Pure Bronze Sunless Tanning System!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.47.22 PMHi, guys!  Just in time for the 4th of July: Pure Bronze  Sunless Tanning System! This personal home tanning system is where it is at for airbrushed bronze tanning, without having to go to the salon. Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.40.37 PM
Say buuuuuuh-bye to orange tans & an even bigger buuuuuh-bye to spending those hundreds of dollars in the salon on spray tans!  Pure Bronze personal home tanning system comes with its own inflatable/deflatable tanning booth, that folds up into a cute tote bag!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.19.12 PMAlso included in the Better Bronze Tanning Kit is your professional airbrush & diy tans.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.51.45 PM
The Pure Bronze Sunless Tanning System

Spray tanning in the privacy of your own home has just become easier!  Learn more in my video below, and pre-order your Better Bronzer Tanning Kit at ThePureBronze.com!  Have a beautiful 4th of July weekend, my lovelies!! ❤ ~Kelle

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.49.08 PM



RIMS Conference 2016 With David Corporation & San Diego Finds!

This week was such a fun experience at the RIMS Conference in San Diego, CA!  It was an absolute pleasure working for David Corporation!  Thank you to Mark, Jeff, Mike, & Bobby for teaching me so much about the field of Risk Management, Insurance, & RMIS Technologies!!

David Corporation’s Mark, Mike, Me, Jeff, & Bobby | RIMS Conference 2016

This was the very first time I have ever

RIMS Conference 2016 | David Corporation

dressed as a jockey!  Our jockey coats were handmade by an L.A. designer and were so comfy!  Thank you for styling me in my favorite color: lime green!!  Andddddd we were off to the races when the conference bell struck 10am!  There were so many booths, and people came from all over the world to attend Risk Insurance Management Society’s (RIMS) Annual Conference.

RIMS Conference 2016 | David Corporation

If you are in the field of claims and risk management, David Corporation’s Navrisk Vision is a cloud software system that automates claims & risk management tasks and processes.  Navrisk’s user-friendly program organizes and strategizes data to help your company lower its total cost of risk. Also, David Corporation provides a FREE RMIS Insights software program at RMISInsights.com and is completely free up to 5,000 claims! Thanks so much to Lead Detectors for the great opportunity to work with an outstanding company and with such lovely people! On a complete tangent, I couldn’t leave San Diego without stopping by Mission Bay and Pacific Beach shops. I mentioned a few of my San Diego finds in my latest video!  

Any time I travel I like to pick up a jewelry item and makeup item (or a few makeup items hehe) to remind me of my journeys and of the amazing people I was blessed to meet.  The bracelet wrap is made by a company called Good Works.

Wrap Bracelet By Good Works | GoodWorksMakeADifference.com

The sayings on their bracelets are just amazing!  I also picked up two Revlon creme shadow palettes, the E.L.F. Mad For Matte palette, & Physician’s Formula shimmer shadows palette.  All the shades in each of the palettes will compliment one another nicely, for an array of day and night, warm and cool looks.  The Physician’s Formula palette is gorgeous for that center of the eye, eye-opening shine.  Can’t get enough of the ELF palette.  It is SO good!!!  Wishing everyone a very relaxing Sunday!  Have a great week! XO ~Kelle






Coming January 2016: The Daily Vitamin!

It has been a fun few weeks filming down in Joshua Tree, CA!  I am very excited to announce that I am a co-host at The Daily Vitamin!  Thus far, we have filmed around 20 new videos including: unboxings, reviews, blend- offs, & yummy recipes!  Our videos will be coming to you in January 2016!  We are looking super forward to showing you quick, fun, and simple ways to become a healthier & happier YOU!  Also, there are lots of awesome GIVEAWAYS coming very soon!  To stay updated and be in the loop on our upcoming giveaways, please be sure to follow The Daily Vitamin on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook!  Thanks SO much for your support!!  Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead!!  XO ~Kelle

The Daily Vitamin coming to you January 2016! | Kelley Whilden, Frank Musa | Photo credit: The Daily Vitamin


The Daily Vitamin | Co-host, Kelley Whilden | Photo credit: Frank Musa/The Daily Vitamin


Tintri | VM World 2015

Talking tech and passing out pins for chances to win our random giveaways!

It was a fun and exciting week working for Tintri at Moscone Center for VM World 2015 in San Francisco! Tintri is a data management company that provides software & hardware solutions for virtualization and cloud management. I spoke with over 2,000 professionals from all over the world that stopped by our booth.  We gave away Apple watches all week in our daily and hourly demo giveaways!  Swag and pins were also handed out.  Anyone who received a pin and sported it on their badge got the chance to be randomly selected by Prize Control to win a cool prize!  Winners were surprised with gift cards, GoPro’s, PS4’s, Raspberry Pi’s (not the kind you eat ;), they are credit card computers that plug in to computers), and tons of other cool swag! Three of my winners even came back to thank me that the pins I had given them had won!  What a feeling!! It was amazing to see their faces all lit up!!!!! From individuals, to businesses small and large, Tintri has you covered to ensure your data is stored, backed up and secure.

No Tintri, No Virtual!
No Tintri, No Virtual! 🙂

Be sure to check out www.tintri.com for your data storage management, virtual machines, and cloud questions 🙂  Many thanks to Tintri and Lead Detectors’ Andrea & Kristina for selecting me as a spokesmodel for VM World 2015!  It was a blessed and memorable experience!  Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday!! XO ~Kelle

Pleasure working with beautiful model, Lana Gromov!
Tintris can be played on your iPhone via downloading from Apple App Store or Google Play 🙂

Thank you Tintri & Lead Detectors for a fabulous VM World experience!

E3 Gamers Galore: My Week As A Nintendo Spokesmodel!

Nintendo models showcasing the new 3DS! | E3, LACC, June 2015 | Photo credit: Tontan_USA

Hello, my lovelies! It was a blessing working for Nintendo at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo last week! It is my second year working as a Nintendo spokesmodel, and it is always so much fun. What could be better than playing video games on the new 3DS!? Gooooooo Chibi Robo Ziplash! I was literally tethered and padlocked to two Nintendo 3DS’ for the week at Treehouse LIVE; this gamer’s dream! All in all, and from my designing perspective, I would have to say that Yoshi’s Woolly World is the coolest game ever!

Yoshi's Wooly World
Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi made of yarn makes me want to get back into crocheting 🙂  I should also mention that Tetris and Super Mario 3 will always be my all-time fave games, and Nintendo nostalgia forever in my heart!

Kelley Whilden, Charles Martinet, Lauren Foulk
Kelley Whilden, Charles Martinet, Lauren Foulk

Memories were made and meeting Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario and Luigi, with fellow model, Lauren Foulk, was such a delight! A very special thank you goes out to Andrea & Kristina of Lead Detectors! Thank you so much, Nintendo & Lead Detectors, for such a memorable week! Wishing everyone a gorgeous and sunshiny weekend! xoxo ~Kelley      

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