I like to mix up this circuit with squats, while extending arms straight out and holding a 5lb weight for an isometric hold. Mix up the squats and lunges for the full 5 minutes. Talk about a heart rate boost & toning blast!

The Crunch Down-5min:


I finish the workout with a 5-minute crunch down by placing a fitness ball between knees. This is a great inner thigh isometric hold, while also helping stabilize your torso for a great ab sesh. Keep torso as flat as you can and reach arms from left to right, doing 30 reps on each side. Feel free to switch it up with any additional abdominal crunch variations you know, for the full 5 minutes.

Have a great weekend, lovelies! XO ~Kelle


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Motivational Monday! Workout Mission: SKIPPING!

Workouts can get redundant, right!?  That’s when I have to just switch it up a bit.  Lately I’ve been skipping. Nopers, not skipping my workouts 🙂 I mean the hop, skip, & JUMP kind of skipping. Not only is it a great workout, low abs & calves toner, it’s also a way to not take yourself so seriously.  Why not throw in a smile or two while your doing it :)))  The trick to the best skipping workout ever is to just start skipping. Then see if you can raise your knee as high as you can get it (low ab toner) while strongly pushing from the opposite leg (calf toner), while reaching for the sky with arms (great arm toner). Then just alternate legs/arms. For me, this exercise works better as an ab-burner than basic running!  I have more fun skipping too.  I did 30 min of skipping and 30 min of jogging the day before my shoot with Patrick Massou!  Skip to my lou, my darlings! XO Kelle


My New Feature In NYC’s Entire Magazine!

To read more about my interview with Entire Magazine’s founder, Lori Brown, check out http://www.entire-magazine.com
Happy day, my lovelies! I am feeling especially blessed this week for Entire Magazine featuring my interview in their magazine yesterday! :)))) Based in NYC, Entire is a great way to get your daily doses of fashion, travel, fitness, lifestyle, & decor!  I love all of their posts! I especially love all the work they do in helping put a stop to human trafficking.  Here is where you can view my interview with Entire Magazine’s founder, Lori Brown.  Thank you for a wonderful interview, Lori!  Also, a giant thank you going out to Loydeen Pulsifer! You can follow these amazing ladies on Twitter & Instagram at @entiremag and @whatadeen ! I am so blessed for your support, my dears!  This feature would also not be possible without photographer, Patrick Massou!  Thank you for the amazing photos!  I cannot wait to work with you again my friend!  Also many, many thanks to my fans and supporters who have pushed me this far. I could not be doing any of what I do without you!  I am truly blessed to have you all! XO Much love, Kelle

Photo credit: Patrick Massou
Photo credit: Patrick Massou | Necklace: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

My Soup Prep For A Busy Week!

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday weekend!  For me it was a tie dye 4th of July! I spent all weekend making new pieces for my line and will post some of them just as soon as they are all ready 🙂 I also thought I would share how I like to prepare for a busy week.  When a busy week is foreseeable, I like to make a big pot of healthy soup.  Tonight I made one of my favorite lentil & veggie soups.  First I filled a big pot with filtered water.

First I boil filtered water.
First I boil filtered water.
Then I start the boiling process of the water while washing and chopping up the veggies. The lentils were rinsed and added first.

Chop, chop!
Kale, radishes, celery, scallions. Chop, chop!

Filtered water, oregano leaves, avocado oil, Bragg liquid aminos, ground pepper, Himalayan sea salt, minced garlic, green lentils
I used green lentils, brussels sprouts, radishes (whole), kale, scallions, celery, Himalayan sea salt, ground pepper, avocado oil, oregano leaves, & Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.  Liquid aminos are my miracle ingredient and I use them in nearly every dish. The minerals in it are great for you too and all-in-all gives the soup a ramen quality.  Also, I prefer using whole radishes because when they are fully cooked they are sooooo delish!

Kale, Brussells Sprouts, Whole Radishes
Kale, Brussels sprouts, Whole Radishes
Measurements for the soup are entirely up to you, and the best way to check if you have added enough seasoning is taste tasting 🙂  Then I let it simmer on low for about an hour and half. The longer it cooks, the better. There you have it! Healthy noms!

This week I’ve been drinking a lot of V8 Healthy green juice, and is great paired with the healthy soup.  Both are great ways to keep you healthy & your skin radiant! 🙂

V8 Healthy Greens Juice
V8 Healthy Greens JuiceI hope you enjoy this recipe!  Have a beautiful week, my lovelies! 
I hope you enjoy this recipe!  Have a beautiful week, my lovelies!

Lentil veggie soup cooking away!

