GRWM & Spring Makeup GIVEAWAY!

Hi, guys!! In this video I do a quick GRWM makeup look for you guys! You won’t want to miss my Spring GIVEAWAY in this video as well! One lucky subscriber will win one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes: Tarte’s Tartelette In Bloom!

To enter for a chance to win the GIVEAWAY: 1) just be subscribed and 2) leave a comment that you would like to win the palette below this video on YouTube. Good luck, everyone!!

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250 Subscriber GIVEAWAY & Makeup Brush Cleaning Taco Thing-A-Ma-Jiggy $1 GAMECHANGER

My doll-ingggggggsssss!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me reach 250 subscribers on YouTube over the weekend!!! I can’t even believe it!!! Your support is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who supports my blog as well!!! It means so much to me!!!  As shown in my Naked Taco photo lol, one lucky winner will receive a Naked Basics palette!!! ba914200f518effae3346859249f9bf9 2.jpgbc3e9be6b982034f8e0506b762d2cd31 2.jpg
It is one of my fave palettes because it is compact for travel & perfect for both eyes and brows.  I l ❤ that the palette is mostly matte.  It also has one satin shade, called Venus, that is great for inner eye and brow highlights.  The shades, Naked 2 & Faint are perfect shades for mixing a custom brow shade.  This also means it is one last eye product to bring in your travel bag! Hope my giveaway winner loves it as much as I do (contest details located at end of this post).  Also in this video I show you my $1 makeup brush cleaning taco thing-a-ma-jiggy GAMECHANGER!!!

Silicon Makeup Cleaning Brush Pad | $1 Gamechanger from the cooking section of your local Dollar Tree or $.99 Store!

This turquoise honey-combed silicon pad works on cleaning both dry and wet brushes!  And drum roll please….it looks like a Tiffany’s brush cleaner for ONLY $1 from your local Dollar Tree or $.99 Store!  They come in an array of colors.  Some makeup cleaning pads can cost up to $30!!!  I found mine in the cooking section at the Dollar Tree.  Yep, it’s a silicon kitchen pot holder that I use for cleaning my makeup brushes.  I use it 7 days a week for cleaning powder shadows from my dry brushes between each shadow change.  This makes getting ready fast and convenient, and especially on days when my spare blending brushes are dirty.

I use the Tiffany’s makeup brush cleaning taco 7 days a week for cleaning my dry brushes between each eyeshadow change. So time saving!

I also like to give my brushes a thorough cleansing once a week.  This makeup brush cleaning thingamajiggy really gets every speck of makeup off of my brush bristles, thanks to those honey-comb shaped grooves.  And especially when I use makeup cleansing oils, like my favorite one from Nars, to wash the bristles.

Cleaning your makeup brushes with a makeup cleansing oil helps to moisturize your bristles, and preserve their longevity.

Over time, soaps can just dry the bristles out, and this doesn’t feel so great on your skin.  When you wash your brushes with an oil, it is important to get every speck of old makeup off and also every speck of the oil off of your bristles. IMG_7817.jpg Any oil residue will weigh your bristles down, and won’t let them perform properly.  But when the oil is completely rinsed off properly, your bristles will be clean, germ-free, and moisturized.  Oil helps preserve the longevity of your brushes.     IMG_4518.jpg

That all said, you can clean your makeup brushes with it wet or dry, and also use it for its primary reason: to remove hot, baking dishes from the oven.  lol. Or use it to rest your brush holders or hot coffees on while you get ready.  It is flat like a thin pancake (or crêpe? lol) and looks so SLEEK on the vanity.

IMG_7831 2.jpg
My Lorac brushes are my favorite brushes for quick smokey eyes.

Also, you can roll your brushes up in this turquoise Tiffany’s looking taco for convenient travel purposes.  It rolls up and folds over compactly.  Simply secure with a hair tie or rubber band. #life #hacks

The makeup brush cleaning taco rolls up compactly for travel.  Simply secure with a hair tie. #life hacks

I just absolutely adore how bright and fresh it looks.  When used as a cup holder, it literally saves me from spilling coffee on my brushes lol.

This $1 pot holder/makeup brush cleaning pad is also a great hot coffee cup holder in the mornings when I am getting ready!  

