Mug Hugs & The Charlie B Gallery Art Movement!

Good morning, lovely ones!  There is nothing quite like the gift of art.  Art is one of the most inspiring vessels for creativity.  Art tells a unique, one-of-a-kind story, that only the artist can tell.  This glorious pottery mug, handmade by Professor Jill Brugler, was sent to me this week by my friend Charles Blim, owner of the Charlie B Gallery in Nevada.  Charlie is an arts enthusiast and extraordianry advocate for artists!

Handmade Pottery Mug by Professor Jill Brugler | More of her beautiful pottery mugs & vases can be found at Charlie B Gallery in Nevada

He mug hugged me with this gorgeous drinking vessel in my favorite shade of lime green.  Its beautiful design is just….wowwwww…I am at a loss for words.  I absolutely love its bright,  bohemian, and marbled look.  The marbling  reminds me so much of tie dye, one of my favorite things.  Dishwasher safe, too!      IMG_3446 2.jpgCharlie has created a movement of gifting people with pottery mug art, created by local Nevada artists, from his gallery.  He will randomly gift a postal employee, gallery patron, and even gifts complete strangers, with a mug masterpiece from his gallery. IMG_3334 2.jpg Not only does he light up the day of the person he gives a mug too, he is also getting the beautiful work of his local artists out into the world.  The world needs more people like Charlie.  Supporting the arts is of crucial importance, and especially now, more than ever before.IMG_3330.jpgWithout art, life would just be blahhhhh.  To me, art is life, and life is art.  My grandmother was an artist.  She taught me so much about life through art.  One time when I was kid, she painted a mural of a giant bear staring up at the stars onto the entire side of a van.  It was a masterpiece.  When she painted faces, you would see yourself for the first time.  Art pulled her through the Great Depression and then some.  And art, coffee, and this spiritual drinking vessel shall get me through this great political depression 🙂  IMG_3322.jpgWhile on the topic of art/ists, I thought I would also feature this gorgeous mug with a Tiger’s Eye origami resin bowl, handcrafted by artisans at Lawrence Essentials.  The colors in this handcrafted bowl are so stunning when the light hits it just right.  Amber lights are just so sooooooothing & love it paired with my new Brugler mug ;)))

Handmade pottery mug by Professor Jill Brugler | Tiger’s Eye oriami resin bowl handcrafted by artisans at Lawrence Essentials

Some of the greatest masterpieces have been made with an artist’s own two hands.  It is remarkable to think about the time, the stories, inspiration, brilliance, patience, and dedication it takes for an artist to create a unique work of art.  IMG_3410.jpgThere will be loads of morning medium roast Kona Hawaiian coffee & afternoon green tea sipped from this lime green goblet of goodness.  May Charlie’s Giving Cup inspire fashion/jewelry design and lyrics!  With <3, a Professor Brugler lime green goblet masterpiece & Kona coffee, there is nothing that can’t be conquered! :)))  Thank you so much for the mug hug, Charlie!!!  Godspeed to Charlie’s Art Movement! As much as he supports artists, we can also support him by following him on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram!  You never know, he may just #MUGHUG YOU!  Much love!! ~Kelle ❤ ❤IMG_3506 3

IMG_3485 2.jpg
Handmade pottery mug by Professor Jill Brugler | More of her artistry can be found at Charlie B Gallery | Filling my mug up with Kona Red Medium Roast Coffee gets my mornings going! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day Giveaway, Anniversary, & Michael’s Haul!

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day!  I want to start out by saying CONGRATS to my subscriber, Vicky, on winning the Kat Von D makeup giveaway!!!!  So happy for you!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤  Also thank to my supporters & new subscribers over the past week-and-half!!  Your support has been some serious EPIC-NESS!!!  Thank you so much!!!  In yesterday’s vlog, I announced my Mother’s Day Giveaway winner, celebrated our anniversary at Michael’s, & shared my Michael’s haul.  Also, hear more about how I designed a versatile handbag by recycling a leather skirt into a slouchy clutch/tote/shoulder bag!  The great thing about recycling skirts into handbags, is that there is the perfect amount of fabric for  creating the perfect-sized handbag.  I went to Michael’s to pick up some leather-work tools, a zipper, & some other designing items.  Three hours later, I made my way out of one of my favorite stores ever!  I think I am going to add some silver hardware closures to the top of the bag.  The bag could get by without a closure, however, I think the silver closures will give it some extra funk. Hope you enjoy the vlog!  For those whose hearts were set on winning the Kat Von D makeup, never fear!!  There will be lots of giveaways on my channel, so please be sure to subscribe for your chances to win.  You can enter as many of my giveaways as you would like! :)))  Wishing everyone a gorgeous week, ahead!  Much love! ❤

