Honey Girl Organics Review! | Hawaiian Skincare | Organic & Cruelty-Free

Aloha, darlingggggs!!!  So excited to review some more products from one of my favorite Hawaiian skincare lines: Honey Girl Organics! They are an organic, cruelty-free & gmo-free skincare company located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel for a while, you have probably seen my previous review of two of my all time favorite products by Honey Girl Organics: The Lotion Face & Body and HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum.  Both of these skin-soothing gems are in my skincare routine 7 days a week.

2017-04-06 06.33.13 2.jpg
Honey Girl Organics | The Lotion Face & Body and HoneyGlo Regenerating Face Serum

Recently, Honey Girl Organics (HGO) sent me a few more products to try out, in which I am also head over Hawaiian heels in love.  One of the most remarkable things about this line is that they include only a handful or two of natural & organic ingredients in their products.  All ingredients of which we can pronounce and don’t need to run for a dictionary for enlightenment.  This speaks even more volumes to the testament of outstanding quality and hydration power of their products, WITHOUT a ton of bizarre ingredients.

2017-06-07 02.18.22
Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream (left),  Propolis, Rose, Neroli Facial Toner (middle), Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover (right)

These luxurious, emollient-rich gems outshine some of my best high-end skincare products.  My fellow dry skin peeps (and those of you with sensitive skin) would definitely appreciate one of the latest products I’ve been loving by HGO: the Face & Eye Cream.  This double duo cream for face & eyes works wonders.  Oil-based, this cream handles dry skin like none other!  I like to use it for eye & facial massages before bed.  Its herbal, aromatherapeutic scent is amazingggggg and the teeniest, tiniest drop goes a longgggg way. The compact jar size is also a great 2-n-1 product for traveling and long flights that drain the moisture from our skin!

2017-06-07 02.14.51.jpg
Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream is the perfuect all-in-one travel product for those long flights that drain the moisture from our skin!

Before makeup application, I have been prepping my skin with the HGO Propolis, Rose, Neroli Facial Toner.  After my makeup is good-to-go I give my skin another spritz with this herbal-scented toner to lock things in.  Infused with only seven skin-calming, clearing, & refreshing ingredients, this toner is sooooooo relaxing after “a day.”  I may have to pop it in the fridge for a cool skin refreshing pick-me-up in hot L.A. summer days  🙂

Honey Girl Organics Propolis, Rose, Neroli Facial Toner is my daily before/after makeup skin refresher!

The last product in my video review is the Honey Girl Organics Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover.  It is a gentle, oil-based cleanser for dry and/or sensitive skin.  I like to use it for stubborn waterproof eyeliner & lipsticks.  When I use it to remove lipstick, I take a cotton pad to apply the cleanser.  Then I gently swipe away the lipstick with the cleanser, and after I’m done my lips feel exfoliated and as if they have a light, soothing layer of lip balm.  This cleanser is sooooo hydrating.  Love it!!!

IMG_9220 2.jpg
Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream | Kelley Whilden

Each Honey Girl Organics product is handmade to ensure quality of each product.  So be sure to give each product a slight shake to ensure they are mixed together before each use.  Hope you guys enjoyed my review!  Many thanks to Honey Girl Organics for nurturing my skin!!!! Much love & MAHALO!! ❤ ❤ ~Kelle

2017-06-07 02.18.22.jpg
Honey Girl Organics products are organic, goo-free, & cruelty-free! ❤

NEW from Wet n Wild!

When I saw Wet N Wild’s new powder highlighters and Báton de Maquillage cream blushes & cream highlighters in drugstores, I think I went to heaven!  Like a moth to a flame, I was entranced!  So I picked up one of their new stick highlighters, a stick blush, and two of their new powder highlighters.  I was especially drawn in by the glowing floral embossing etched into the powders.  Gorgeous!!

NEW from Wet N Wild!