Since the running color theme of this thingamajiggy is turquoise, IMG_7817.jpgI had to wear my new Muskoka Nord Aquamarine Teepee necklace in the video.  I love wearing it in support of our Native Americans.  They need all of our help right now.  NO DAPL!!!  IMG_9867.jpgLooking forward to layering my Teepee necklace with my Muskoka Nord orange agate fish. I store them in my diy jewelry organizer. The fish is also Native American-art deco inspired.  NO DAPL.

IMG_9859 2.jpg
Muskoka Nord Aquamarine TeePee Necklace & Orange Agate | Native American Art Deco Inspired Jewelry | | NO DAPL

OH and leave it to me to set up a new background/lighting and nearly catch my new background on fire with my candle prop. OMG.  Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen in my first video with my new background. LOL.  If you are into candles, Stephen’s Candles (below) are heaven!!  The best & yummiest candles I’ve ever used!

One lucky winner will win an Urban Decay Naked Basics palette ! | Apple Taffy Candle by Stephen’s Candlery | Muskoka Nord TeePee Necklace | Armenta ring | Giveaway video | Kelley Whilden

Giveaway Details:

To enter to win the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, just be sure to be subscribed to my channel and leave a comment in the comment section of my giveaway video that you are interested in winning the palette.  Good luck, my doll-ingssssss!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Muskoka Nord | Orange Agate Fish Necklace | Native American Art Deco Inspired Jewelry | | NO DAPL

New YouTube Background & Lighting! STOKED!

My dollingsssss!! Finallyyyyy, I have set up a new background & lighting for my YouTube channel! S T O K E D !! Be sure to subscribe to stay in the loop on my videos. They will include all things beauty, fashion, style, chihuahuas, & music!  :))))))  Thank you so much for your support!!! Much love & happy weekend!!! 🦋🌈🎤🎧🎼 #youtube #makeup #model #tips #music #fashion #style #videos

IMG_8253 2.jpg
New background & lighting for my YouTube channel! STOKED!! | Model: Kelley Whilden


Z09_4924.jpg‪”This 🌎 is but a canvas to our imagination.” -Henry David Thoreau🔮‬

Zippered leather top: Kelley Nicole Collection, @kelleynicolecollection ‬
‪📸Photo by: Patrick Massou, @patricfoto 📸‬

Zippered leather top: Kelley Nicole Collection | Model: Kelley Whilden | Photographer: Patrick Massou

The Blogger Recognition Award!

trophy-153395_640I will start by saying thank you SO much to GiltsandGlamz for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award over the weekend!  I am so appreciative to those of you who follow, read, & support my blog!  I like to put a lot of time into my posts, so it means a great deal to me that GiltsandGlamz would nominate me!  Your guys’ and gals’ support means so so SO much!!! Whether it pertains to health, fitness, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc., I absolutely adore writing/blogging on these topics.  It was really my love for all of these things that triggered my desire to start a blog.  One of my greatest passions has always been photography, so I absolutely love that aspect of blogging as well.  I am constantly feeling like I am missing moments to capture when I don’t have my camera with me!!!!  My advice to new bloggers is to first narrow your passions.  Then blog about your passions with relevant content including photos, quotes, and witty writing.  In the info age, short and sweet sentences are best for holding your readers’ attention.  Also, I recommend putting in the extra time to select and edit impressive photos.  A picture can speak a thousand words, so bright & powerful content really helps to grab your readers’ attention.  GiltsandGlamz is an incredible blog that I love reading on the daily, and I invite you to subscribe and follow her blog as well.  Congrats to the blogs I have nominated below, and have a beautiful week!!! ❤ ❤         heart_nominate.jpg

Now for the nominations….drum roll pleaseeeeeee….I nominate the following blogs for the Bloggers Recognition Award:

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There Are A Few Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
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Let Go…

Two Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers:

Let this be something you enjoy and cherish do not, do not go crazy over how many views or likes a day you’re hitting, yes, that makes you happy and makes want to put in more work, which is great and that’s how it should stay. Your number one priority should be to make your self happy with the content of your blog because when you love what you put out there so will your readers.
Be YOU, Be REAL yes, original is what your aim should be, trust me when I say you do not need to change the way you speak to publish content on your blog, write as you speak, write as you feel, and write as though you were talking to a friend in a real life, that is whats going to attract and connect readers to your blog.