Recycled Slouchy Handbag/Clutch/Tote | Made from a recycled leather skirt | Kelley Nicole Collection


New Fashion Vid & Latest Crushed Velvet Coat Design

Hi guys! I’ve spent most of this week designing and thought I would share with you my latest coat design, as featured in my recent OOTW fashion video. I took a vintage velvet and satin size 10 dress and designed it into a coat that is now sewn to size, fits perfectly and is more my style.  Here is the vintage dress before:

BEFORE: Vintage Velvet Dress, Size 10

First, I spent some time crushing the velvet.  Design Tip:  To crush velvet, use a flat-iron because it gives you more precision and designing capabilities than a large traditional iron.

Design Tip: Use a hair flat iron to crush velvet with precision.

Next, I took in a few inches of velvet in from the waist, and then cut & sewed slits down the front, back, and sides of the dress to shape the coat:

IMG_0864 (1).jpg
After: Crushed Velvet & Pinstripe Satin Coat 


Then I took some of the excess velvet I cut from the front, and added a triangular crushed velvet tail:





If you like this design, and want to learn more of my fashion, style, beauty, & designing tips, be sure to subscribe to my channel :))))))  I’m giving away the Kat Von D shade of red lipstick and black eyeliner that I wore in my fashion vid as well.  For details on how to enter the giveaway, click here.  Thank you to my latest subscribers!! WOWIE!!!!  Thank you, thank you for your support!!!!!  Wishing everyone a rockin weekend!!!!!  XO ~Kelle

New Canon, Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Design & Fashion Inspiro!

Happy Monday!  Over the weekend we purchased my new Canon REBEL T5! My blog and my youtube channel will now see better days with this nifty camera! I am just so excited to get back into photography!  Sianara to iPhone pseudo art photos!  Blessedly, I’ve had some requests over the past week for some of my new Chihuahua Chic designs, so I was busy designing most of the weekend.  Thought I would share with you my new Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Fringe Sweatshirt design! For today’s #OOTD I styled it with a pair of jean cutoff shorts and some edgy heels by Pour La Victoire.  Meow! Have a bright and beautiful week, my lovelies!

Brian and I picking up the Canon REBEL T5 from Best Buy!
Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection
Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt, Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt, Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Fringe Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection


Greetings, and welcome to my blog! I have so much to share that I don’t even know where to begin!

So, I shall start with a galactic THANK YOU to my friends, fans & followers who have supported me in my professional and personal endeavors over the past 10 years!  I feel so incredibly blessed, and would not have come this far if it were not for all of you!

One thing I know for sure is that life is far too short for worry, fears, and/or anything else that could get in the way of you living the life of your dreams! #live #love #create #dream #dance #freeyoselfie

Next, I am so happy to announce that I finally have a Youtube channel!

Now I can share with you girls and guys my makeup, modeling, fashion, & style tips! Fashion, just as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder; and exploring it is a great way to find and express your individualism!

Stay tuned for future giveaways on my channel by subscribing to me via the Youtube link below! Looking very forward to interacting with everyone!

Below is my February Faves GIVEAWAY video, where you can learn how to enter for a chance win your very own ELF Cosmetics eyeshadow gift set!

All the details on how you can win the eyeshadow set are listed in the comment section under the video.  I love hearing from you all, and your comments and support thus far are super-duper-cali-fragilistic-lyyyyyy AMAZING! THANK YOU!!!!!!

I will announce my winner on March 31st, 2015!

Until my next post, good luck to all of my contest entrants! XOXOXO

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