Every one of these items now has a cozy little spot in my makeup arsenal.  They also made an appearance in my upcoming Valentine’s Day video, so you can see a few of them in action as soon as that video goes up!

New Wet n Wild Cream Highlighter & Blush Sticks | Shade: When the Nude Strikes (left) & Peach Bums (right)

The stick Illiminateur is in the shade Win the Nude Strikes, and is the most perfect nude champagne (with soft pink undertones) cream highlighter.  I like to apply it with my Elf stipple brush.  It applies very smooth and blends into my Garnier BB Cream flawlessly.  On days I haven’t worn makeup, I’ve just brightened things up a bit by popping some of this onto my cheeks, brow bone, & inner eyes.

Wet n Wild Cream Highlighting Stick | Shade: When the Nude Strikes

The stick blush is in the shade Peach Bums and it also applies and blends like a dream.  The color is stunning and sweetens the cheeks with a gorgeous peach glow, and just a hint of sheen.  This color will look ridiculously amazing on bronzed skin!  If you are crunched for time, these sticks are a great way to achieve gorgeous glow and color quickly.

Wet n Wild Cream Blush Stick | Shade: Peach Bums

The powder highlighter in the shade Precious Petals is a gorgeous champagne (with gold iridescence).  A gentle tap in this powerful powder is all you need for a gorgeous glow. Double tap for some double-y bling bling-ing cheekbones.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Precious Petals

If you top the When The Nude Strikes stick highlighter mentioned above, with this powder highlighter, you will have some serious wattage going on.  Precious Petals makes a stunning inner eye highlight as well.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Precious Petals

Crown of My Canopy is a stunning rose gold powder highlighter.  Also a perfect shade for summery bronzed skin.  These powder highlighters, are rich, pigmented, blend amazingly, and look as good (or better) as any higher end highlighter out there.  Both look beautiful as an eye shadow as well.  Peachy eyes are my jam!!

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder, Shade | Crown of My Canopy

These highlighters can be built up quickly into the most gorgeous metallic shades ever.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder | Shade: Crown of My Canopy

I hope Wet N Wild comes out with lots more shades of these powder highlighters and stick blushes/highlighters.  They are absolutely next level!

Wet N Wild Highlighting Powders | Swatches | Shades: Precious Petals (left) & Crown of My Canopy (right)

I hope everyone is having a rockin weekend! Muahhhhhhh!! ❤ ❤ ~Kelle


Doll Face Beauty Unboxing & Review! | Skincare

TGIF, my DOLL-ings!!! Spa nights should be every night with Doll Face Beauty‘s gorgeous skincare line!  Over the past three weeks or so I’ve been using the skincare products that Doll Face Beauty sent me.  I was excited to try them in hopes it would soothe my dry-as-a-bone skin 😉  I’ve learned to just roll with it. That is, roll around in hydrating products like these!! :)))

doll face products 4.jpg
Doll Face Beauty Unboxing & Review | Skincare | Kelley Whilden

My skin responded SO well to these bottled beauties of hydration in just the first two days.  I appreciate the powerful skincare and anti-aging ingredients in this line.  I shall begin by saying that glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid are two ingredients that I swear by, and are two ingredients found in many of the Doll Face products.  Glycolic helps to exfoliate gently and keeps my skin cells turning over, while the hyaluronic packs in all of the moisture (and keeps it there even while I sleep).  Over the last year I’ve only fancied cream or oil cleansers.  What is remarkable is that the Doll Face Invigorate Triple-Action Facial gel cleanser is the first gel to not dry out my skin (even when used twice daily!).  It leaves my skin feeling  SO hydrated and refreshed. dollface-cleanser-2Invigorate is equipped with AHA’s and citrus enzymes that my skin is lovvvvvvvvving.  It smells diving and invigorates my senses first thing in the a.m.  Just a tiny drop of this foaming gel goes a longgggg way and it removes my makeup effortlessly.