Kelley Nicole Collection Design Mode: Sea, Sun, Spring Bohemian

Nothing beats the winter blues than a dose of color.  Anyone else eager for Spring?  Just two more months until then, so I thought I would get a start on some Spring designing.  Last weekend I made another jewelry organizer, this time with some bright color, sequins, & print. That silk dress I recycled to make this organizer won’t be seeing the light of day ever again lol.  Thus far I have made three jewelry storage houses with recycled materials.  Of the three, the Moroccan one is my favorite.  To see more about them, be sure to check out this week’s video.

Silk Jewelry Organizer | Designed with recycled materials | Kelley Nicole Collection
I also made some new semi-precious stone stackable rings.  These are just a few from this weekends two-day designing bender.  IMG_4636.jpg

This jade piece looks great alone or paired with stackables.  The jade stone tells a story from a trip I took out of the country last year.  Reminds me of the sea.

The sea is where I am most free.  | Jade semi-precious stone ring | Kelley Nicole Collection
Citrine reminds me of the sun.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  | Citrine semi-precious stone ring | Kelley Nicole Collection
Kelley Nicole Collection Handmade Semi-Precious Stone Rings
Sea, sand, & sun.  Three of my favorite things.  Hope you have a beautiful week filled with divinity and lots of white light, my loves!  xoxo ~Kelle

Jade stone ring (left) & Pyrite stone ring (right) | Handmade rings & silk jewelry organizer by Kelley Nicole Collection

Maybelline Color Moltens Review & Giveaway Winner Announcement!!


Congrats to Michele Cupp on winning the New Year’s Giveaway!!! Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway over the past week!! I absolutely loved reading and responding to your resolutions!!!  I appreciate everyone who took the time to share your beautiful thoughts on my channel!!  Please don’t worry, there will be another giveaway in the near future!!  Now, let’s talk more about makeup, shall we?!!!  Lately I have been loving my Maybelline Color Molten Cream Shadow Duos, so I thought I would review them for you guys.  I love the shades Endless Mocha, Stroke of Silver, Midnight Morph, & Nude Rush shadow duos.


The textures of these cushiony gel-powder cream shadows remind me a lot of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushes (coffee cake is my absolute fave bouncy blush!!)  When I apply the Color Molten as a shadow, I like to use my BH Cosmetics synthetic eye shadow brush.  They blend like an absolute dream.  What I also really love about these shadows is that they make incredible gel liners.  To apply as my liner, I like to use a small angled brush for precision placement & blend the line with the synthetic shadow brush.

Application of these shadows is easy with my BH Cosmetics synthetic shadow brush. Color Moltens also make amazing gel liners when applied with an angled brush | Maybelline Color Molten Duo Shade: Midnight Morph

Just 4 hours in these shadows, and I had myself a glossy-eyed crease look.  I personally love that look, if that’s the vibe I want to achieve.  But if the rockery gloss-eyed vibe is not what I am planning for on a particular day, then Houston, we have a problem.  So I tried them out with a primer, and they surprised me with longevity.  When used in conjunction with my Urban Decay primer potion, the Moltens stayed all day long!  I do have dry skin, so if you have oily lids, I wouldn’t recommend these: unless you also enjoy the glossy-eye look or unless you wanted to try them with an oil-absorbing primer.  These shadows do work great in combination with powder shadows as well.  Love that.


Again, I don’t mind creasing.  That is to say, when I am planning for it ;). It can give a great rock chic and/or editorial look to the eye that I love.

IMG_2196 2.jpg

The only downside with these shadows for me, is that the lightest shades are not very pigmented and don’t show up that well when used as inner eye highlights.  They do look great on the brow bone, however.  The darker shades are really pigmented and I loveeee them!!! img_1971-3

If you don’t want to shell out the dinero on the Bobbi Brown gel eye liners (that have been a holy grail of mine for yearrsssss!!!), then Color Moltens are a great alternative! I have experienced absolutely no shifting or fading when they are used as liners.  IMG_1895 2.jpg These shadows apply fast and easy, especially for days when you only have 5 minutes to do makeup.  Just prime, apply shadow, mascara (although I forgot to wear mascara the day of this review video lol), blush & lip gloss, & you are golden.  img_1987

Hope you enjoyed this review.  Also, a big thank you to my current and latest new followers on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram!! Your support means the world!!!  Cheers to a rockin New Year, my loves!!! Muahhhh!!!! XOXO ~Kelleimg_1854