Holy Grail Wonder Serum!

Finally, I have found my holy grail wonder serum!  I mentioned this wonder serum in a recent blog and promised I would tell you all about it 🙂 A few weeks ago I picked up Kosé’s Clear Turn Eau de Claire Hyaluronic Acid Beauty Serum.  IMG_6247Kosé is a Japanese cosmetic brand that purchased Tarte Cosmetics in March of last year.  They offer a selection of four different Eau de Claire serums based on your skin’s needs: hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin c, & astaxanthin.  I went with the hyaluronic because it is winter time and it is supposed to help lock in and boost your skin’s moisture.  It is a thin, clear gel type serum without any greasiness what-so-ever.  I apply it after cleansing, and then apply my moisturizer.  I’ve been loving the combo together at night for the past few weeks.  IMG_6244My skin is feeling super quenched! Honestly, my skin has never felt more moisturized!  It is SO crazy waking up feeling like my skin doesn’t need any moisturizer!  I have a feeling this serum would make an awesome makeup primer as well.  The serum looks super dewy on the skin in a radiant & healthy way, not in a saturated-with-product kind of way.  Similar to the way aloe vera gel looks on the skin.  Also, this bottle of magic will last forever, as it is a 6.76 ounce bottle! I’m also really loving how the pretty Kosé bottle looks in the bathroom. Looking forward to trying more of their products!  Wishing everyone a beautiful week! XO ~Kelle

Kosé Clear Turn Eau de Claire Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Holy grail


Clarisonic Nightmare or Clarisonic Cashmere!?

Clarisonic Cashmere Bristles
Clarisonic Cashmere Bristles

I used to have a fondness for my Clarisonic.  It was a daily (I’m talking 7 days a week) staple in my skin care regimen for a year or so.  But then I started to notice that it was actually exfoliating my skin too much; leaving it looking dull, thin, & lifeless.  I also had a fear of bacteria collecting on the brush after each use, as it would air dry in the shower, a bacteria feeding ground.  So I did away with it for a year, and only exfoliated my face with raw honey, every few days or so.  Doing so gave my skin a much more supple, healthy glow, rather than a thin-skinned look and dull look.  It was this Clarisonic dilemma that I discussed with Planet Beauty a few weeks ago.  They assured me that I would love returning to my Clarisonic again because of it’s new CASHMERE bristles.  I was still very skeptical, but they assured me that I would change my very made up mind :)))  That I would fall madly for the softness of the new & improved bristle style.  I’ve worked in skin care, so again, I was still very skeptical.  So skeptical, in fact, that they gave me the new brush to try.  It was my first time in the store.  I couldn’t believe their generosity and so I said I would give it a go!  I went home and cleaned the dust from my hidden away Clarisonic.  The Cashmere bristles have been working great on my skin for the past few weeks now.  I only use it for exfoliation/cleansing when my skin is already makeup-free, and in intervals of every 2-3 days.  I’ve also been pairing it with my Olay cleansing milk.  I must say I am unexpectedly LOVING it.  It is much, much softer than my old bristles, & exfoliates in a very gentle way, rather than in an abrasive way.  It glides over skin with super soft bend-able bristles, rather than stiff toothbrush style bristles.  It is even gentle enough for my eye area.  Thank you so much Planet Beauty!!! I clean the bristles attachment by letting it soak in vinegar for a few minutes.  Vinegar is amazing for your skin and a fantastic disinfectant.  Then I pat the bristles dry with a paper towel and put the cap back on the bristles.  You can also use a hair dryer to dry it quickly.  That way mold/bacteria can’t grow inside the bristles. The last thing you want is to be “cleaning” your skin and pores with a bacteria magnet.  Just saying 😉  I give the cashmere bristles a big thumbs up, and hope my Clarisonic change of heart helps alleviate any concerns you may have had about using and/or purchasing a Clarisonic brush.  What are your thoughts on Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes?  XO ~Kelle

Sunday Skin Pampering! 

