Honey Girl Organics Review & Skincare Routine

Happy weekend, loves! In hot summer days, your skin might be soaking up more sun than usual. It may also mean more oil production and clogged pores. I've been keeping my skin soothed, balanced and moisturized over the past summer month with three of my new favorite products from Honey Girl Organics! The Facial Scrub, Rejuvenating Mask, & Night Cream have been the products I reach for once a week on my Sunday spa nights.


The Honey Girl Organics Facial Scrub is my new holy grail scrub. I've never found a facial scrub that leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized after I wash it off. This scrub makes my skin feel like I could walk out of the shower and not even have to apply moisturizer! The icing on the cake? It smells like a lemonade popsicle! 🍋🍋🍋 IMG_0318.jpgMy next fave product is such a relaxing step in my skincare routine. The Honey Girl Organic Rejuvenating Mask is made with raw honey, French green clay, & Hawaiian Blue Algae. I like to slather this on my skin the night before a Monday ūüėČ Sleep, oh how I covet thee with my Honey Girl Organics Night Cream. This cream is rich and thick in texture, so a little goes a long way. Its essential oils and herbal, aromatherapeutic scent help me to drift away to neverneverland. When I wake, my skin feels calm and hydrated thanks to this gorgeous night cream. Loveee that there are only a select few ingredients in Honey Girl Organics' entire organic & cruelty-free skincare line. Quality ingredients over quantity, baby!IMG_0335.jpg

Hope you enjoyed my review of the latest products I've been enjoying from Honey Girl Organics. If you have tried them, I would love to hear how they are working for you! Mahalo!!! ~Kelle 🌊💖☀️🌺


Mug Hugs & The Charlie B Gallery Art Movement!

Good morning, lovely ones!  There is nothing quite like the gift of art.  Art is one of the most inspiring vessels for creativity.  Art tells a unique, one-of-a-kind story, that only the artist can tell.  This glorious pottery mug, handmade by Professor Jill Brugler, was sent to me this week by my friend Charles Blim, owner of the Charlie B Gallery in Nevada.  Charlie is an arts enthusiast and extraordianry advocate for artists!

Handmade Pottery Mug by Professor Jill Brugler | More of her beautiful pottery mugs & vases can be found at Charlie B Gallery in Nevada

He mug hugged me with this gorgeous drinking vessel in my favorite shade of lime green. ¬†Its beautiful design is just….wowwwww…I am at a loss for words. ¬†I absolutely love its bright, ¬†bohemian, and marbled look. ¬†The marbling ¬†reminds me so much of tie dye, one of my favorite things. ¬†Dishwasher safe, too! ¬† ¬† ¬†IMG_3446 2.jpgCharlie has created a movement of gifting people with pottery mug art, created by local Nevada artists, from his gallery. ¬†He will randomly gift a postal employee, gallery patron, and even gifts complete strangers, with a mug masterpiece from his gallery. IMG_3334 2.jpg¬†Not only does he light up the day of the person he gives a mug too, he is also getting the beautiful work of his local artists out into the world. ¬†The world needs more people like Charlie. ¬†Supporting the arts is of crucial importance, and especially now, more than ever before.IMG_3330.jpgWithout art, life would just be blahhhhh. ¬†To me, art is life, and life is art. ¬†My grandmother was an artist. ¬†She taught me¬†so much about life through art.¬† One time when I was kid, she painted a mural of a giant bear¬†staring up at the¬†stars onto the entire side of a van. ¬†It was a masterpiece. ¬†When she painted faces, you would see yourself for the first time. ¬†Art pulled her through the Great Depression and then some. ¬†And art, coffee, and this spiritual¬†drinking vessel¬†shall get me through this great political depression ūüôā ¬†IMG_3322.jpgWhile on the topic of art/ists, I thought I would also feature this gorgeous mug with a Tiger’s Eye origami resin bowl, handcrafted by artisans at Lawrence Essentials. ¬†The colors in this handcrafted bowl are so stunning when the light hits it just right. ¬†Amber lights are just so sooooooothing¬†&¬†love it paired with my new Brugler mug ;)))

Handmade pottery mug by Professor Jill Brugler | Tiger’s Eye oriami resin bowl handcrafted by artisans at Lawrence Essentials

Some of the greatest masterpieces have been made with an artist’s own two hands. ¬†It is remarkable to think about the time, the stories, inspiration, brilliance, patience, and dedication¬†it takes for an artist to create a unique work of art. ¬†IMG_3410.jpgThere will be loads of morning medium roast¬†Kona Hawaiian coffee & afternoon green tea sipped from this lime green goblet of goodness. ¬†May Charlie’s Giving Cup inspire¬†fashion/jewelry design and lyrics!¬† With <3, a Professor Brugler lime green goblet masterpiece & Kona coffee, there is nothing that can’t be¬†conquered! :))) ¬†Thank you so much for the mug hug, Charlie!!! ¬†Godspeed to¬†Charlie’s Art Movement! As much as he supports artists, we can also support him by following him on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! ¬†You never know, he may just #MUGHUG¬†YOU! ¬†Much love!! ~Kelle ‚̧ ‚̧IMG_3506 3

IMG_3485 2.jpg
Handmade pottery mug by Professor Jill Brugler¬†| More of her artistry can be found at Charlie B Gallery | Filling my mug up with Kona Red Medium Roast Coffee gets my mornings going! ūüôā

Weekends With Kona Red Coffee!

Aloha, everyone! ¬†Weekends would definitely not be the same without fresh coffee….and especially Kona Red Hawaiian coffee!! ¬†We had a blast at the Natural Products Expo West last weekend down in Anaheim, CA!

img_6296-1 2
Kona Red Coffee | Natural Products Expo West | March 2017 | Anaheim, CA 

Kona Red coffee is made with Kona coffee beans cultivated on the big island of Hawaii. ¬†My favorite Kona Red cold brewed blend is the Hawaiian Vanilla. ¬†It is only 25 calories, non-dairy, vegan, gluten-free, rich in antioxidants, & only 5g of sugar. ¬†Cold brewed coffee is less acidic & contains twice as much caffeine as hot brewed coffee! Who knew!?!! The taste of this blend is smooth and delicious. Some iced coffees can be overly sweet, and this one ¬†gets it just right! You can also add your own dairy preference to it and make it a latt√©! ¬†¬†Yummmmmy!!!! ¬†Kona Red can be found at your local Bristol Farms, Albertson’s, Safeway, etc etc :)))

Kona Red Hawaiin Vanilla Cold Brewed Coffee is only 25 calories, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, & DELICIOUS! | Photo by Brian McMcabe | Natural Products Expo West | Anaheim, CA

It was such a fun weekend and more on Kona Red’s delicious and¬†healthy products will be coming soon in a future post! ¬†Thank you so much to Live Talent & Kona Red for the awesome booking!! Wishing everyone a rockin weekend!!! MAHALO!!!!¬†XO ~Kelle

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