April Favourites: Beauty, Body, Hair & Home!

Ahhhhhhh aromatherapy!  It’s about that time for April favourites (in May lol).  Lately I have been rather obsessed with Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Star Body Milk.  It is incredibly moisturizing and smells like a dream.  It is a gourmand scent with almond, honey, oats etc.  I don’t find the scent to be sickening sweet, but rather, a calming sweet accord-ion of well-orchestrated notes.  It layers so nicely with musks & floriental perfumes.  Absolutely loveeeee it!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk | April Favourites
Another favorite is my Ibiza round hair brush.  This brush beats every brush I own! A blow dry is just never quite the same if I try and blow dry my hair with my other brushes.  The Ibiza grabs every strand of hair in a section with one swipe, smoothes & shines each strand, and brushes through it effortlessly.  If you have long hair, this is amazing for big Bridget Bardot waves.  Also great for straight hair looks.  It is a blow dry and styling must!

Ibiza Hair Brush | April Favourites
April wouldn’t have been the same without my Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster in the shade: light to medium.  It is similar in shade to my beloved butter bronzer, but has more of a glow due to its sheen.  The sheen doesn’t register as glitter on the skin, but instead as a sun kissed glow.  When I wear a faux tan, this is the bronzer I pair with it.  As reflected in the below photos, this bronzer is very well loved :)))

My skin cleansing routine in April included a new cream cleanser I have been adoring from Lily of the Desert.  I’ve been testing out several products from this line over recent months and will be mentioning a few more of my faves very soon.  This gentle, aloe-based cleanser is fantastic for my dry skin peeps.  It has been my go-to cleanser for a quick scrub before and after my workouts.  I love that it also includes chamomile.  #soothing ❤

Lily of the Desert Aloe-based Cleasning Cream | April Favourites
After cleansing, my skin gets a quick daily exfoliation with Doll Face Beauty’s Clarify Tonic.  I’ve mentioned this baby many times on my blog and channel.  It is THAT good. The glycolic acid in this balancing tonic keeps my skin exfoliated and refreshed.  I wear it once daily either right before moisturizing/pre-makeup or before bed prior to moisturizing.  ❤ it!

Doll Face Beauty Clarify Balancing Tonic | April Favourites
Another skincare product that I was never without in April was my Honey Girl Organics The Lotion Face & Body moisturizer.  It preps and plumps my skin for makeup and keeps it deeply moisturized all day long.  Cruelty-free, organic, gluten-free & made with honey and skin-soothing luscious oils, this emollient moisturizer is the bees knees.

Honey Girl Organics The Lotion Face & Body moisturizer | April Favourites
Lastly, but certain not leastly, is my DW Home Black Rose Oud candle.  This is basically heaven on earth.  The scent is rich, decadent and sooooo relaxing.  This candle falls into my top 5 candles list of all time.  I will be doing that blog and video someday soon :))))) Maybe it’s just me, but every once and while I will get a wiff of tobacco with the rose and oud notes.  I am like a mad woman on the hunt for a perfume that smells identical to this black rose oud scent.  The gold lid with black bow & black glass holder makes the presentation of this candle so classic and chic for the home or to give as a gift.  A bath and bubbles would not be the same without this black rose beauty. #DIVINITY

DW Home Black Rose Oud Candle | April Favourites
Hope you guys enjoy my April favourites!! Much love! XO ~Kelle

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April Favourites: Beauty, Body, Hair & Home | Kelley Whilden

My New Feature In NYC’s Entire Magazine!

To read more about my interview with Entire Magazine’s founder, Lori Brown, check out http://www.entire-magazine.com
Happy day, my lovelies! I am feeling especially blessed this week for Entire Magazine featuring my interview in their magazine yesterday! :)))) Based in NYC, Entire is a great way to get your daily doses of fashion, travel, fitness, lifestyle, & decor!  I love all of their posts! I especially love all the work they do in helping put a stop to human trafficking.  Here is where you can view my interview with Entire Magazine’s founder, Lori Brown.  Thank you for a wonderful interview, Lori!  Also, a giant thank you going out to Loydeen Pulsifer! You can follow these amazing ladies on Twitter & Instagram at @entiremag and @whatadeen ! I am so blessed for your support, my dears!  This feature would also not be possible without photographer, Patrick Massou!  Thank you for the amazing photos!  I cannot wait to work with you again my friend!  Also many, many thanks to my fans and supporters who have pushed me this far. I could not be doing any of what I do without you!  I am truly blessed to have you all! XO Much love, Kelle

Photo credit: Patrick Massou
Photo credit: Patrick Massou | Necklace: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Train Cases & Makeup-mobiles!

Happy Memorial Weekend, my lovelies!  The past few weeks have flown by soooo fast!  I have found that when life gets going, organization makes all the difference in the world.  A weekend of downtime & spring cleaning, my love surprised me with a Marilyn Monroe train case!  I decided to organize my highlighters and makeup odds/ends with it.  She looks so dreamy on her shelf in my bathroom, and it’s colors go perfectly next to Urban Decay’s Vice palette! Schedule crunch time calls for organization! My Bino makeup organizing tray is stellar for giving placeholders to my brushes and makeup that I use on the daily.  It came with a drawer that I pulled and stored my foundations, and the mirror is also a picture frame!  The ultimate multi-tasking tray! Another space saver I use is my limited edition Bobbi Brown train case. It is baby pink and faux crocodile-embossed, with silver hardware. Because it is heavy as a truck when full of makeup, I typically only use it when sitting at the table to do my makeup.  The best part about the case is all the space it offers for large palettes, brushes, and things not kept in my day-to-day tray organizer. I have a few ways I store my nail polishes: in a simple glass vase and a chocolate colored train case.  Lipstick & gloss collections can get a little overwhelming, so I decided to organize them in a chocolate colored and velvet-lined, sectional jewelry case box. Isn’t it nice knowing where everything is when you need it!?  For me, organizing is a great way to practice gratitude, de-clutter, and meditate on days ahead.  “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” -Unknown

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday weekend! xoxo ~Kelle