Invigorate Triple-Action Facial Cleanser | Doll Face Beauty

When used at night, the Clarify Balancing Tonic gives my skin a glow and helps to repair my skin while I sleep.  I’ve loved this tonic so much that I’ve even used it twice a day on some days!  Love that it locks in my daily and nightly moisturizers like a dream!

dollface 2.jpg
Clarify Balancing Tonic | Doll Face Beauty

The Doll Face Pretty Puff is an exfoliating sponge soaked in Konjac, rose, & other lovely skincare ingredients.  I’ve never used anything like this in my skincare regimen.  The sponge-y and squishy texture of this sponge is ever so gentle on my skin.  As the most dollface pretty puff 2.jpgrelaxing step in my weekly facial routine, I like to exfoliate with it in conjunction with the Invigorate cleanser once a week.  I’ve kept the Pretty Puff in its original packaging, so as to soak up every drop of the ingredients it came saturated in lol.

dollface puff 2.jpg
The Pretty Puff is soaked with Konjac, rose, & other amazing skincare ingredients to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

The Purify Pore Perfection Mineral Mask is a clay mask that gently tightens and firms.  When washed off, it feels as if I have just used a hydration mask.  Remarkable!  The hyaluronic hydration factor for this clay mask is next level!  I took this baby with me on my Stylus modeling trip and it was my saving grace for work and travel days! Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 5.24.49 PM.pngdollface mask 2.jpg

Last and certainly not least, is that packaging.  It was love at first sight!!! These products would also make gorgeous Valentine’s Day gifts for that special someone.  ❤    dollface blog pic 3.jpg

Something to be noted is that I think Doll Face Beauty is a gorgeous company that not only offers lovely skincare, but also an uplifting and empowering message to young women. Companies like this are deserving of LOTS MORE LOVE.  I am so proud to introduce them to my subscribers and followers.  Be sure to follow Doll Face Beauty on Instagram & Twitter because they do lots of amazing giveaways that you won’t want to miss… #THEPOWEROFPRETTY ! Hope you enjoy this line as much as I do.  Happy weekend, DOLL-ings!!! ❤ ❤ xoxo ~Kelledoll face products 4.jpgdollface invigorate 2.jpgdoll face products 5.jpgdoll face blogg.jpg

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette First Impressions!

I’ll start by saying that I have a strong adoration for Too Faced eyeshadows.  The Chocolate Bar palettes are definitely worth the cult following & have been in my makeup arsenal for yearsssss.  One of the best makeup lines eva!!  So I went into this review with high hopes, and the delectable PB & J palette certainly did not disappoint!!  The colors are perfect for any season!  When swatched, the creamy shades blended impressively.  Buttery beauties fo sho!!

Swatches of the delectable PB & J palette by Too Faced | First Impressions | Kelley Whilden

Ummmm the packaging, can we eat it, too?  I did end up giving the shadows a taste in my review video.  Not only could I not help myself, but I was also too lazy to get up and go wash off the swatches during filming. That said, they pack a light, candy sweet taste. lol

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette First Impressions | Kelley Whilden

The versatility you get with this palette is amaze.  It comes with matte and satin shades, and perfect transition shades.  The array of colors are suitable for both natural day looks & smokey night looks.  If you really feel like living a little, the “Jelly” shade is gorgeous for some inner eye pop.  However, Jelly was the only one I had trouble with because of the overspray in my initial swatch.  But after working the overspray off, it swatches & builds beautifully into bright, gorgeous color.

