Quick, Simple, & Natural Everyday Makeup Look!

Happy weekend, ya’lls!!! I hope you enjoy this quick, simple & natural everyday makeup look featured in my latest vid! Muahhhhhh!!!¬†ūüėėūüíĖ‚úĆūüŹĽ xoxo ~Kelle

Quick, Simple, & Natural Everyday Makeup Look | GRWM | Kelley Whilden



Alice In Wonderland Party Makeup Look GRWM & Vlog!

Hi loves!! This is the makeup look that I wore to my friend’s Alice In Wonderland birthday party this week! ¬†In my latest video I give you the deets on how to achieve this retro inspired editorial “Alice” look. ¬†IMG_1826 2The outfit ensemble included a¬†black/white striped dress from 599Fashion, a diamond-shaped necklace I made with some bits and bobs I had lying around, and a pair of funky patent leather red/gold striped platform heels by Paloma Barcel√≥.

IMG_1954 2.jpg
Platform Red Patent Espadrille Heels by Paloma Barceló

In the video, I also take you with me to the party!  Was such a fun party with some rockin LA artists!! Enjoy! xoxo ~Kelle

This “Alice” look was created by using a metallic turquoise shadow by Profusion to create a kitten flick. ¬†The lip shade was an alchemy of two Wet N Wild red & pink matte lip shades.¬†
IMG_1840 2.jpg
The cheek highlight was created with Physician’s Formula “Nude” eyeshadow strip palette! ¬†I’ve been using it as a highlighter a lot lately!

IMG_1926 2

IMG_1901 3
Alice In Wonderland Party Makeup Look | Kelley Whilden




Highlighters Only Challenge!

Happy Labor Day, my loves!! ¬†I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend! ¬†Just in case you missed my latest YouTube video, my Highlighters Only Challenge video is below! ¬†Thank you to my subscriber, Nick, for requesting this video! ¬†It was so much fun putting together this full-face-using-highlighters-only look with some of my favorite glow-potions. ¬†I didn’t have a shimmery foundation, so I made one by mixing up three of Hard Candies’ highlighters. ¬†Hysterical as a foundation, the 3-highlighter mixture is actually a great one for daily dewy glow on the high points of the face! ¬†Overall, I would most definitely say that this look isn’t meant to be a wearable look, as lots of highlights on the skin can exaggerate every nook & cranny! ¬†BUT, it does photograph great for editorial and black and white photos! ¬†Hope you guys enjoy the video! ¬†‚̧ ‚̧ ~Kelle


3 Non-Hair Flat Iron Tips | Designing

Hi guys, ¬†I designed this pink lace top a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post its correlating diy video, that features a few of my quick designing tips. ¬†So hereeeeee are 3 of my favorite non-hair uses for a hair flat iron ūüôā

Quick Tip #1:  Flat irons are a great tool for ironing out your hems & seams after sewing.  A flat iron with customized temperatures allows you to lower the temperature for ironing more delicate fabrics.

Quick Tip #2:  When traveling, hair flat irons make great clothing irons .  How many times have we opened our suitcases to find our pressed clothes wrinkled again!?  Flat irons are compact, and get the clothing wrinkles out STAT style.

Quick Tip #3:  Crush velvet with a flat iron by accordion folding the area of fabric you want crushed, and then iron the accordion folds with your flat iron.  Voila, crushed velvet!

When it comes to designing, traveling (& my hair), I cannot go without a flat iron! For you home & lifestyle lovers out there here is another DIY tip! ¬†The wicker chair in the photo below had seen better days. ¬†It was severely peeled and frayed on every foot of the chair. ¬†I like the look of frayed wood, however, this was the pokey kind of fraying and I have little dogs. ¬†To better conceal the fraying wood, I recycled khaki jeans and cut off four strips of the khaki, & then tied each strip as a bow on the chair’s bottom legs. ¬†She’s as good as new now! ¬†I absolutely love filming my YouTube videos from that chair! ¬†Hope you guys find my designing tips useful, my loves! ¬†Have a great rest of the week! ¬†XO ~Kelle


Pink Lace Top | Kelley Nicole Collection
Hems of this delicate lace top design were easily ironed out with a hair flat iron. XO

Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

My holy grail mascara! | Maybelline The Falsies

Hi guys! ¬†I’ve just finished the edit of my Purple Smokey Eye video (viewable in HD ūüôā I had a lot of fun with this one! ¬†I had no idea it would turn out the way it did and happy with how my makeup turned out for last night’s Eagles of Death Metal concert! ¬†Many of the products used for this purple smokey eye and warm lipstick look are drugstore and very affordable. ¬†Wet N’ Wild’s duochrome shadow from their Comfort Zone palette looks amazing as a warm backdrop to Milani’s Purrr-fect Purple Baked metallic shadow & Royal Purple Shadow Eyez stick. ¬†The Jordana Matte Pretty Lipstick tied in the warmth from the duochrome shadow so well! ¬†I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this look more than once.
Who knew that applying eye cream with a dampened beauty blender would be the best kept eye care secret!? I’ve been doing it every day and night, before makeup and after makeup removal. ¬†Thank you so much to the amazing people at Planet Beauty in Encino, for giving me such an awesome eye tip! Stay tuned for my next blog where I will discuss a fantastic product they recommended. ¬†A product so great that it has me using my Clarisonic again. TBD in my next blog :))))))) ¬†Thank you sooooo much, Planet Beauty! ¬†If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, I would be so thrilled to have you as a subscriber! ¬†Wishing all of you a beautiful night! XO ~Kelle

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks (Lip Stain) Swatches & Review

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick Swatches | Shades (left to right): Raisin the Roof, Pocketful of Roses, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It

Hello, my lovelies!! ¬†Welcome to my blog review of Wet N’ Wild’s Megalast Lipsticks! ¬†In my recent YouTube video, I swatched and reviewed the following shades: Raisin the Roof, Pocketful of Roses, Iris I Was Rich, & I Can Bare It. ¬†Let me begin by shouting to the rooftops how much I love Wet N’ Wild products. ¬†Yes, like any brand, there can be hits and misses. ¬† However, I find that for drugstore makeup, it offers a ton of palettes and lippies that are just as good as many¬†whole-in-the-pocket¬†high-end makeup products. ¬†So in my eyes, I see it as a drugstore frontrunner for quality, at unbeatable prices. ¬†These Megalast lippies were $3 each (buy 1, get 1 half off). ¬†Why buy ONE designer lipstick when you can buy 4 of them for one-third of the price!? These Megalast lip stains lasted all day without any touching up, and come in magnificent colors! When it comes to long days, sometimes a girl just does not want to have to always be concerned with checking for smudging or lipstick on the teeth. That’s why lip stains are so amazing! These shades are rich, pigmented and apply with a doe foot applicator. ¬†What I loved about the sponge doe foot is that it is bendable, and allows for precision when applying the lip color.¬†These Megalast lippies also dry matte.

Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipsticks | Colors (top to bottom): Raisin the Roof, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It, Pocketful of Roses
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipsticks | Colors (top to bottom): Raisin the Roof, Iris I Was Rich, I Can Bare It, Pocketful of Roses

Lip stains are generally very drying to the lips so I applied lip balm before application. I recommend first doing a light application, and then apply more product as needed.  Reason being that if there is too much, it will clump and be a bit messy.  Also, blotting off excess can be a bit fussy with lip stains, therefore using tissue is not advised. This will leave shreds of tissue on your freshly painted lips. Think of it like fast-drying paint.  It is best to let the paint air dry without letting your lips touch one another, to avoid a patchy mess. One thing I noticed about the Raisin the Roof color is that in the bottle it looks sparkly, and the shade appears dark reddish/maroon with sparkle.  Upon application and even throughout the course of the day, the color appeared to be more of a magenta/berry color & and looked even more berry colored towards the end of the day.  The sparkle gives more of a light sheen on the lips but ends up fading away and leaving behind a beautiful, mostly matte color. In photos, it sometimes photographed as red (shown below). Either way, it is a very unique shade that I am laaaaaaaving!  If you are a lip stain lover or not wanting to worry about lipstick touch-ups ever again, I highly recommend all of these colors! Also, a giant thank you to my new blog followers! Your support is so stellar!!! Have a great weekend, lovelies!! xoxo ~Kelle

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Raisin the Roof

On my road trip to Norcal this week, I tested out my other three Megalast Lippies! I am torn between all of the shades!!! Circa the 11th hour, the lighter colors had wore off a bit for that “your lips but better” look. If I had to make up my mind as to which one is my favorite, I honestly do not know because they are all SO great!!! What I love about I Can Bare It, Iris I Was Rich, and Pocketful of Roses, is that you can wear all of these shades on the daily! Woohoo!!

Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: I Can Bare It
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: I Can Bare It
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Pocketful of Roses
Wet N’ Wild Megalast Lipstick | Shade: Iris I Was Rich | Necklace: Kelley Nicole Jewelry Collection

Here is the swatch and review of these lippies: