Recent Interview On Beauty & Media

Lip shade: NYC’s Coralista | Stackable Diamond Necklaces: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Thankfully, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Can you imagine living in a world where everyone had identical thoughts and perceptions on everything?  Without differences of opinion, beauty (and all other things) would be boring. That’s just my opinion. ūüôā To me, everyone is uniquely blessed with natural beauty!  So here is the video interview in which I was asked a series of questions on what beauty means to me.  Hope you guys like it!  I’ve always believed that less is much more, but I also view makeup as an art form for self expression.  So just in case you are wondering about my lip shade, it is NYC’s Coralista! It has been my summer go-to shade and it looks beautiful on every skin tone!  Also, it can be dressed up with smokey eyes and/or dressed down for a nice lip flush sans shadow.  Shine ommmmm, my lovelies!! XO ~Kelle

New Canon, Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Design & Fashion Inspiro!

Happy Monday! ¬†Over the weekend we purchased my new Canon REBEL T5! My blog and my youtube channel will now see better days with this nifty camera! I am just so excited to get back into photography! ¬†Sianara to iPhone pseudo art photos! ¬†Blessedly, I’ve had some requests over the past week for some of my new Chihuahua Chic designs, so I was busy designing most of the weekend. ¬†Thought I would share with you my new Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Fringe Sweatshirt design! For today’s #OOTD I styled it with a pair of jean cutoff shorts and some edgy heels by Pour La Victoire. ¬†Meow! Have a bright and beautiful week, my lovelies!

Brian and I picking up the Canon REBEL T5 from Best Buy!
Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection
Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt, Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Sweatshirt, Kelley Nicole Collection
Cheetah Chihuahua Chic Fringe Sweatshirt | Kelley Nicole Collection

Summer Skin & Beachwear Must Haves!

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam–170 Nude SPF 16 | Measurable Difference Face & Body Bronzer (Highlighter) by Chrislie
Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner | Obagi Sunscreen SPF 35 | Victoria Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer | Floral Hat–Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection | Beach Towel: Versace
The Ultimate Sun Baby Glow: Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner | Obagi Sunscreen SPF 35 | Victoria Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer
Summer is here, my lovelies! L.A.’s 90 degree heat wave has me thinking all things beach & summer! There will always be a summer event to attend, so first things first! Summer skin & SPF is essential! Currently crushing on Maybelline’s Dream Nude Airfoam foundation.  It has SPF 16 and gives that light & fresh skin-in-a-bottle look!  I love its super thin texture, as I don’t normally wear heavy foundations during the day.  I have raved about Measurable Difference highlighters before, and for good reason.  It makes all the difference! ;)))  I picked up a new Measurable shade last week and it was well worth it!  I have finally discovered my holy grail highlighter in all of life!  It is a light pinky shade with hints of lilac.

Highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the Measurable Difference highlighter.
Highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the Measurable Difference highlighter.
It didn’t come with a shade name, but it is a few shades lighter in color than their “Pink” shade that I also love.  Both are outstanding highlighters! In this pic, the highlight is from one light-handed brush stroke into the product! It can be amped up to kilo-watt status for night. Seriously keeping this highlighter under my pillow.  For sun bronzed skin I love Loreal’s Sublime Self Tanner.  It gives a natural airbrushed effect and sprays like an airbrush with the perfect amount of spritz.  I use it on the daily!  Also, I like to make sure to wear sunscreen high in spf when I’m on the beach. Shimmer bronzer is a must for shoulders & d√©colletage.  I like Victoria Secret’s Bronzing dust on my shoulders when I’m in a bikini.  For the featured beachwear look, I went with a Michael Kors black bikini with my Kelley Nicole Collection Floral Hat. 

The beach is my absolute favorite place in the world!  For me, there’s nothing like the sound of the ocean, the birds, and a good book. Wishing everyone a great week! xoxo ~Kelle

New Fashion Designs by Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Kimono/Bomber Camo Coat | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection
Kimono/Bomber Convertible Camo Coat | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

This week I’ve been on a coat designing kick! ¬†I dreamt up some dream coats and got to work! ¬†The kimono/bomber convertible camo coat comes equipped with geometric camo print, pink silk on the pocket, and with a medallion made from a gold-colored antique owl and my initial. ¬†For the other pocket, I added green pompoms and my High Desert Fires pin. Thank you to High Desert Fires for the inspirational piece! I love it! To one of the arm pockets I added a vintage jewelry piece.

Before Revamp
Before Camo Coat Revamp
Before/After Coat Revamp | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Pink beaded silk was then hand stitched into both wrists areas, and added it to the inside of the sleeve to make it reversible in case I want to roll it up.  To the back I also hand stitched some vintage jewelry pieces with red stones. Camo with two toned jewelry pieces with silks, makes it a super chic casual look.  I can wear it as a bomber, kimono, trench, and with or without the belt.  Talk about versatile!  Really loved wearing it as a bomber with my revamped holey skinnies.  For my other coat revamp, I decided to add my kind of flare, so I gave it a light tie-dyed silk color pop that is just my style. Hippie chic!