Too Faced’s PB & J palette comes with flattering matte & satin shades for both natural day & smokey night looks. ❤

I can’t wait to wear Jammin’ for a smokey eye.  It is an interesting purple-dark brown-taupe shade. “Peanut Brittle” is a gorgeous bronze satin sure to bring out your inner goddess.  “Nuts About U” & “Peanut Butter” are rich, pigmented mattes.  When worn in the crease, terra-cotta shades like these always help to bring out the color in my eyes, so they will be getting lots of love.  I give this palette two big thumbs up!!!  How awesome would it be if Too Faced came out with an Almond Butter palette?!!! I die just dreaming of it!  Also in my review video I mentioned being in designing mode a lot lately, & included some of my latest jewelry, jewelry organization, & fashion designs.  Hope you enjoy! ❤ ❤ ~Kelle

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette | Stone jewelry & leather choker by Kelley Nicole Collection | Kelley Whilden

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette And One & Done Foundation Review & GRWM


Hi guys!  In my latest video I review the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette and Naked Skin One & Done Foundation.  The Naked Smoky palette is perfection!  So versatile for both day and night eye looks. IMG_3090 2.jpgIn addition to creating fierce smoky eyes with both warm & cool tones, el natural looks are also a cinch to create with the matte & warm shades.  Another great thing about this palette is that it is organized by shadow textures: 4 mattes, 4 satins, & 4 metallics, all grouped accordingly.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Swatches | The palette includes 4 matte, 4 satin, & 4 metallic shades
This handy-dandy texture arrangement makes putting the look together so fast and easy! The doubled-ended brush contains a blending brush and smudge brush. The bristles are soft and I really love this brush (a rarity for me to like the brushes included in a palette! 😉

The doubled-ended brush included in the Naked Smoky palette is soft with a smudger & blending brush.  ❤ it!!
For the smoky eye look created in my video, I used a combination of Smolder, Armor, & High (my fave metallic shade in the palette!), Password, & Combust.  The Smolder shade is a greyish-purple and my favorite shade in the palette.  Over the course of building the smokey eye in the video, Smolder made my eye color change from dark blue, to light grey, to green. What the!?!!! Makeup is magic!!!  I paired the eye look with a bright berry lip with NYX’s Butter Lipstick in the shade Thunderstorm.  Loved how the look turned out and hope you do too!  The Naked Skin One & Done Foundation is a light and gorgeous on the skin.

Urban Decay One & Foundation provides the your-skin-but-better look, and the Naked Smoky palette offers options for both day & night eye looks.  Win-Win!
I could be wrong by calling it a foundation (might be considered a BB Cream?).  Either way, I love it.  It has a thin, light texture and gives my skin the your-skin-but-better look.  I found that applying it with fingers is the best way to apply it.  Applying with a brush just feathers the product away.  Also, I loved that I could build the coverage up.  The best part about this foundation is its skin care benefits.  Love that it has peptides in it!  Also, it lasted all day and night without moving, and at the very end of the day my skin felt SO soft.  No exaggeration here: no other foundation in all of my life has ever made my skin feel so soft.  This foundation/bb cream will come in super handy in the summer too!  I’ve been wearing the palette & foundation a lot since Christmas. What are your thoughts on the Smoky palette and One & Done Foundation?  I would love to hear them. Hope you enjoy this review video! Happy New Year, my loves!!  ❤ ❤ ~Kelle

Urban Decay Smoky Palette & Naked Skin One & Done Foundation Review | Kelley Whilden

Lorac Skinny Black And Love, Lust, & Lace Palettes!

In my latest review video, I cracked open my Lorac Skinny Black palette and Love, Lust, & Lace palettes!  They had been collecting dust for a long while on my review-to-do shelf.  In the video, I give you my first impressions/review (with live swatches) of both of these beautiful palettes.  The lace packaging.  So beautiful, chic, and winter-y looking.

Winter calls for a winter-y looking palette like Lorac’s Love, Lust & Lace!

The Skinny black palette is very sleek as well, with a beautiful combo of 7 matte and satin shades.  The faux croc packaging is elegance.

Skinny Black by Lorac is wear it’s at.



I am not the best swatcher when it comes to left-handed swatching lol.  The Love, Lust, & Lace palette also comes with a beautiful combo of matte and satin shades.  All very wearable with great inner eye/brow bone highlight and transition shades.  Gorgeous neutrals palette with a blue pop of color.

Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace palette Swatches

The Skinny Black palette is everything you would need for traveling.  Very light, skinny, & compact for throwing into your makeup case. I especially love the two taupe shades.  The black is soooo pigmented and amazing for smokey liner.  Love the combo of warm and cool shades.  Perfection.

Lorac Skinny Black Palette Swatches
Lorac Love, Lust, & Lace palette (left) and Lorac Skinny Black palette (right).
❤ the lace & faux croc packaging on the Lorac’s Love, Lust & Lace (left) and Lorac Skinny Black palette (right)
4 of the 7 buttery shades in the Lorac Skinny Black palette
3 of the 7 shades in Lorac’s Skinny Black palette

The formula in the Skinny Black is very smooth, silky, & buttery.  I have a feeling I will be using this palette on the daily!

The Lorac formula. Obsessed.  Also impressed with the combo of warm & cool shades.


Lorac Love, Lust & Lace palette

In the Lorac vid I also mentioned L.A. Colors’ NEW I ❤ Makeup Eyes [MATTE]R palette.  It has 25 all matte shades for only $4.99! For more info on that palette check out my last blog. Muahhhh!! Xoxo ~Kelle

Lorac Love, Lust & Lace (left) and Skinny Black palette (right) | Model: Kelley Whilden


Lorac Enchanting Elegance & Refined Romance Palettes Review & GRWM

Hello, my loves!! In this video, I review and swatch Lorac’s Enchanting Elegance and Refined Romance palettes, both palettes inspired by the runway! I also do a GRWM Victorian romance type look with the Enchanting Elegance palette.

Lorac’s Enchanting Elegance Palette comes with 4 matte & 2 satin eyeshadows, 1 highlighters, & 2 blushes ( a muave blush & a pretty bright pink blush | Kelley Whilden

For this Victorian Romance look, I went with a pale skin with pop of pink cheeks look, glossy wine lips, & satin eyes. The Enchanting Elegance palette was so perfect for creating this particular makeup look.  Thanksgiving is approaching and I think it is a soft and pretty look for the holidays.

IMG_9913 2.jpg
Victorian Romance makeup look | Lorac Refined Romance & Enchanting Elegance palettes | Kelley Whilden

Included in the Enchanting Elegance palettes are 2 satin & 4 matte shadows, 1 highlighter, and 2 blushes. Lorac’s Refined Romance Palette comes with 4 satin and 2 matte eyeshadows, 2 highlighters, and 1 blush.   If you are more into matte eyeshadows, the Enchanting Elegance palette might be a better option for you as you do receive more matte shades with this palette.  If you are a highlighter person, the Refined Romance comes with 2 highlighters, rather than just the one highlighter included in the Enchanting Elegance palette.

Lorac Enchanting Elegance Palette (left) and Lorac Refined Romance Palette (right) | Kelley Whilden

The eyeshadows apply and blend beautifully with the smooth textures we know and love from Lorac.  The eyeshadow color schemes are gorgeousssss.  The Enchanted Elegance palette offers more options for smoky eye looks as compared to the Refined Romance palette.

Lorac’s Enchanting Elegance palette offers a beautiful array of satin & matte eyeshadows, 1 highlighter, & 2 blushes (a mauve blush & bright pop of pink blush | Kelley Whilden
Lorac’s Refined Romance palette is the perfect one-stop daytime makeup shop! | Kelley Whilden

If you are more of a natural makeup or neutrals person, the Refined Romance offers very soft and natural shade selections for soft and/or natural makeup looks.  This palette is fantastic for a one-stop daytime makeup shop!




If you like this review and grwm video, please be sure to give it a like & subscribe for more future videos :))) Thanks for watching! Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! Much love!!! xoxo Kelle

Lorac’s Refined Romance Palette comes with 2 matte & 4 satin eyeshadows, a highlighter, & 2 mauve-toned blushes | Kelley Whilden
Lorac’s Enchanting Elegance & Refined Romance palettes | Kelley Whilden