Happy Sunday, all!  I decided to take a break from work to do a diy facial.  After the facial, I am super relaxed and don’t want to finish work.  Go fig! This is one of my favorite masks to do, especially if I have an event to attend.  In which case, I do, so here is tonight’s Sunday skin pampering:

1. First I cleanse my skin twice with Olay’s Cleansing Milk.  It leaves my skin feeling soft & hydrated.

2. Then I apply a raw honey and egg mask.  I massage the honey (natural exfoliator) onto my face & décolletage.  I also gently massage my eyes with it (I know, I know, but it works 🙂 Then I add whipped egg on top of the honey. The egg is such a great skin brightener!  Then I sit back and relax until the mask begins to tighten.

3.  Next I rinse off the mask with luke warm water. 

4.  Then I tone with witch hazel.  This REALLY shrinks pores!

5.  I massage Kosé serum to my face, eyes, and neck.  I will be talking more about this wonder serum in an upcoming blog post.

6.  Moisturizing is key, and especially so after a deep exfoliation.  I massage my skin with Eucerin for 5 minutes or so (and also massage my eye area with it).  Currently, it is my holy grail hydrating moisturizer. I have used many, many, MANY posh & drugstore skin creams and this one is THE BEST for lasting hydration (and as both a day AND night cream).  Not sure if I can ever be without it!

7.  To lock in even more moisture, I mist my skin with Jurlique’s Lavender Hydrating Mist.  Helloooooo, heaven in a bottle! I will also talk more about it in an upcoming blog post.

Voila! My skin is now feeling amazing!!!!  I am a firm believer that by taking great care of my skin, the less makeup I have to wear (even though I do LOVE makeup 🙂  Please let me know if you have any questions at all! Have a great week everyone! XO ~Kelle

Waiting for my honey & egg mask to tighten! :)
Waiting for my honey & egg mask to tighten! 🙂

Current Daily/Nightly Skin Regimen & September Skin Faves! 

The good ole saying you are what you eat also holds sooooooo very true to your skin.  My skin is the first to let me know if I have had too much salt or sugar 🙂  So, in addition to eating lots of greens and fruits, I love using hydrating face products in my skin routine.  Here a few of my current September faves!  The first step is cleansing with Oil of Olay’s Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo skin.  I follow by toning with witch hazel every other day.

Oil of Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henrickson Lavender Body Oil
Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Dickinson’s Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henricksen Lavender Body Oil

Then, I moisturize with Eucerin.  I love Eucerin as my daily/nightly moisturizer because it is one of the most hydrating moisturizers I have ever used.  Pairing it with the conditioning milk in my routine leaves my skin the softest it has ever felt!  Also, when I use Eucerin at night, I wake up the next morning with my skin feeling uber-hydrated!  It can also be squeezed into a travel size container which is perfect for dehydrated jet setting skin! Also, I am really into aromatherapy. Essential oils de-stress & also help me get to sleep. My current favorite lavender body oil is by Ole Henricksen.  It smells like a dream and has sesame and almond oils in it.  This oil is my go to after a long day, and I like to put a few drops in the bathtub, too.  I am starting to feel like I will never be able to live without it 😉 When I travel, lavender oil is also stowed in a safe place in my cosmetic bag 🙂 Spraying lavender spray on my pillow at night also makes for the best sleep ever. That all said, I am getting sleepy :))  Feel free to comment with any questions you might have about my daily/nightly skin care routine!  Good night, my lovelies! XO ~Kelle

Olay Conditioning Milk for Normal/Dry/Combo Skin | Dickinson’s Witch Hazel | Eucerin | Ole Henricksen Lavender Body Oil

Get Glowing Skin By Soaking Raw Almonds!

One of my favorite ways to boost my skin is by soaking raw almonds.  Soaking raw almonds removes the tannins from the shell, which allows the nutrients to absorb better in your body.  It takes only minutes to do and soaking them makes enough to last as a daily snack for a few days.

What you will need: a handful of raw almonds, filtered water, & a bowl with securable lid
What you will need: a handful of raw almonds, filtered water, and a bowl with securable lid.

First, place a handful or two of raw almonds in a bowl.
Next add 1/2 cup filtered water to a handful of raw almonds. If using more than a handful simply adjust the amount of water, ensuring that all almonds are submersed.
First, place handful of almonds in bowl.  Then add 1/2 cup of filtered water.  If using more than a handful of almonds, simply adjust the amount of water, ensuring that all almonds are submersed in the water.  Secure the lid to your bowl.

Then let the almonds sit for 8+ hours.  Once they have soaked, it’s time to peel them.  Simply peel off the brown peel and then eat.  I like to prepare mine at night so that they are ready to peel and eat when I wake up.  I love adding them to my oatmeal!

Let the almonds soak for 8+ hours.
Soaked almonds are an awesome way to get your protein, fiber, & omega nutrients while also giving you glowing skin while on the go.  Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend! XOXO ~Kelle

Photographer: Patrick Massou | Bikini: Jean Paul Gaultier | Silk & Vintage Lovebirds Choker by Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Post-Workout Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast!

Motivational Monday, continued!  🙂  I am a firm believer that your body needs carbs after a long cardio session.  One of my favorite post-workout snacks is my Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast!  It is a yummy and quick snack to power up after a run.

Himalayan sea salt, ground black pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil
Himalayan sea salt, ground black pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil

What you will need: an avocado (sliced), oregano leaves, lemon juice, basil oil (olive or avocado oil works great too), mixed greens (I like to use mixed greens with arugula to give it a spicy taste), sea salt, fresh ground pepper, 2 slices of honey wheat bread, & balsamic glaze (can be found at your local grocery store).  First, I toast the bread (butter is optional), add the greens, avocado slices, spices, lemon juice & oil (all in this order, respectively).

Ingredients: mixed greens, lemon juice, avocado, honey wheat bread, sea salt, ground pepper, oregano leaves, basil oil

And, voila! The sweet flavor of the balsamic glaze & honey bread tastes amazing with the savory flavors from the spices.  Not only is it delish, but it is super filling and healthy.  Greens and avocados are great for glowing skin.  Sea salt helps with mineral & electrolyte replenishment that may have been lost during your cardio sesh.  Double YAY!  There is no right or wrong way to make a delicious avocado toast dish.  I like to get creative with it by mixing up the spices and toppings! Enjoy! XO ~Kelle

Sweet & Savory Avocado Toast

Flat Tummy Summer Medley Salad!

I thought the night before I go on vacay would be the perfect time to share my flat tummy summer medley salad recipe with you guys! Writing about it between packing is a form of meditational motivation (to hopefully help me to eat healthy while I’m away 🙂 It is a protein-packed salad with a ton of flavors and super filling too!First, I boiled the tri-colored quinoa, red lentils, corn, & edamame in a pan.  While it was boiling, I placed the mixed greens in a bowl, added chopped scallions, & lemon juice.

Mixed greens with scallions & lemon juice.
Mixed greens with scallions & lemon juice.
When I have the extra time, I generally make my own dressing using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & seasonings. Next I prepared the tuna scoop.  I used a can of tuna packed in water. Instead of adding mayo to it, I used blue cheese dressing.  It just tastes so much better!

Tuna scoop ingredients: blue cheese dressing, mustard, oregano leaves, fresh ground pepper, garlic salt
Tuna scoop ingredients: blue cheese dressing, mustard, oregano leaves, fresh ground pepper, garlic salt
Then mustard, oregano leaves, fresh ground pepper, & garlic salt were added to the tuna and mixed all together. After draining the quinoa mixture, I placed a quinoa medley scoop, along with the tuna scoop, on top of the prepared greens.  Then I added some more ground pepper and Bragg’s liquid aminos to the quinoa mix. Lastly, I drizzled the entire salad with dressing & balsamic glaze. Bon appetite!  Hope you guys like this recipe! Not only is it healthy, but it is good for the skin, and keeps muscles lean. It is loaded with protein from the quinoa, tuna, edamame, & red lentils.  I will miss you guys and will do my very best to get a blog post up while I’m away! :))) Have a beautiful weekend, my lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle

Flat Tummy Summer Medley Salad
Flat Tummy Summer Medley Salad