Classic Scarlet Makeup Look for Commercial Casting & Measurable Difference

Measurable Difference Pink Rose Baked Blush
Measurable Difference Baked Blush | Shade: Pink Rose
Measurable Difference Pink Face & Body Bronzer
Measurable Difference Baked Face & Body Bronzer (it’s really a highlighter) | Shade: Pink

For a commercial casting this week I decided on a monochromatic classic lip and cheek look in shades of scarlet! In my recent blog and YouTube skincare routine video, I discuss how I prep my skin before applying on-camera makeup—#facialfitness is an integral step in my pre-makeup routine.  My absolute favorite blush and highlighter right now are both from Measurable Difference! This brand is super affordable and can be found online or at your local Marshall’s for only $3.99 each!  I love the gold packaging on the baked highlighter, and each comes with enough product to last you for years.  Literally, years!  Still pinching myself over the price for the outstanding quality AND quantity of these products! The scarlet-coral colored Measurable Difference baked blush is in the shade “Pink Rose,” and creates the perfect natural flush!  Normally when I wear red lips I use a pink blush, but because I chose a monochromatic look I went with the rosy tones of this blush (to pair with the scarlet lips). I also used it on my temples to brighten my face and I have yet to try the blush on my eyes! Pink Rose is highly pigmented and one tap on your brush packs a punch! Loved pairing the rose blush with the light pink natural sheen of the baked highlighter in the shade “Pink” (Measurable Difference refers to it as a bronzer, but it is indeed, a highlighter).

Revlon Colorburst Fire Lipgloss
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss | Shade: Fire

To top off the look I used Revlon’s Colorburst Lipgloss in the shade, “Fire.”  Hot diggity does this lippie look like the red kool-aid I used to drink as a kid! I just love it!!!!!  This red is super glossy, and after it wears off it leaves a really pretty red lip stain behind that I love!  I set my Covergirl Invisible concealers with Wet N’ Wild’s Reserve Your Cabana and also contoured with Wet N’ Wild’s Ticket to Brazil bronzer. The Too Faced chocolate bar palette is so great for creating those natural classic eye looks! And I also used NYC’s 24 hour eye primer and eye pencil in Black Wine. I’ve been wearing the 24 hour eye primer a lot lately because of it’s priming power! This is a look I like to wear a lot for commercial castings because it showcases your features in a natural way and with a pop of color, without looking overly done up. Artistic expression comes in so many forms.  I treat makeup like I would sketching, designing, singing, etc.  I go with what or how I feel.  Some days might be bright yellow, while today is scarlet.  We are all touched by something and colors help to create and inspire the beautiful canvas called life.  How will you color your happy today, my lovelies?! xoxo ~Kelle

Skincare Routine | UCLA Health’s Skincare Tips

This week I had the pleasure of attending UCLA’ Health’s Healthy Living, Healthy Skin Seminar! I thought it would make a great educational addition to my skincare routine video! It was a great event hosted by UCLA dermatologist, Dr. Jenny Hu, and she presented a wealth of preventative health and skincare knowledge!

UCLA Health's UV Ray Reminder Bracelets
UCLA Health’s UV Ray Reminder Bracelets

Sunscreen was a hot topic at the seminar and I was given some cool UV ray bracelets to wear that can serve as reminders to wear sunscreen! They turn blue when exposed to harmful UV rays, and will come in handy on hikes and beach days! Here are some awesome eats Dr. Hu recommends for healthy skin:

The best advice I can give about personal skincare is to keep skincare simple and continue doing what works best for you and your skincare needs!  Nowadays we can easily get lured into the myriad of skincare products out there, when the best items are already in your kitchen! In my skincare routine video, I mention a few of my favorite daily, natural holy grails for my skin: water, vinegar (organic, raw, unfiltered, with the veil of the mother), honey (organic, raw), & green juice.  I explain why I love using honey to not only exfoliate, but also to oxygenate my skin.  The trick to skin oxygenation is to rub honey onto your skin in circular motions, and then rinse with water for your very own diy oxygenating facial!  I also limit steaming my skin to once a week, because excessive heat is not so great for the skin! diy, facial, steam VINEGAR as a natural holy grail productl!?!?  While it tastes pretty bad on it its own, vinegar can be diluted with water, and makes THE best healthy skin tonic! Organic, unfiltered vinegar with the “veil of the mother” is my favorite to use for many reasons:  it is a great skin detox, boosts your immune system, helps circulation, & improves ph balance. In addition to ingesting it daily, I occasionally use vinegar on blemishes with a cotton ball and it zaps them like a charm! Also a great facial toner when diluted with water.  First thing when I wake up I drink a tablespoon of vinegar and then have a glass of green juice on an empty stomach.  These are great and affordable ways to get glowing skin, get your health on, AND boost energy! Whoop, whoop!!  A shout out goes out to Blondie V for requesting my skincare routine video! Also a congratulations to Irina, in Russia, for winning the ELF eyeshadow set on her birthday! Happy birthday and thanks for your support, Irina!! And a giant thank you to Real Deal Management for my castings this week! My manager has worked so hard for me over the years and I feel so blessed!! Stay tuned for my get-ready-with-me makeup tutorial video for one of this week’s commercial castings. Please be sure to leave me any comments or questions you might have for me! Until my next post, have a gorgeous weekend, my lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle