NEW from Wet n Wild!

When I saw Wet N Wild’s new powder highlighters and Báton de Maquillage cream blushes & cream highlighters in drugstores, I think I went to heaven!  Like a moth to a flame, I was entranced!  So I picked up one of their new stick highlighters, a stick blush, and two of their new powder highlighters.  I was especially drawn in by the glowing floral embossing etched into the powders.  Gorgeous!!

NEW from Wet N Wild!

Every one of these items now has a cozy little spot in my makeup arsenal.  They also made an appearance in my upcoming Valentine’s Day video, so you can see a few of them in action as soon as that video goes up!

New Wet n Wild Cream Highlighter & Blush Sticks | Shade: When the Nude Strikes (left) & Peach Bums (right)

The stick Illiminateur is in the shade Win the Nude Strikes, and is the most perfect nude champagne (with soft pink undertones) cream highlighter.  I like to apply it with my Elf stipple brush.  It applies very smooth and blends into my Garnier BB Cream flawlessly.  On days I haven’t worn makeup, I’ve just brightened things up a bit by popping some of this onto my cheeks, brow bone, & inner eyes.

Wet n Wild Cream Highlighting Stick | Shade: When the Nude Strikes

The stick blush is in the shade Peach Bums and it also applies and blends like a dream.  The color is stunning and sweetens the cheeks with a gorgeous peach glow, and just a hint of sheen.  This color will look ridiculously amazing on bronzed skin!  If you are crunched for time, these sticks are a great way to achieve gorgeous glow and color quickly.

Wet n Wild Cream Blush Stick | Shade: Peach Bums

The powder highlighter in the shade Precious Petals is a gorgeous champagne (with gold iridescence).  A gentle tap in this powerful powder is all you need for a gorgeous glow. Double tap for some double-y bling bling-ing cheekbones.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Precious Petals

If you top the When The Nude Strikes stick highlighter mentioned above, with this powder highlighter, you will have some serious wattage going on.  Precious Petals makes a stunning inner eye highlight as well.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Precious Petals

Crown of My Canopy is a stunning rose gold powder highlighter.  Also a perfect shade for summery bronzed skin.  These powder highlighters, are rich, pigmented, blend amazingly, and look as good (or better) as any higher end highlighter out there.  Both look beautiful as an eye shadow as well.  Peachy eyes are my jam!!

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder, Shade | Crown of My Canopy

These highlighters can be built up quickly into the most gorgeous metallic shades ever.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Crown of My Canopy

I hope Wet N Wild comes out with lots more shades of these powder highlighters and stick blushes/highlighters.  They are absolutely next level!

Wet N Wild Highlighting Powders | Swatches | Shades: Precious Petals (left) & Crown of My Canopy (right)

I hope everyone is having a rockin weekend! Muahhhhhhh!! ❤ ❤ ~Kelle


January Favorites & My Week Modeling For Stylus!

January Favorites are here at last!  I kept them short and sweet this month.  Thought I would mention the beauty products that are relatively new in my routine over recent weeks.  First up is Wet N Wild’s nail polish in the shade YO SOY.  This very skin-toned shade of nude looks chic with any outfit/jewelry selection.  And it’s only $.99!

IMG_6296 3.jpg
Wet N Wild Nail Polish, Shade: Yo Soy | January Favorites

This is also the shade that I wore all of last week while modeling for Stylus.  The polish lasted for a solid 4 days without chipping and has become my go-to shade.  YO SOY ENAMORADO! :))))  In case you might be wondering, Stylus is a furniture line that gives you customizable options for designing your own living spaces.

Stylus Sofas | Las Vegas Market | Model: Kelley Whilden | January 2017

You can customize your furniture by selecting your own fabric designs & textures to create a living space all your own!   Thanks so much to Live Talent for the booking!! ❤ ❤

Stylus Sofas | Customizable furniture! |  Las Vegas Market | January 2017

January would not have been complete without Almay’s Smart Shade blush in the shade Nude.  You can wear any of the four blush shades on their own, your own combo of the four,

Almay Smart Shade Blush, Shade: Nude, is the most gorgeous collection of dusty pinks & mauves. | January Favorites

or you can mix them altogether as one shade (my preferred application method).  This dusty, cool-toned pinky mauve shade is SO flattering on the skin.  I especially love wearing it with a smoky eye.  One of the best blushes I have ever used!

Almay Smart Shade Blush, Shade: Nude | January Favorites

Mi amor for Essence’s Roses & Bronze palettes also began in December.

Essence “Roses” & “Bronze” Eyeshadow palettes | January Favorites

How is it possible that a palette in the drugstore $5 per-palette-affordability-range be THIS good!?

