Happy First Day of Spring!

Hi, loves!  Happy first day of Spring!! Here are a few of my Spring greens and florals captures on some of my LA treks! Enjoy! ❤ ❤ Kelle IMG_0911 2.jpgIMG_0993 3IMG_0986.jpgIMG_2901IMG_2897.jpgIMG_2898IMG_0997

Follow the green brick road….



Girly Girl’s Meeting Outfit! #FashionFriday

Fashion District | DTLA
Dolce & Gabbana Wooden Platforms | Mavi Jean Jacket

TGIF, my lovelies! Thought I would share the spring number I wore to my meeting  yesterday to my home away from home: DTLA’s Fashion District! For this spring look I went with: jean coat by Mavi, super long sheer floral tank from Urban Outfitters, large gold hoop earrings, wooden Dolce & Gabanna platforms (with gold hardware), and Rock ‘N Republic skinny jeans.  #FashionFriday! The shoes are funky kewl, so I wanted to keep the funk by turning up the cuffs on the jeans.  This look is super versatile with or without the coat, and super cute with short shorts or jean skirt as well.  Might as well throw on your fave pair of aviators to top off all the ways you can wear this outfit! Perfect for spring and summer, the floral print is oh so girly; just loved mixing it with cheetah print Dolce’s! Shoe candy is a must! MEOW!

Peach Bellini | Sugarfina Beverly HIlls

While on the topic of candy, I think it’s important to indulge every once and a while! :)))) So why not splurge on Peach Bellini’s from Sugarfina in Beverly Hills!?

Urban Outfitters Sheer Floral Tank Top | Gold Hoop Earrings
Urban Outfitters Sheer Floral Tank Top | Gold Hoop Earrings

They taste just as good as the packaging looks! :)))) Wishing everyone a gorgeous Memorial Day Weekend! xoxo ~Kelle

Rimmel Review & Photo Shoot with Patrick Massou!

Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finishing Foundation | Floral bracelet: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection
Photographer: Patrick Massou | Foundation: Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation | Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte, Shade: Sandstorm

Hello, my lovelies!! Today is a 90 degree day in L.A. which brings me to the real hot topic of foundations. There are always so many options to choose from at the drugstore! My love for Rimmel’s Match Perfection medium coverage foundation is still going strong as my fave foundation, thanks to its skin-like qualities!! However, when it comes to shooting I like to wear a full coverage foundation. That said, I decided to put Rimmel’s 25 Hour Lasting Foundation with Comfort Serum to the test, in my photo shoot this week with photographer, Patrick Massou. He is one of my favorite photographers and it is always such a pleasure to create with him!  It was a perfect sunny day for us in Hollywood! While the weather was mid-70’s during the day of the shoot, my skin felt like it reached 90 degrees; in part due to working up a sweat from time to time.  A great thing about Rimmel’s 25 Hour foundation is that it does have sunscreen in it, with a spf of 20.  Generally, for shooting it is best to go with a high-definition HD foundation. But since our shoot took place outside, I needed the spf and super appreciate that it helped protect my skin.  All in all, I give this foundation an A++!!!  I love the smell! The scent is exactly the same as my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation that I adore. 25 Hour applied evenly and left me with a lovely dewy finish; with just the right amount of coverage for the shoot.  This beautiful skin-in-a-bottle foundation also claims to be heat and sweat proof!  The foundation did live up to its claims and lasted all day AND night! Well into the 12th hour of wear, it looked just as good as when I had put it on in the morning! 25 Hour will be my summer skin go-to foundation for sure! Last summer was a hot one in L.A. and this sweat and heat proof foundation will be just the trick for keeping it from melting away 🙂  Also, my face felt moisturized all day, and I am guessing that is because of the Comfort Serum in which it comes equipped.  I heart serums, so this is the bonus plus in the A++ I give to this all-around excellent foundation! Bravo!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | Shade: Sandstorm

In my review video, I discussed Rimmel’s Stay Matte Powder.  This powder is now a new favorite!  The shade I wear is Sandstorm and I’ve been wearing this powder nearly every day. Since I am a lover of the dewy look, a little goes a long way for me and I like to use it sparingly in my t-zone.  It is also a great shade for the under eye area!  I applied the powder only once in the morning and once towards the end of my shoot, to soak up some sweat beads from the calories I was burning in the sun. This is an outstanding powder and one that I will use over and over again!

Rimmel Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss | Shade: Popcorn for 2

Lastly, I am LAAAAAAA-VING Rimmel’s 3D lippie in the shade Popcorn for 2! This lippie is a dream-sicle on a doe-foot stick! Seriously, this color is an indescribable-iridescent-y duo-chrome shade that makes for the purrrrr-fect pout when smack-er-dabbed in the center of your bottom lip.  I hope they come out with oodles more of these 3D duo-chrome shades.  If this lippie had some fe-nomme lip venom in it, then it would be the super duper ultimate for pout perfection.  Just saying! 😉 Hands down, this lippie in this shade is SO gorgeous! RIMMEL REVIEW & PHOTO SHOOT WITH PATRICK MASSOU!  In this vid, I put Rimmel’s 25 Hour Lasting Finish Foundation to the test in my photoshoot! Enjoy! xoxoxo