September Beauty & Fashion Favorites!

Good day, everyone!! Welcome to my September Beauty & Fashion Favorites (in October lol)! Better late than never getting this non-sponsored blog and video up! First things first, I would like to give a big shout out and thank you to Miracle Skin Transformer for featuring me on their socials this week!

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I’ll be giving away a full size Miracle Balm & some Pacifica products in my next giveaway!

Their support is incredible!! Since the Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm is one of my most prized beauty possessions, I will be giving away a full size of it in my next giveaway! Pacifica is also one of my favorite vegan brands very dear to my heart that has also supported me, and I am so thankful!  To express my gratitude, I will also be giving away a few Pacifica products (see below for more giveaway details)!  :))))))  It’s still warm in LA, so I’ve been wearing summery clothes with Fall tones; and it just feels so weird lol. Whether Summer, Fall, or Spring, I cannot be without my Muskoka Nord fish necklace (also below). It brings some seriously good luck!! Since I love both drugstore and high-end beauty products, this video would not be complete without a little bit of both. That said, L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Blur concealer is my new fave holy grail concealer!!!!

L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Blur concealer is impressive for smoothing the under eyes.  It gives better than high-end results!  Can’t get enough!!

It is like Photoshop-in-a-bottle!!! My LA Girl HD concealer is still a holy grail, but this one is just that much more smoothing for the under eye area. L’Oreal Blur is not a highlighting concealer, if that is what you desire in a concealer. However, adding a brightening primer under the eyes, beforehand, works amazingly well. I’ve been priming my under eyes with my Dirty Works Radiance Cream.  Then I set the concealer with Wet N Wild’s yellow powder in the Caramel Toffee Contour palette. This combo is life!!! Hands down, this is a drugstore concealer with better than high-end results!!!!  My simple go-to eyeshadow look for September was created with my Too Faced Natural At Night palette and ELF smudge pot in the taupe shade, Cruisin Chic! I use a concealer brush to apply Cruisin Chic as a wash of color all over the eyes.  Then I add Moon Stone from the Too Faced palette (one of my all-time fave palettes), also as an all-over wash of color.  One-hit wonder shades like these are the best for simplicity!!!

ELF Smudge Pot, Shade: Cruisin Chic | Too Faced Natural At Night palette, Shade: Moon Stone | September Favorites

I loved this daytime eye look paired with Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Duo Blushes in the shade, Hansel & Gretel.  It makes a great Fall mauve when both shades are swirled together.  The silky smooth formula of these blushes is incredible for natural looking color on the cheeks, that lasts ALL DAY & NIGHT.  They do look more pigmented in the pan

Kat Von D Shade & Light Duo Blushes, Shades (left to right): Samson & Delilah, Hansel & Gretel, Sid & Nancy, Mickey & Mallory, Bonnie & Clyde | September Favorites

than they do applied on the skin; a great feature if you prefer to build up your cheek color. Unfortunately, some of the blush shades do loosely spin around in the pan (as shown in the blush to far left).  This makes me a bit weary of traveling with a few of them, as I’ve had to spin a few of the other shades back into upright position.  The purple-y Bonnie & Clyde shade (far right in photo above) looks way louder than it actually applies .  When swirled together, Bonnie & Clyde amazingly makes a great dupe for Benefit’s Dandelion blush!  You also get a ton of product, at .317 oz each.  These blushes have been discontinued on the KVD site, but you can still find them online and at TJ Maxx.  I ❤ them!!! Next, I am a huge fan of rose scents. Especially if the rose scent involves the aroma of chocolate, like C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries’ Rose Salve.  It has been my pre-lipstick balm and eye-topper for wet shadow looks in September.  I can’t be without this balm!  Get the rest of my beauty and fashon favorites in my latest vid!  Enjoy!

C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Rose Salve | Perfect pre-lipstick balm & a great eye-topper for wet eyeshadow looks!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: As mentioned in the video, I will be giving away some Pacifica products and a full size Miracle Skin Transformer Beauty Balm in my next giveaway. I couldn’t be more thrilled to give away products from two of my favorite & inspiring beauty brands, to one lucky subscriber!!!! The giveaway announcement blog and video will be up in under a week and a half. To enter, just subscribe & follow my socials (links below), and stay tuned for the giveaway video!

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Orange agate ‘Kelley Fish’ necklace | Available at | September Favorites

Giveaway Announcement & Top 5 Concealers!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!  Sending out congrats to Cassandra, the winner of my Wet N Wild Giveaway!  You rock, girl!  Thanks for everyone who entered and who has recently subscribed to you YouTube channel!  Your support is AMAZING!!!!  If you missed my latest video, be sure to check it out below for reviews of my Top 5 Holy Grail Concealers!  I am traveling at the moment and meant to get this blog out before I left.  Sorry for the delay!  Here are my Top 5 Can’t Live Without Them Concealers!  My #1 is LA Girl’s Pro HD Concealer in the shades are Natural, Classic Ivory, & Nude.

La Girl’s Pro HD Concealer | #1 Holy Grail Concealer

The salmony tones in the shade nude are great for undereye darkness.  The darker shades in the range are great as contour shades as well.  This concealer looks airbrushed anytime I use it for shoots. I absolutely cannot live without it and have backups of my backups in all the shades mentioned! #2 is Cle De Peau.


I really only use my Cle De Peau concealer stick for blemishes because it is just a bit to dry to use under my eyes.  It conceals blemishes sooooooo well and has been a staple in my makeup bag for years.

Top 5 Concealer Swatches | bottom to top: LA Girl HD Pro Concealer, Cle de Peau, Cover Girl, Laura Mercier, Stila

#3 is my Cover Girl concealer in the shade: 710 Light.  The reason why I chose this is for number three is because it reminds a lot of Cle De Peau, but without the hefty price tag.  I depotted my Cover Girl stick because it makes the product so much easier to work with when applied with my Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer brush.


Tied for #4/#5 are Laura Mercier’s secret concealer in the color 2 and Stila’s concealer in the shade Honey 08.  They have similar very creamy textures and blend like a dream into the skin.  Both concealers are fantastic for dry skin and are super hydrating when used under the eyes.  Because their creamy textures are so similar, I give them a tie!  Please let me know if you guys have tried any of the above concealers and let me know what you think.  Also, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube, so you can be in the loop for my next makeup giveaway!  I’ll be giving away some awesome Kat Von D makeup!  You won’t want to miss it! :)))))))  Have a great week everyone!!  XO ~Kelle