After Grey Coat Revamp

My vintage bohemian choker by Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection will go great with either coat as well!

Vintage Bohemian Choker with Magnetic Clasp | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection
Vintage Bohemian Choker with Magnetic Clasp | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent. ¬†I love that quote, and I also think style is internal. ¬†It starts somewhere from within. Have a beautiful day, my lovelies!

Convertible Camo Coat | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection | Revamped Radcliffe London Skinny Jeans

Textures & Versatilities Recycled Wrap by Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Textures & Versatilities Recycled Wrap | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

We live in a world of consumption.  Where everyone wants the latest and greatest new thing.  Not sure what happened to the days of old, when antique store finds were the new black.  Thought I would share with you my Textures & Versatilities Recycled Wrap. It has history. I wove in pieces that were worn in some other time or space. 

There’s something edgy, yet soft and zen about it with the metals and crystals, and can be worn in so many ways. ¬†For me, designing isn’t about material, but instead an art form that intertwines past and present through transcendence.¬†Textures and versatilities. ¬†I’m all about that life! ¬†For more of my work, you can visit my Etsy store. ¬†Wishing all a beautiful rest of the week! xoxo ~Kelle¬†¬† ¬†

Fashion Revamp Weekend & #OOTD

Bohemian Bracelet | Vintage & Handpainted | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend! It was a Holly Hobbie kinda weekend for me. ¬†Found a few pairs of jeans I wanted to give a “livid in look,” revamped my suede Donna Karan suede hippie hobo bag, & designed new pieces for Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection¬†(KNJC)! ¬†I’ve been on a suede kick lately because there’s just something so hippie boho haute about it!¬† If you have never distressed jeans before, it really is super easy and you can style them any way you wish! My Radcliffe London skinnies haven’t been worn in years.

After Revamp
After Revamp of Radcliffe London Jeans | Boots: Luxury Rebel

So I cut the knees out using super sharp eyebrow scissors and used the same pair of scissors to pull threading out where I wanted. Then I took a razor along the outlines of the new cutouts.  Literally took me about 15 minutes to do!

I added a “Wake Up” vintage pin and now they are just my style! ¬†What I love about Radcliffe London jeans is they have cuff links and elastic draw strings on the inside of the ankles, so you can adjust them to fit your boots or flats. ¬†I’m all about versatility!

OOTD: Madres beaded hoop earrings | Bracelet/Belt/Shawl, KNJC | Revamped Joes & Revamped Donna Karan Bag

I also revamped my wide legged Joes jeans and turned them into new cutoff shorts and distressed them in the same fashion, just in time for spring and summer!

After Revamp
After Revamp

To revamp my hobo bag I designed a red and turquoise tassel¬†to add to it, and added some feathers. ¬†The new KNJC bohemian bracelet (above) is handcrafted with a vintage bead and hand painted in my favorite color: lime green. ¬†KNJC¬†shawl is crochet and adorned with beads, rock, & sterling silver. ¬†For the #ootd I paired the¬†KNJC¬†shawl with newly distressed Joes, revamped hobo, Madres beaded hoop earrings, & KNJC vintage belt (can also be worn as a choker) & bracelet. ¬†Meet the Madres! They donate proceeds to women’s charities and do so much in helping women thrive. ¬†I hope you like this fresh Spring look! Wishing everyone a rainbow-filled day! xoxo ~Kelley ¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†

My New ‘Happy Hat’ Designs, PomPom Fever, & Fringe Binge!

PomPoms are inspiro for everything!
Happy Hat Beanie Designs | Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection — Fringe Handbag | Candela NYC

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! But first, how about some Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection fashion rebellion!? There is nothing more vibrant than self expression. When thinking outside of the ball, why not put pompoms on everything!?  They are bright, fun, & add a pop of color to just about anything under the sun! Yesterday, I decided to design my Happy Hats using some plain black beanies.

Black was the chosen beanie color because it is adds a nice backdrop for color. In addition to pompoms, I added the vintage Home on the Range (has a rooster on it!) & British pins, and also sewed on jewelry pieces. I really love how the Happy Hats turned out and I cannot wait to wear them with skinnies or jean skirt, tank, my Candela NYC Fringe Bag, and peep toe Rocco P. Italian suede boots. Or why not wear them with happy feet sandals!? I think that it will be a cool & funky modern 60’s vibin’ daytime look. Fringe is super in right now, all though I think it’s always been a thing & even dates back to days of Wranglers & Levis! Still a fan, love my 501’s, & on the hunt for some vintage Wrangs. ¬†Not sure if I will ever denounce being aboard the fringe binge train! All aboard!! Wishing everyone a bright and sunny Sunday! Love, Kelle xoxo¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†