Swatches of Essence Roses palette

The shades are SO buttery, creamy, & smooth, that a primer is unnecessary!  That is, except for the matte shades.  If I wear the matte shades, I apply a satin shade first to act as a primer for the mattes & to prevent streakiness.  These are definitely A+++ palettes for the outstanding quality and low price tag.

Swatches of Essence Bronze Palette

A skincare love is Deciem’s Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster Serum.  The texture applies like a slightly slippy gel primer.  Upon application, the serum dries down but not all the way.  After topping it with my moisturizer, it makes my skin feel quenched.  It also makes my skin look brighter when I wake up in the morning.  LOVE IT.

Deciem Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster Serum | January Favorites

The Urban Decay Illuminated Highlighter Trio was also a favorite of mine in January.  The shades do contain micro-shimmer glitter.  I don’t find the glitter to be too chunky or bothersome.  These highlighters look gorgeous on the skin both day and night.

Urban Decay Illuminated Trio Highlighters | January Favorites

The champagne shade called Oasis (middle shade), is more of a skin-enhancing powder than it is a bright highlight.  I think it looks stunning for a skin brightening pick-me-up.  My favorite way to wear these highlighters is by mixing the golden bronze shade called Pyrite,

Urban Decay’s Illuminated Trio Pyrite highlight shade also makes a gorgeous eyeshadow.

mixed with the peachy Twilight shade.

Urban Decay’s Illuminated Trio Twilight shade looks gorgeous mixed with Pyrite from the palette. Perfect for a sun goddess look!

The result is the most gorgeous Peach Bronze highlight ever!!!  Honestly, it is the perfect cheekbone alchemy for spring/summer tan goddess skin.  The Pyrite/Twilight combo looks just as amazing on fair skin (light-handed application recommended).   The brush that is included is AMAZE and purrrfect for traveling.  The bristles are incredibly soft & makes a stellar contour brush for the nose as well!

IMG_6523 3.jpg

So that pretty much sums things up for my favorites!  Hope you guys enjoy them.  Please let me know if you are loving any of the products I’ve mentioned, as I would love to hear your thoughts on how they are doing for you.  Have a rockin week, my loves!! ❤ ❤ ~Kelle

November Favorites: Skincare, Highlighters, & Heat-Free Big Hair Styling Tips!

TGIF! It’s about that time for November favorites (in December lol).  I went a little highlighter crazy with my favorites this time! Some days we just need a pick-me-up and highlighters do just that!  I’ve loved layering my highlighters & blush over the past few weeks.  I wore the layered, highlighted cheeky look I’ve been swooning for, in my favorites video, so that you can see how they look on the skin (minimally) in the daytime.  My absolute favorite blush right now is Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush in the shade Coffee Cake.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, Shade: Coffee Cake | November Favorites 

There will be nooooo clouds in your coffee with this blush, let me tell ya!!! The copper, peachy sheen beautifies the skin flawlessly!  I’ve been wearing it with pale skin, and also with winter self-tanned skin for castings.  The bouncy, cream formula blends like a dream and dries to a subtle, glowing finish.  For not-so-subtle, I just apply more lol.  All skin tones can rock this copper beauty!  Layered on top of this blush, I’ve been applying Wet N Wild’s Fergie Highlighter in the shade, Photo Bomb.

Wet N Wild Fergie Highlighter, Shade: Photo Bomb | November Favorites

Then I blend Measurable Difference’s Baked Face & Body Highlighter in the shade, Copper, on top of that!  This baked shade is such a soft powder and also looks great with a tan!

Measurable Difference Baked Face & Body Highlighter, Shade: Copper | November Favorites

I just loveeee the look of the coppery bouncy blush paired with the gold & copper highlighter shades from Wet N Wild & Measurable Difference, respectively. Another highlight I’ve enjoyed wearing on its own, with no other makeup products, is L’Oreal’s Touch On Color Highlighter in the shade, Golden Amplifier.

L’Oreal Touch On Color Highlighter, Shade: Golden Amplifier | November Favorites

This light, creamy golden highlighter is great for on the go, thanks to its compact size. If I don’t feel up for wearing makeup, I just swipe it on my cheeks and eyes and I’m good. Also, gold is the perfect highlighter shade to rock on the cheekbones for the holidays!  My go to winter self-tanner has been Vita Liberata’s Organic Extra Rich Self Tanning Lotion in the shade, Dark.

Vita Liberata Organic Tinted Self Tan Lotion, Shade: Dark | November Favorites

It gives my skin a natural, bronzed look without being too tan (as we are in the midst of winter ;).  I love that it is an organic formula, applies streak-free, and is a true bronze tanner without the orange tones! Also in my November favorites video is my big hair don’t care, heat-free styling secret: VELCRO ConAir rollers.

ConAir Velcro rollers are my secret to BIG Bridget Bardot hair! | November Favorites

Bridget Bardot hair is VERY possible with these fuss-free & heat-free curlers.  I like to wrap my wet hair in them and secure them to my noggin with bobby pins.  Sleeping in them is not the most enjoyable, but it is my preferred method.  I think I have just gotten used to zzzzzz’g with a gigantuan velcro rainbow pinned on my head lol.  After the hair has dried completely, gently remove the curlers, and helloooooo Bridget!  Sometimes the hair is so big that I have to tame it down a bit with some hairspray.  Total change of subject: for quick hydration for my lips, I’ve been loving my EOS balms.

EOS balms | Flavors: Coconut Milk & Summer Fruit | November Favorites

The coconut milk  (pink striped packaging) is my new favorite 🙂  Removing makeup has been easy and refreshing with Garnier’s Micellar Water (the one with the pink cap).  It will remove waterproof eye makeup if you saturate your cotton pad and apply and hold it to the eye area for about a minute.  Essential Oil’s Honey & Aloe Facial Mask has been giving my skin some extra hydration when it needs it.  I was sold with the words honey & aloe, two great skin ingredients.  It is a creamy mask that is amazing for dry skin.  For extra body hydration, I have been loving Mineral Fusion’s Unscented Body Lotion.  It is organic with uber-hydrating ingredients like glycerin & coconut oil, and really does provide 24 hours worth of hydration!  This is the perfect after-shave lotion for dry legs!  I’ve even used it on my face here and there with no problemos!  If you liked my November Favorites Video, please be sure to give it a like & please be sure to subscribe for more of my videos! Happy weekend, loves!  Muahhhh!!! xoxo Kelle ❤ ❤ ❤

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | November Favorites
Essential Oils Honey & Aloe Facial Mask | November Favorites
Mineral Fusion’s Unscented Organic Body Lotion is user-hydrating and makes the perfect after-shave lotion!



Highlighters Only Challenge!

Happy Labor Day, my loves!!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend!  Just in case you missed my latest YouTube video, my Highlighters Only Challenge video is below!  Thank you to my subscriber, Nick, for requesting this video!  It was so much fun putting together this full-face-using-highlighters-only look with some of my favorite glow-potions.  I didn’t have a shimmery foundation, so I made one by mixing up three of Hard Candies’ highlighters.  Hysterical as a foundation, the 3-highlighter mixture is actually a great one for daily dewy glow on the high points of the face!  Overall, I would most definitely say that this look isn’t meant to be a wearable look, as lots of highlights on the skin can exaggerate every nook & cranny!  BUT, it does photograph great for editorial and black and white photos!  Hope you guys enjoy the video!  ❤ ❤ ~Kelle


Summer Skin & Beachwear Must Haves!

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam–170 Nude SPF 16 | Measurable Difference Face & Body Bronzer (Highlighter) by Chrislie
Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner | Obagi Sunscreen SPF 35 | Victoria Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer | Floral Hat–Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection | Beach Towel: Versace
The Ultimate Sun Baby Glow: Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner | Obagi Sunscreen SPF 35 | Victoria Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer
Summer is here, my lovelies! L.A.’s 90 degree heat wave has me thinking all things beach & summer! There will always be a summer event to attend, so first things first! Summer skin & SPF is essential! Currently crushing on Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.  It has SPF 16 and gives that light & fresh skin-in-a-bottle look!  I love its super thin texture, as I don’t normally wear heavy foundations during the day.  I have raved about Measurable Difference highlighters before, and for good reason.  It makes all the difference! ;)))  I picked up a new Measurable shade last week and it was well worth it!  I have finally discovered my holy grail highlighter in all of life!  It is a light pinky shade with hints of lilac.

Highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the Measurable Difference highlighter.
Highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the Measurable Difference highlighter.
It didn’t come with a shade name, but it is a few shades lighter in color than their “Pink” shade that I also love.  Both are outstanding highlighters! In this pic, the highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the product! It can be amped up to kilo-watt status for night. Seriously keeping this highlighter under my pillow.  For sun bronzed skin I love Loreal’s Sublime Self Tanner.  It gives a natural airbrushed effect and sprays like an airbrush with the perfect amount of spritz.  I use it on the daily!  Also, I like to make sure to wear sunscreen high in spf when I’m on the beach. Shimmer bronzer is a must for shoulders & décolletage.  I like Victoria Secret’s Bronzing dust on my shoulders when I’m in a bikini.  For the featured beachwear look, I went with a Michael Kors black bikini with my Kelley Nicole Collection Floral Hat. 

The beach is my absolute favorite place in the world!  For me, there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean, the birds, and a good book. Wishing everyone a great week! xoxo ~Kelle